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$20,602 pledged of $85,000 goal
By Jeremy Saxton + Quell&Co.
$20,602 pledged of $85,000 goal


"iPhone Dock Kills Tangled Cables" - Wired.com

"The Spool Dock Is Hot, Hot, Hot" - CultofMac.com

"Elegant charging dock" - ApartmentTherapy.com

We had a clear goal: design a charging dock that simplifies your life AND looks great in your home. We've created an object that is both incredibly useful and modernly beautiful - if you agree please back us to receive one of your own.

We were frustrated with tangled cords and charging devices hanging around the house. There are plenty of chunky docks and fussy cable management gadgets out there but we saw room for something better. Weary of plastic contraptions and industrial chunks of aircraft grade aluminum, we took cues from things in the home, objects like vases, tables and chairs. After months of design and development we feel we have something pretty great, we are excited to introduce the Spool Dock from Quell&Co.

It holds your device securely and upright while charging, it manages your lighting cable and it enhances the look of your home.

The Perfect Dock

Whether working, cooking, facetiming or sleeping the Spool Dock holds your Apple device upright while charging, ready to access anytime, keeping your space free of clutter.

  • Docks and undocks with ease.
  • It holds your device securely at a 17 degree angle with three points of contact: the two support bars and the connector point. We chose this design to keep the Spool Dock low profile and to provide greater support for your device.
  • The Spool Dock accommodates cases. Simply remove either bar and flip it around to fit your case.
  • Has a weighty metal base with a small tacky silicone ring to prevent sliding.
  • Works with iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPad Mini and iPod Touch (5th generation).

Keeps your cable tidy

As its name implies, there’s a twist. Unlike other docks, the Spool Dock also manages your cables, keeping your space neat and tidy. Simply thread your Lightning Connector through the spool and snap it to the base, there's no need for screws or adapters. Rotate the spool until the cable is the perfect length. Reel it in all the way when not in use or when traveling. Whether being used as a dock, as a cable manager, or both, the Spool Dock will help your space stay free of clutter and distraction.

(Designed to use your existing Lightning Cable - cable not included)

Designed to be seen

The aesthetic sum of the things around us matters. When using your phone your charging dock sits empty, leaving a visual imprint on the sanctuary you call home. Most electronic accessories add to the visual noise. Like a vase without flowers, we designed the Spool Dock to look great even when it's not being used.

The Spool Dock is designed and made with a spirit of consideration and craftsmanship from premium materials. It's lovingly crafted from sustainable hardwoods, 100% Merino wool felt, and a durable, powder-coated, metal base.

Super Useful

The Spool Dock is more than just a pretty face, it can be used in a number of ways: As a cord-spooling dock, a cable manager or simply as a stand while watching your favorite show.


We're offering the Spool Dock in two initial color-ways:

  • A hard maple version with natural colored felt and a white metal base
  • A walnut version with graphite colored felt and a black base.

We plan to offer more color-ways as stretch goals as our project progresses. The first round of stretch options will include the same felt and wood but introduce new base colors.The second round of stretch options will offer new felt and wood options as well as unique base colors. 

We want to know which color-ways you'd like to see produced! Throughout the project we'll preview new colors to get feedback from you, the project backer.


We've designed and developed the Spool Dock with every detail in mind. The next step is pretty straight forward. We simply need the money to make mass production possible. To make production happen we need to pay for tooling, meet minimum order quantities, travel to vendors, develop fixtures and order material. With your support we can get the Spool Dock made and into your home where it belongs.

Production & Delivery Plan

Here's a basic breakdown of our plan to get the Spool Dock produced:


  • refine production design working with chosen vendors
  • approve materials and processes


  • Kickstarter Campaign funded!
  • place purchase order and begin final tooling
  • production packaging design


  • inspect first parts off production tooling
  • debug/refine tooled parts
  • production packaging design complete
  • pilot production testing


  • pilot production testing complete
  • packaging samples approved
  • place purchase order for final product


  • Ship product to Kickstarter backers!

Can we really pull this off?

You bet we can. We have an extensive background in product development and design. Having worked with brands like Nike, HP and Black Diamond, we fully understand the challenges involved in bringing a product to market. We are in this for the long haul, we want to make your life better but we need your help to make it happen. Please pass the word along so we can make the Spool Dock possible.

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Video Credit: TheGoodLine.com

Photo Credit: LucyCall.com

Rewards do not include Lightning Cable.

Apple and its product names are trademarks of Apple, Inc.- there is no endorsement implied.

Risks and challenges

We designed the Spool Dock as an exercise in minimalism and simplicity. Because we reduced complexity the Spool Dock is also relatively simple to manufacture. But there are bound to be challenges and problems to solve along the way.

When making anything out of wood it must be monitored closely for deviations during manufacture, these could be caused by variations in material, climate or process. We are partnering with skilled vendors and will put measures in place to insure quality and consistency.

When designing any Apple accessory there is a risk that they may change the dimensions of their hardware. We designed the Spool Dock around the Lighting Connector because we think it will be around for a while. We've also designed the dock to be easily adapted to ever changing device dimensions.

We've done everything in our power to make this a low-risk product, well-suited for the Kickstarter experience.

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