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Motobushido is a game about really sweet duels between really badass samurai who ride really awesome motorcycles.
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Upcoming Demos, Magicians Promotion, and MORE Hoodies and Patches!

Posted by Nathanael Cole (Creator)

More news! New demo events, another special Kickstarter cross-promotion, and more swag!

Working with Portland's local "ReadySetGamePDX!" group, I've scheduled two more public game demos here in town, at my favorite local gaming store, Guardian Games. On the evenings of both October 23rd and November 6th (both Tuesdays), I'll be running Motobushido sessions there starting in the area of 7 PM. Details will be settled on the RSGPDX Facebook page, so head over there if you are interested in signing up!

I've done some good talking with Kyle Simons of the Magicians: A Language Learning RPG Kickstarter, and we've decided to offer exclusive Kickstarter-only exclusives for each other's games. Anyone who pledges at the White-Book level ($25) or higher on the Motobushido project will also receive an exclusive ten-card Moto-Samurai-themed Adventure Pack for the Magicians RPG. Additionally, I'm working on a special Wordsmith-styled "Character Path" (kinda like Class, but focused on riding position and pack responsibility) for Motobushido, available only to backers of Magicians. This game looks wicked awesome, and being a one-time linguistics major, Kyle had me at "Learning Language." So go check out Magicians for a cool new game and details on the promotion when he posts them!

I've had a number of people ask me if the hoodies and First Founder patches are included at the even higher levels, and quite frankly I can't think of any reason not to. More hoodies will mean a bigger initial hoodie and patch order, which is always good! So all backers at $400 ("One of the Seven") and higher will also retroactively receive a Hoodie and First Founder patch, in addition to the Ronin level rewards! To those of you already pledged at those levels: surprise!

Finally, don't forget about the special off-site promotions for the project. And thanks for your support, guys. It rocks my world.


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