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A high fantasy tabletop RPG with over fourteen years of play-testing and improving.
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A high fantasy tabletop RPG with over fourteen years of play-testing and improving. Available for purchase now at
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Chapter 5 Feats!

Posted by Christopher Fielder (Creator)
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Hello Backers!

Today I'm giving you an update about chapter 5 of the RPG: Feats!

Every character has some kind of special talent that most others do not. One character may be specialised in defence and be able to deflect blows with ease, another might be able to run very fast. In Ascendant Destiny these unique talents are referred to as feats. Feats can range from the ability to lead armies to the simple act of being able to swim. Feats can also cover the supernatural, like being able to hear a heartbeat on the other side of a door, or being able to walk on water.

All feats have prerequisites that are based on one or more trained skills, abilities, attributes or essence. There are two kinds of simple feats used in Ascendant Destiny (standard feats and magic feats) and two advanced type of feat (gifts and divine feats).

Standard feats are mundane (i.e. non-magical) skills that anyone could learn with enough time, effort and ability. They are the variety of feats that do not require any supernatural or divine influence. Standard feats cover anything from a character’s ability to fire a bow effectively while on the run, to the ability to decipher magic or swim. Standard feats are the simplest, most common feats for any character to have.

All characters start with a few standard feats. Some can start with more than others, depending on the character’s race and the amount of freebee points spent on feats at character creation.

Magic feats are the kind of unusual abilities that only come to those who have magical power within them. Some magic feats can enable a character to hear a heartbeat from the other side of the room or to read the surface thoughts of a stranger

Magic feats take longer to train compared with standard feats and cost more experience to purchase. They also almost always have higher prerequisites. All magic feats require the character to have at least a 2 in their Essence stat. Characters rarely start with any magic feats.

Both types of non-advanced feats are classified by two things: the type of feat (i.e. standard or magic) and the skill that is most prevalent. For example, being able to swim is a Athletics standard feat; whereas, Bend Physics is a Will magic feat.

Divine feats are a feature used in epic games when characters become awesomely influential or powerful (or both). Due to their game changing nature (and huge prerequisites), divine feats should only really be used in epic campaigns or with advanced players.

Gifts are blessings/curses that a character is given or bestowed upon by a god, deity or other divine being. Gifts are given by these godly beings to characters as a reward for the character’s service or servitude. Gifts may also be given to characters for more devious purposes such as a curse. Either way all gifts have meaning and are generally given to serve some kind of purpose: good or bad. As a result all gifts should have game-related benefits and drawbacks.

The rules for gifts and divine feats are covered in Chapter 12: Advanced Rules.

That's it for today's update! I hope you are as excited as I am!!

Also a big thanks and congratulations to Graham who picked up the backer award for the full colour picture of your character!  I really look forward to working with you to make your character come to life!


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