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Motobushido is a game about really sweet duels between really badass samurai who ride really awesome motorcycles.
Motobushido is a game about really sweet duels between really badass samurai who ride really awesome motorcycles.
222 backers pledged $11,400 to help bring this project to life.

New Story by Brent Millis, New Art by Tomas Overbai, Another Artist for the Deck, Call for Online Testers

Only 71 more hours to go, and I'm really close to finishing up the playtest packs. My plan is to spend the entirety of today and the next few nights finishing up the text.

Back in the early days of the project, author Brent Millis contacted me and offered to write a story for the project, to give to any backers as a bonus reward. I've confirmed with him that the story is nearing completion, and should be edited and ready to distribute a week or so after the project funding period ends. Any backers who receive a copy of the Motobushido game in any form will also be sent this story.

Finally, Tomas Overbai has offered to add two pieces of excellent artwork to the Motobushido project. Specifically, he'll be doing the two Jokers for the custom deck. Tomas has a gallery of some pretty amazing samurai-punk artwork on his website, and he's only days away from launching his own Kickstarter project to fund his book Ichido. It's a futuristic samurai-punk story of magic, biomechs, and civil war. You can find out more on his site, and I'll update again when he launches. I'm working on a cross-promotion for Ichido, featuring a brand new character pack for backers of his project. More details are to come!

Kat Moss has officially signed on to be one of the four artists for the custom Deck, should it get funded. She has a gallery of excellent illustrations on her website. Her Japan-esque art styles are what particularly drew me to her for this project. I've worked with her before on the Cannibal Contagion project, and she's a pleasure to do business with. Perhaps if enough people ask, we can convince her to actually print her "Che Walter" piece on shirts!

I've posted part five of the Dueling Lessons series, this time about naming your Second, and how it works in a Duel. I've got a couple more of these lined up to finish out the rest of November, as well.

Finally, I'm looking to get some folks together who would be interested in helping me test out the Motobushido functionality within the online tabletop. I've almost got the format laid out straight, I'm just needing four to eight people to help me stress test things. You don't even really need to know much about the rules, just sit in and test certain new functions I'm trying to work in. If you're interested, look me up on Google Plus, where I've been coordinating these efforts.

Thanks for all your support, everyone. You rock.



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    1. Nathanael Cole 3-time creator
      on November 15, 2012

      I'll be releasing the full playtest rules to backers very soon, actually, containing all the updates.

    2. Brent Millis on November 15, 2012

      Brother, you have been posting a lot of rules mechanics. Are you going to be taking all these and putting them into a PDF file as well?