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Need some tough love for evolving your creative business? Brutally Honest is the book for you!
Need some tough love for evolving your creative business? Brutally Honest is the book for you!
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I'm beyond words (and, that's unusual)! Thank you!

Posted by Emily Cohen (Creator)

We are 57% funded!

I could not have accomplished this without the love, sharing, funding, and support I’ve received from my community of clients, industry-leaders, colleagues/peers, random strangers (who are now friends), industry-influencers, friends, and family. The love you are all showing has been amazing and much-appreciated. Thank you one and all! 

Let’s keep the momentum going! 
I still need to keep the early launch momentum going (that’s when most people share and fund) so, I hope you all will continue to share and build the love! I’ve invested a lot into this project and exceeding my funding goals would really be awesome and even allow me to offer exciting stretch goals that (hopefully) you will all love. But, step-by-step, I know! Just wanted to send that message out to the universe.

I was honored that Core77 posted an excerpt from Chapter 8 of my book: “It Is Not Cold Calling.” Check it out here

Their review had this wonderful praise: “After previewing four or so chapters of Brutally Honest, we can confidently say the book serves as motivation to cut the crap and start taking positive steps towards a successful, well-organized design career. The book itself is tastefully colorful because let's face it: boring textbooks suck, and the chapters are brief and digestible, yet powerful.”

Instagram Stories 
Check out my Instagram stories by following me @emilyruthcohen! I will continue to post updates as well as examples of all the wonderful things people are saying about me and this book. So far, they’ve been incredible. I’m honored to be in this industry.

Update to International Folks 
I have received a lot of interest from international folks – that’s awesome and makes me so happy. Thank you! But, I did want to update you all on what I’m doing to make international shipping happen: 

  • I am going to research the costs more carefully this week and will post international shipping costs to all rewards by the end of this week. 
  • If the early bird reward level ($35) is no longer available (i.e., the backer limit is used up), then I promise to create that same reward level just for international folks (but limit it to 50 backers) plus whatever the international shipping costs will be, so you don’t miss out.
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    1. Emily Cohen Creator on

      Fixed the "Check it out here!" link – thanks Colin!

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      Colin on

      "Check it out here!" Link isn't working for me :(