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A high fantasy tabletop RPG with over fourteen years of play-testing and improving.
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A high fantasy tabletop RPG with over fourteen years of play-testing and improving. Available for purchase now at
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Basics of spell casting

Posted by Christopher Fielder (Creator)

Spell casting in Ascendant Destiny requires at least Essence 2 and knowledge of the spell you wish to cast.  Spellcasters are required to spend Power Points to power their spells.

A spellcaster with a high Essence stat can cast more powerful spells, as well as cast lower level spells more effectively. A higher Essence stat also translates to having more Power Points and having a higher rate of Power Point regeneration meaning that sorcerers with a high Essence stat can cast more spells then those with lower Essence.

Having a high essence stat, however, is not a requirement for being a good combat caster.  Being adept at fighting in combat using magic is more dependent on your character's combat skills. Most specifically the Concentration skill.

All spellcasters who wield wands, focus staves or magic weapons have the ability to shape the magic around them quickly and use it to make attacks in combat. These are called magic attacks and can be made by any character who can cast spells. Note, that magic attacks are considered different to casting spells, which don’t require a weapon. Magic attacks are treated same as a melee attacks and ranged attacks, and use the Concentration skill as the combat skill.

Most of the spells in Ascendant Destiny are utility spells rather than combat spells. I.e. they are non-combat spells. Most combat involving magic doesn't actually involve the casting of (formalised) spells but rather using raw magic power to inflict damage or defend oneself (as described above).

There are many combat spells though. When casting spells in combat one needs to pay attention to the type of spell they are casting. There are four types: fast, medium, slow and extended. As the names suggest the type of spell relates to how quickly you can cast it.

Fast spells can be cast using one action. Therefore one can cast multiple (up to four) fast spells in one round. Medium spells take a full round action to cast and are generally more powerful in combat. Slow spells take two rounds to cast. Finally extended spells take longer to cast and are not generally considered combat spells.

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