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D.O.G.T creates an avenue for artists of all skill levels to share there artwork and get the recognition that they deserve. Read more

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D.O.G.T creates an avenue for artists of all skill levels to share there artwork and get the recognition that they deserve.

About this project

D.O.G.T is the Defenders Of Good Times, Created by Christopher Collins and Allie Greenberg. We are creating an outlet for artists of passion. For people that want to create but have don't have a specific reason or subject. We created something that everyone can be a part of no matter how skilled or dedicated they are to artwork. Its simple.....No rules,No deadlines, No stress....Just have fun thats the only requirement! Our goal is one that can never be reached because there is no limit to what this has the potential of becoming. We will be compiling a hard cover book from artists all over the world that have created sketches, paintings, and sculptures portraying there idea of Good Times. ANYone that creates a piece of artwork for D.O.G.T, Your artwork will be published in the Defenders Of Good TImes book so please even if its just a sketch on a receipt share it with us so we can help you share it with the rest of the world! Life gets boring and monotonous, make simple changes and do something different. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Mini doc created by Whitney Dinneweth and featuring music by Soda Gardocki presenting D.O.G.T. and hosted by Chris Collins and Allie Greenberg.


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    Anyone who pledges at least one dollar will receive a package of at least 10 stickers from different artists!

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    Anyone that pledges twenty five dollars will receive 10 stickers and 2 numbered art prints signed by the artist!

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    Anyone that pledges over one hundred dollars to D.O.G.T will receive 1 signed, personalized, ORIGINAL piece of artwork!

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    If you are generous enough to pledge $150 we have something fun for you!!!! You design your own D.O.G.T sticker and we get ONE THOUSAND stickers made of you your design! You will recieve 500 for yourself and the other 500 we will distribut to other artists all over the world!!!! We pay for production and delivery!!!

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