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WARNING: a film that does NOT portray Muslims as terrorists... Read more

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WARNING: a film that does NOT portray Muslims as terrorists...

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Based on a true story. 

Dave is a petty criminal who thrives on drugs and violence in London’s East End. When his actions kill his best friend Tariq he’s propelled into unknown feelings of shame and remorse. Islam offers him a way out but his old life of crime comes back to test his new belief. 

Described as “the UK’s answer to ‘A Prophet’” Snow In Paradise is a hard hitting feature film based on an extraordinary true story. It is the debut feature of editor-turned-director, Andrew Hulme, known for ‘Control’, ‘Red Riding 1974’ ‘Lucky Number Slevin’ 'Gangster No1' & ‘The Imposter’.


When I met writer Martin Askew I found someone with a story so incredible I was compelled to try and tell it in cinematic form. Here was a man who's uncle was 'The Guvnor' Lenny Maclean, who had grown up in the crime-riddled East End in a culture of violence yet had converted to Islam. Here was someone with a dark past who had managed to control his aggression through the practice of religion, someone who had understood he needed to correct himself if he were to escape and survive. 

Snow In Paradise is only loosely based on Martin’s experiences of course. Real names have been changed, real events dramatised because ultimately this is a drama about a journey through violence and guilt towards religion and not a documentary. It asks the question - can you make a promise to renounce violence? 

The story begins much like any gritty inner city story: Dave and Tariq are two roguish but likeable characters trapped in a changing world of hipsters and regeneration that they are not part of. As the story unfolds and Dave’s stupidity and arrogance gets his best friend killed then his life becomes a nightmare. Terrorised by his boss and haunted by guilt he becomes sickened by the violence he perpetrates. He turns to drink, drugs, sex, anything to escape his pain. Nothing works for him and as his situation within the crime world becomes more dangerous he surprisingly finds a new place of escape: Islam. Here he finds the peace he's craving but it's not long before his old life comes back with avengeance and he has to fulfil the devil's contract. 

Snow In Paradise is essentially a character piece hidden within a thriller, similar to ‘The Beat that my Heart Skipped’ and ‘A Prophet’. It's full of action and drama and takes us on a nightmarish psychological journey. It's a film that will work on many levels, neither totally arthouse or mainstream it’s one of those rare crossover films that uses a known genre to tell a different story. 

In our efforts to find the find the right actor to portray the real and very troubled Dave we discovered a brand new talent. Frederick Schmidt was working in Hoxton and had an argument with his boss, he went outside for a smoke and was spotted by one of our scouts and asked to audition at an open call. He was given the lead role and now a year later he's about to star in his first feature. 

Snow In Paradise will be an astonishing and unusual film, a true story of our time, a British film unlike any other. Its journey is to the extremes of human experience, a redemptive tale that is unashamedly violent but also emotional and moving. It will challenge the audience to re-assess their views as well as entertain like the best thriller.


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password: ipsofacto1

Risks and challenges

Christine Alderson the producer has finished and delivered over 17 feature films internationally.

Andrew Hulme, the film's director, is one of the UK's top editors and has over 15 years experience in making and delivering films.

Snow In Paradise has already managed to attract one of the top international sales agents THE MATCH FACTORY

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