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Odie is a small dog with a big heart and grand adventures ahead of him.
Odie is a small dog with a big heart and grand adventures ahead of him.
331 backers pledged $7,110 to help bring this project to life.

Remember to Stretch! - Update #7

Posted by Aaron Sullivan (Creator)

Though there are only 24 hours remaining in the Odie Kickstarter, we can still try for some of those stretch goals!

Today we sailed past our 6k goal, meaning that every physical copy of Odie #1 and #2 will be signed by the creative team! We're super excited to be able to do this. I know that I love signing things.

So what's next?

At $6,500 we add in new buttons!

Anyone who has ordered the buttons as a physical reward will receive an additional design(s?) taken straight from the pages of Odie at no extra cost to them. Digital backers will receive high resolution versions of the button set as badges.

Thank you everyone who has brought us this far.

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    1. Aaron Sullivan 3-time creator on

      If you don't already have the pins physically added, You'll get the digital files of them as badges. Sorry. The pins make shipping a little more difficult, so if you don't already have them, we're not adding them into the packaging ^^

      However, you can always add them onto your existing pledge to get the full set! If you increase your pledge by $6 (the cost of the full set), I'll have a space on the backer survey for you to remind me what you added on, and I'll make sure that you get them.


    2. Wouter van Ginkel on

      So we reached 6500 🎉
      What do I get? I don't have the pins in my pledge because I really wanna read Odie #1 as well. Do I still get a cute Odie pin? 😊