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Motobushido is a game about really sweet duels between really badass samurai who ride really awesome motorcycles.
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Character Pack #1 Unlocked!

Posted by Nathanael Cole (Creator)

Last night we crossed over Stretch Goal #2, unlocking the first of four bonus Character Packs. In this one, we have:

The Nomad fall outside of the Pack's ranks and order, and rides alone for many spans of time. His array of abilities showcase dabbling and utility, but with no room for or dedication to any particular focus long enough to attain mastery. He stands apart from Pack politics, and answers only to the Captain - and sometimes not even that.

The ATV is a rugged four-wheeler built for endurance and maximum off-road dominance. While not a bike, it functions as one in the rules, and can take one serious beating.

The Outlaw Beatdown-Style is all about chains, fists, boots, and rebar, and going right for the eyes. Masters of this style can sacrifice their own honor in order to force their opponent to do the same, resulting in a truly even playing field of violence.

This character pack will be distributed digitally to anyone who backs at a level that receives a copy of the game ion any format. Additionally, Backers of the Ronin level and higher will have it added into their physical special edition copy of the book.

The next character pack will unlock at $10K, but I'll reveal its contents at $9500. I'll give you some hints, though:

- There was a famous one, once called Dago Red, in a fictional war on the mainland just across the sea
- Add a bulldog with a helmet and goggles, and you're set, but sadly you can't lean
- The chosen weapon of the artist who "does machines"

And thanks for your support, folks!



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    1. Nathanael Cole 3-time creator

      Oops! The "in a fictional war" should read "in a fictional portrayal of a war"