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Preview of Sustina Saga

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Introduction to Sustina Saga

Enter a bold new political fantasy. It is a world where magick has returned. Empires, long ascendant, have recently crumbled under their own weight and bureaucracy. The line between chaos and opportunity has become razor thin.    

Power players big and small take advantage of the changing political winds, and the return of magick. Each of the continent’s factions create alliances, and break them just as easily. Deals and treaties made under the cover of intrigue result in the discovery of powerful secrets. 

All of this occurs against the backdrop of a prophecy of doom. Will Aurantor’s multiple factions set aside their differences and prevent global catastrophe? Or will they instead continue their infighting and politicking? Meanwhile, how will the gears of state, trade, nation, and religion affect each individual player on the world stage? 

How will magick, newly-restored to Aurantor, change the continent and its power dynamics? How will this magick change the continent’s inhabitants in body, mind, and soul?

Will magick be able to stand its own against the emerging consensus that the natural laws of the world can be observed, measured, and understood without the need to resort to mysticism? 

Who will you be in the Sustina Saga?

Overview of Play Experience 

 Sustina Saga is a storytelling game for 3-5 players. Each player creates a unique character drawn from the different factions and lineages of Aurantor. At the time of character creation, players agree upon a single Unity Faction to which all characters share an allegiance. But beyond this Unity Faction, each individual is not only permitted, but encouraged to have loyalties to other, conflicting factions in the continent of Aurantor. 

The gamemaster (GM) supplies scenarios pitting the players’ factions against one another. The Factions navigate a landscape of crumbled empires, and renewed magick, seeking to profit from these society-wide upheavals. The players themselves are caught in the middle of conflicting goals, agendas, and shifting alliances. 

How will each group of players cope? 

How will they balance the competing demands and needs of these diverse and dazzling array of factions? 

Whose interests will they ultimately serve and promote? 

Will the players serve loyally in their factions, or aggressively pursue raw power? 

Setting Overview 

For centuries, three great Empires wielded power over the continent of Aurantor, checked only by each other. Across these Empires, the Council of Avorum, a select group of sorcerers, were given free range to police nearly every sorcerer in Aurantor. The Council easily persuaded the three Great Empires to grant it oversight powers across the continent. The Council needed only to highlight the inherently changing and unstable nature of magick to justify its reach.

Those who would not submit voluntarily to the will of the Council, had their powers bound by collars of quicksilver, and their faces tattooed to mark their diminished status. They were known as “Hounds” and could only access their powers at the leisure of their new masters. As part of their pogrom of magickal regulation, the Council of Avorum quarantined Aurantor’s non-human lineages to the smallest corners of their homelands for one millennium. 

But all that changed. 

The great Empires fell. The Empire of Anak-Hur voluntarily relinquished its control over territories it had previously annexed, and the Medan Empire fell into bloody civil war that resulted in its fragmentation. Around this time, the Council of Avorum lost its power, and magick once again became ascendant in Aurantor. The continent’s non-human lineages are now free to re-enter the wider world, and reclaim their place on the international stage. 

Amidst this turmoil, the great Anaki prophet Shula-Hurath was reborn. She has delivered a new prophecy—that the world shall soon come to its end. She does not know how, or when, but she is certain that the end is near. 

And recently, it was confirmed to pauper and noble alike the open secret behind magick: that it inherently corrodes its user’s humanity, turning them into one of Aurantor’s non-human lineages, and members of those lineages into monsters most foul… 

Enter now, a new time, a new period of history. Will it be Aurantor’s final days, or the beginning of a new golden age? 

The answer is up to you. 

Mechanics Overview 

Sustina Saga uses a version of the popular and award-winning Fate game system—one that has been tailored to the kinds of intrigue-based storytelling that you’d expect from political dealmaking and rivalries on an international stage. 

Each game requires players to pledge allegiances to multiple factions, and to navigate the conflicts of interests that inevitably develop among each of these factions. Which faction will each player give their ultimate allegiance to? 

Players navigate the world of Aurantor by employing four different game actions: create an advantage, discover, overcome, and resist. Create advantages are employed anytime a player wishes to create a situation that gains the upper-hand—from tripping an opponent, to casting a spell that enhances their physical beauty. Discover actions are used to learn information about the world related to your skills. Overcome is used to prevail against challenges from climbing mountains to engaging in physical combat. Finally, resist is used to try and counter the other three actions. 

If you’re familiar with other versions of Fate, you’ll find this slightly modifies the usual four actions of the game. But don’t worry! They’re easy to relearn, and will lead to more streamlined conflicts. 

Mages within Aurantor use a free-form magick system that grants them the flexibility to create their own spell effects at the table. Meanwhile, every magick-user must decide for themselves how much to sacrifice for their power. Those who make the ultimate sacrifice—their humanity—undergo a process known as apotheosis. Those who apotheose become members of one of Aurantor’s non-human lineages. If they continue to further apotheose beyond that, they become outright unplayable monsters. 

Kickstarter Team

This Kickstarter campaign and the Sustina Saga Quickstart have been brought to you by the following individuals:

André La Roche: André La Roche is a gamer and an attorney. Despite this otherwise deadly combination of character flaws, he’s pretty relaxed at the gaming table. He previously worked on Margaret Weis Productions’ Dragonlance game line. André aspires to be a warrior-poet, and spends his free time randomly spouting existential platitudes.  He is the president and founder of Drakos Publishing, which can be found at http://www.drakospublishing.com.

Mark Diaz Truman: Mark Diaz Truman provided project management for this Kickstarter.  He is a co-founder of Magpie Games, the author of several indie rpgs--The Play's the Thing, Our Last Best Hope, and Cartel--and the co-author of the ENnie award winning Urban Shadows. He has written for Margaret Weis Productions, Evil Hat Productions, Pelgrane Press, John Wick Presents, and more. He currently lives in Albuquerque, NM where he works as a business manager for John Wick Presents and a community organizer and trainer for the New Mexico Progressive Coalition. You can read more about his work at http://www.magpiegames.com.

Marissa Kelly: Marissa Kelly provided art direction for this Kickstarter.  She co-founded Magpie Games where she currently serves as a designer, writer, art director and project manager. In addition to her production work, Marissa is the senior art director for John Wick Presents. Her profile can be found at https://about.me/mariscka.

Matt Forsyth: Matt Forsyth provided illustrations for this Kickstarter.  He is a freelance illustrator and 3D artist living in Auckland, New Zealand. He specializes in fantasy and scifi artwork for board games, book covers and computer games. His work can be found at https://www.artstation.com/artist/mattforsyth.

Johnathan Chong: Johnathan Chong provided illustrations for this Kickstarter.  He graduated as an illustrator from The One Academy in Malaysia. He is currently working as a freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist working on various projects, from tabletop RPGs to card games, book covers and much more. His work can be found at http://johnathanchong.deviantart.com/

Leon Woon Ir Vin: Leon Woon Ir Vin provided illustrations for this Kickstarter. He is a freelance illustrator and concept artist with over 5 years working experience as a lecturer in an art college. He is an avid gamer, reader, geek and proud of it. His work can be found at https://www.artstation.com/artist/leonwoon

Hal Mangold: Hal Mangold provided graphic design and layout for the Sustina Saga Quickstart Rules. Hal is Production, Art Director, and Partner at Green Ronin Publishing, as well as the owner of Atomic Overmind Press.

Risks and challenges

This Kickstarter campaign brought to you by veterans Mark Diaz Truman and Marissa Kelly. Both are responsible for the ultra-successful 7th Sea: Second Edition, Bluebeard’s Bride, and Masks: A New Generation Kickstarter campaigns.

Drakos Publishing is owned and operated by veteran RPG writer and attorney Andre La Roche, who had experience working on the Dragonlance RPG line produced by Margaret Weis Productions, and later experience writing for the Fate Codex, and an upcoming Fate World for Evil Hat Games.

Most of the text has been written prior to this Kickstarter campaign, and extensive playtesting has been undertaken with home groups. Art direction has already begun. The estimated delivery date has been conservatively forecast. Delays sometimes pop up, but will be minimized and backers will be promptly informed.

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