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A high fantasy tabletop RPG with over fourteen years of play-testing and improving.
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A high fantasy tabletop RPG with over fourteen years of play-testing and improving. Available for purchase now at
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A brief overview of chapters 6-9

Posted by Christopher Fielder (Creator)

Hello Awesome people!

Here is an update regarding the four different types of spell casters!  There is a wealth of information in these chapters as there are well over 450 spells (I haven't counted the exact number) in 23 different schools/domains/disciplines of magic!  These spells, of course, are only the starting point as, with everything else in Ascendant Destiny, you can easily make your own spells too!!

Each of the four different types of spell caster have a number of schools/domains/disciplines to choose from and have spells ranging from the basic 1st level spells to the incredibly powerful 4th level spells.

Sorcerers are masters of arcane magic. Whether it’s throwing fireballs at their enemies or creating a light show for entertainment, sorcerers are always powerful and useful. Sorcerers generally learn their magic from books or through careful experimentation, and have a huge range of spells to choose from. Their spells can be simple or complex depending on their intended effect. (In many other role playing systems, sorcerers may also be known as wizards or mages.)

There are eight schools of magic that sorcerers learn from: Elemental, Illusion, Necromancy, Protection, Solar, Telekinesis, Telepathy and Transmutation.

A priest is a devoted servant of a god or gods. Through their faith many priests are able to channel the power of magic; their magic often coming directly from the deity itself. Priests have the power to heal wounds, protect allies, summon celestials, raise or banish undead, and even resurrect long dead individuals.

Priests have five domains or spheres of magic each having a list of spells. These domains are Compassion, Conviction, Patience, Valour and Life.

There are many who are able to magically manipulate the world around them; bending the world to their will using spirit and knowledge of nature and the elements. These people do not necessarily know the laws of magic; they simply attempt to tap the raw magic energy inside them and are not always in complete control of their spell’s effects. These individuals are known as shamans. Their spells are cast through meditation, rituals and the sheer force of will. The effects of shaman spells are usually simple and brutal due to the fact that they are not carefully programmed spells like that of a sorcerer. A shaman’s spells are generally elemental in nature and can also be described as warrior magic or passion magic.

There are four disciplines of magic that shamans learn from: Might, Finesse, Lore and Spirit.

Druids are servants of the forest. Through their knowledge of nature and natural order, druids can conjure up spells to enforce nature’s will (or rather the will of Crayne).  Druid spells are broken down into six domains. These domains are Balance, Nurture, Resolve, Sanction, Tenacity and Wrath.

There you have it.  The four different types of spellcasters in the first version of Ascendant Destiny.  Hopefully that is enough of a tease about what is in the book and gets you thirsty for more!

Stay Awesome!


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