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Need some tough love for evolving your creative business? Brutally Honest is the book for you!
Need some tough love for evolving your creative business? Brutally Honest is the book for you!
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Just Three Days Left! Oh My!

Posted by Emily Cohen (Creator)

Status, Stretch Goals, and Ambition

We are currently 122% funded and we’ve made steady progress each day toward reaching our 125% stretch goal. Thank you so much for your continued support. 

But, with just THREE DAYS left, we can’t take our eyes off the prize, so to speak. The prize being that if we get to 125% funded, I can fulfill my promise to up the quality of the book’s production value (higher quality paper and 6 color printing). That said, it would be truly fabulous if we can even exceed 125%. I’m nothing but ambitious – always striving for more, both for myself and my clients! And, as I’ve mentioned in my last update, well, self-publishing a book is expensive! 

The next stretch goal – if we get to 150% funded – is to hire a professional indexer who can do an amazing job at making sure this book is a great reference tool.


I'm so happy that Core77's readers showed a huge interest in the initial excerpt of a chapter from Brutally Honest that they decided to publish a second excerpt in advance of the full release. If you'd like a sneak peak at the book's contents please check the excerpt out here.

Book Update 

As scheduled, the book is officially in the hands of a proofreader, which makes me both very nervous and excited at the same. Mostly excited. This means, barring extensive edits, we are really, really close to sending it off to the printer by June. WooHoo!!!

Your Help 

Now that I’m almost through the Kickstarter, I’ll be actively pursuing press or podcasts that may be interested in hearing my industry insights, talking about the book, or just want to chat. I also will be reaching out to local bookstores to sell my book and potentially host a book-signing. If you have any connections, I hope you’ll let me know and share the love! 

Thank you (again and again!!!) 

Your continued and positive support nourishes me and keeps me energized! Thank you so very, very much.

But, with THREE DAYS, there is not much time left! So, I hope you all will keep on spreading the love by telling your friends, colleagues, community, students, and employees about my Kickstarter and #BrutallyHonestTheBook


In case you all were wondering what the “fun enamel pin” you’ll be receiving looks like, I’m excited to share the design by the very-talented (and my ex-student) Dante Massi. Clearly, the design was inspired by the book’s title, but others may take it more literally and say it simply reflects my big mouth! Either way, it made laugh and I hope you love it.


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