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A high fantasy tabletop RPG with over fourteen years of play-testing and improving.
Available for purchase now at
A high fantasy tabletop RPG with over fourteen years of play-testing and improving. Available for purchase now at
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Ascendant Destiny is complete!

Posted by Christopher Fielder (Creator)
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Hello Backers!

I'm happy to finally announce that Ascendant Destiny is complete!  I have all the final pdfs and they will be sent as soon as I get time to upload everything (and I figure out exactly how to use the publish feature on!

In the meantime here is one of the latest full colour illustrations.  This illustration is the title illustration for chapter 5: feats, featuring some of the players from one of my latest games talking to one of their closest allies: Furious Deathknight (Pantalleon was there to)!

Furious Deathknight has made an appearance in several of my games, not as a bad guy but usually as an ally for the players. Originally he was Paladin whose name was forgotten to time. He was a righteous servant of the god of Glory. This paladin had heard about an ancient graveyard where the dead never rested. Upon visiting this graveyard the paladin was filled with the righteous belief that he could rid the graveyard of its evil taint forever. He swore a vow to the gods that he would not rest until he had rid the graveyard of all undead. Unfortunately the god who heard his oath tricked tricked him and the paladin ended up fighting an endless battle against the undead for 100s of years. Until the players came.

In the first campaign he made an appearance the paladin he called himself Furious Paladin, the cursed paladin who hated the gods. Long story short the players were able to help the paladin break his curse, but instead of dying and getting the rest he thought he deserved Furious was tricked a second time by the gods and rose from the grave as Furious Deathknight. Furious became the very thing he was fighting against 100s of years. In addition he was bound to the land never able to leave or die.

Furious eventually accepted his fate and made an appearance in several campaigns. In my most recent campaign Furious was a valuable ally for the players who would often consult Furious when they needed advise about how to defeat the dead.

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