$485 pledged of $2,222 goal
$485 pledged of $2,222 goal


Near and Far: Page One
Near and Far: Page One

Find the Starlight returns to Kickstarter, the community that made Chapter One possible and changed my life forever. 

Find the Starlight: Chapter One's Kickstarter success is directly responsible for my card game Superfight, and all of my projects at FeatherAndMatch.com. With their overwhelming success, I have been able to focus on helping M tell his story in the best way possible, and now Chapter Two: Near and Far has begun.

If you are new to the project, check out FindTheStarlight.com to learn more about who M is and what he is doing.

Pledging to this chapter will get you a VERY-limited-edition signed 13 by 19 print of one of the pages of Near and Far, the illustrated book that makes up this story's chapter. 

Near and Far: Cover
Near and Far: Cover

The prints are being done on a Canon Pro-1 with Canon pigment inks on high-quality heavy textured archival art paper.

Other pages are being sent to other people outside Kickstarter. Some are being left in public places. Some are being distributed in M's usual ways. 

This is something I am all-the-way passionate about, as it is the project all of my other projects serve. So as a thank you to this incredible community, the low cost here just covers materials and shipping, which is currently only offered in the US. That may change next week.

The pages will be assigned and numbered according to backer position. First backers get the lower numbers and pages. These pages will be shipped as the story unfolds and pages are discovered or unlocked by M. I set the shipping date to the middle of next year, but they will ship in order between now and then.

I am so thankful to Kickstarter, and so happy to bring M's story back. Thank you so much.

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There aren't any, thankfully. the prints are being printed, and shipping is all sorted out!

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