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Photo/Record/write/ 6 pieces on Polar Bear; Wolf; Beluga Whale from an Inuit POV for Living on Earth (heard on 80% of NPR stations).
34 backers pledged $8,767 to help bring this project to life.


Several last-minute contributions have put North Knife over the top.  I'm speechless, in fact tongue-tied (and as those of you who've met me or heard me on air can attest, that is certainly a first!).  All I can say right this minute is thank you, thank you, thank you so very much.  

I said in my last update when I thought this project was not going to fund - and that was less than 48 hours ago - that I would make this expedition happen no matter what.  Which is to say, meeting this goal means much more to me than the funding itself.  It says there is someone out there listening, both friends and total strangers, to whom all this, what I do and the garnered experience I have to share, also matters.  

When I sit in the sound booth to record my work, there is an audience of two.  Our engineer Jim is hidden by the board, so that the only person I can actually see - and not always - is my editor Eileen. I am reading for and to them.  I have no way of knowing as those radio waves expand infinitely into space and time if there is anyone else out there. When I write of course that is totally solitary. Comments from my editor come by email, sometimes a brief conversation over the phone. Except at the occasional invitation of a library or bookstore I seldom meet my readers in person. What you've told me, both the 131 of you who've "Liked" this project and of course the 33 who've contributed is that it is not all vanishing into the Void, that the words are not being altogether lost.  Above all, thanks for that.  

There will be updates to come, and more to tell. For now I have a lot of preparations to make, and time is beginning to feel short.  It heightens the senses. So please stay tuned, I"ll be in touch. Those of you who'd like to be on the email list for my work on Living on Earth including the essays and wild sounds that what will come out of North Knife, please be sure to email me at either or 

As always, warm regards,



    1. Creator Robert Wintner (deleted) on June 29, 2011

      Well done, Mark Seth--
      Now let's see some dimples & chin whiskers on some beluga whales.