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Update #2

Special just for today!!!!!!!


Until midnight tonight if anyone pledges 10 dollars or more the will recieve a free D.O.G.T t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!! Its cheaper then buying one!!!!!

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    Anyone who pledges at least one dollar will receive a package of at least 10 stickers from different artists!

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    Anyone that pledges twenty five dollars will receive 10 stickers and 2 numbered art prints signed by the artist!

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    Anyone that pledges over one hundred dollars to D.O.G.T will receive 1 signed, personalized, ORIGINAL piece of artwork!

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    If you are generous enough to pledge $150 we have something fun for you!!!! You design your own D.O.G.T sticker and we get ONE THOUSAND stickers made of you your design! You will recieve 500 for yourself and the other 500 we will distribut to other artists all over the world!!!! We pay for production and delivery!!!

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