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Motobushido is a game about really sweet duels between really badass samurai who ride really awesome motorcycles.
Motobushido is a game about really sweet duels between really badass samurai who ride really awesome motorcycles.
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Stretch Goal #3 Unlocked! Hints for Goal #4 Inside, and a new Story Teaser

A little over 24 hours to go, we draw close to the final stretch toward completion. I'm happy to announce that last night saw the unlocking of Stretch Goal #3, which features the Chaplain, the Sidecar Bike, and the Bojutsu Fighting Style.

The next Stretch Goal is another bonus character Pack. What's inside? Here are some hints:

  • Things need changin' everywhere he goes.
  • This is the basis upon which all bike power is based
  • Is it Jim? I don't know...

Stay Tuned for more details!

Brent Millis has been excellent enough to provide an excerpt from the bonus story he's writing for the project:


Seiji slowly dismounted from his Super Cheetah RX. The glare of the sun bleached the scene, destroying every color in the visual spectrum but one: blood-red.

It wept from the jagged wounds on his friends' abused corpses as they hung, hands, legs and necks tied from the town's public punishment crucifixion scaffolding. Pinned to their bodies in a crude scrawl were the words, "Losers howl no more." A reference to the war. Whoever did this had been on the winning side and had felt justified in murdering his friends.

On his Junker EZ, Matsu's barely controlled rage spilled in short softly uttered curses. Seiji put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Bring a monk."

Matsu seemed not to hear him. Tears rolled down his cheeks, "They crucified them... Look what the--!" Matsu's voice broke the uncomfortable silence that had fallen over the square. All around them, passersby dropped their eyes, refusing to meet their gaze or look at them at all. Several men disappeared with the perfected practice of the underclass.

"Cowards!" Matsu screamed.

Seiji grabbed his friend firmly by both shoulders. "I need you to calm down and listen, Matsu."

The other man looked in his friend and leader's eyes. Seiji knew he was hurting. Den had been like a little brother to him. They had been together a long time before Seiji had met the pair. There would be little he could say to comfort Matsu.

Pulling a sheaf of dirty notes from his pocket, he peeled some off, "Take this to the monk at Zenkou Temple. Tell him we need him to perform last rites."

"But what are you--"

"I'll stay here and make sure they are not further desecrated."

The other nodded. He trusted Seiji, and Seiji was counting on it.

"Zenkou is not far. Return as swiftly as possible. I will need you if we are to avenge them. But do me a favor: try not to speed on the way back. You'll frighten the monk; he's an old man."

Matsu seemed on the verge of breaking down, but wiped away the onslaught of emotion with a dirty arm over his face and then tore off down the street as if Enma, the god of hell were on his very heel.

Walking over to the corpses of his friends and fellow riders, he cut them down and laid them out gently. He said his farewells, and stood.

What he had not told Matsu is that he had seen the men who had done this earlier in the day, and he had an idea where they were...

©2012, Made in DNA


And thanks everyone. Today is an awesome day.



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