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Plant Link makes you a smarter gardener.
877 backers pledged $96,690 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator saxnix on March 5

      I was quite surprised to see they are quite active on Facebook, even though the forum looks dead since the announcement. System seems to be working well.

    2. Creator Chuckles on March 4

      @saxnix - I'm still monitoring. I opted for a refund; not sure what I'll see or when. It's good to see they're still following up though and haven't just closed up shop and done a bunk.

    3. Creator saxnix on March 3

      Sure enough my package arrived today in Australia. Thank you OSO. Is anyone still following here? I thought the project had died??

    4. Creator saxnix on February 12

      Looks like it was not an accident. Just received a shipping notice from USPS - shipped from OSO Technologies.

    5. Creator saxnix on February 3

      I just got an email saying my pledge is ready to ship. Reply to the email to confirm shipping address. Don't know if this has been sent by accident, or if they are now shipping to us international backers stock they have left??

      If it was sent by accident, that is just a cruel...

    6. Creator Phillip Scott on January 6

      @Matthew, @All - SmartThings is to have integration - check the forum

    7. Creator Matthew the frog on January 1

      If they have gone bankrupt, then their intellectual property and their existing stock is now an asset to be sold to satisfy their creditors. It is possible that it may re-emerge, but I don't think that will.

      If they filed for bankruptcy, we should be able to find the case soon on Pacer ( ), but I do not have an account.

      I have other devices that speak ZigBee (Almond+), but I don't have any information on what the Links speak to the base station. I am interested in anything anyone is doing with the hardware. This comment section is the only place I've found any information so far.

    8. Creator Willard Korfhage on December 25

      I see the probes have a Arm/ZigBee module (…). I wonder if we can get something else that speaks ZigBee to receive the probe data? There is a USB stick from the same company that makes the modules, costing about $53 at DigiKey.

    9. Creator Willard Korfhage on December 20

      I see that the website is gone now, so the system is useless. I can understand companies failing - that happens. I am baffled at the decision to keep the code or design materials secret, turning the hardware into nothing but trash, rather than let the tech savy among us at least try to get some use out of what had been a helpful system. Ok, so the code may look like crap because you were in a rush to get it out. That's ok. Just zip it up and let me try to use those sensors I relied on.

    10. Creator hsanjuan on November 22

      When a company goes bankrupt (like it seems to happen), at least there is a official bankrupt procedure, where the remaining assets are put together and the creditors can reclaim their part.

      Instead we got Eduardo Torrealba sending an email that says "we are so sorry, we are just keeping your money" without 0 information about how many devices are left in stock, of what type, and what is going to happen to all of that and what is the actual status of OSO technologies. Obviously it is much more difficult for an international backer to seek damages so it has been very clear from the beginning who would pay the price.

      No plans to open-source the design or the software or any minimal interest in making the failure a little bit less painful for anyone. No details about any of the specifics on how this could go so wrong, nor of the efforts taken to mitigate lack of funds.

      If there is absolutely 0 stock left, then they already know there was no money to successfully complete the campaign many months ago when they placed the relevant orders which were well under the total number of backers.

      Yes, kickstart campaigns can fail, but then at least you should answer absolutely every question and distribute the damage across all the backers, not depending on where they live. It looks like this campaign was clearly failing long ago and they took the decision to be employed on backer's funds for a few more months, and pray on heaven some money would rain on the company, at the same time they were selling international backer's devices through the shop. Gain for them, loss for everyone else. Great job!

    11. Creator Harald Haas on November 7

      International Backer like me have really *lost* 100$ or more to this. Wow. Haven't expected such an outcome…

    12. Creator Steve Siran on November 7

      Very disappointing. a lot of
      promises made, none kept. Such is the Kickstarter world, We take our chances. I had high hopes for this.

    13. Creator Trey Gammon on November 5

      Good Luck Eduardo. It's disappointing that this product failed, but a lot of success has to do with timing and sadly, this appears to have not been the right time.

      Although we will not get our refunds or extra components now, I would advise to continue SmartThings integration to at least try and appease the 877 backers on here. That way, we can continue to use the equipment we have received for something.

    14. Creator Paolo B on November 2

      Dear Oso Team,
      more than one year and a half passed... please proceed immediately with my refund!
      For how many years should I still wait for?
      Thank you

    15. Creator ThingMUSE on October 31

      Can someone please advise as to the status of the money owed the international backers?

    16. Creator Chris B on October 30

      I've tried sending a message to the creator both through KS and through his blog, so far no response.

      I've heard from one source that he heard from one source that OSO was dead and trying to sell off their code. Take that for what it's worth (Fourth hand info??). But again, failure to hear anything official makes one thing that there's possibly some truth to it.

    17. Creator Chris B on October 20

      Christian... there isn't, unfortunately, a lot you can do at this point. Complaints won't work because Kickstarter isn't liable. OSO did make an honest effort (at first) to make their product and many people (myself included) received it, in part. So, scam seems a bit harsh.

      That said, there's no question that things went bad and they were unable to fulfill all their rewards to backers. Still, they did many promises to refund or otherwise provide an alternate reward, so I give them credit for that.

      BUT... they haven't seemed to follow through on those promises. No refunds have been sent, to the best of my knowledge. And I don't think anyone who asked for an alternate reward has received it either.

      This is pure speculation on my part... but I wonder if perhaps OSO was hoping that the majority of people would opt for alternate rewards, of which they supposedly have decent stock on hand.

      But maybe most people opted for cash instead? And now OSO is worried about having enough funds to offer refunds so they are trying to sell their stock on hand rather than send out alternate rewards?!?

      Like I said... pure speculation, but that's all we've got to go on right now because we haven't heard anything official for quite some time now.

    18. Creator Christian LOUIS on October 16

      This whole project is a scam , someone run off with our money . Does anybody know where to make a complain ?

    19. Creator saxnix on October 13

      No, no refund here yet.

    20. Creator Chris B on October 13

      Has anyone who pledge for a valve received their refund or additional links?

    21. Creator Chris B on October 10

      We could really use an update to answer some of the questions brought up. It's been 6 weeks now since we've heard from you.

    22. Creator Emanuel Gustavsson on October 7

      A status update would be nice, still waiting for my refund...

    23. Creator Mark Britton on September 26, 2014


      I recall in previous update that despite the current financial situation PlantLink finds themselves in that there was outside sponsorship that was going to help keep your server up for about a year for those of us who continue to have systems actively up and running out in the field. Today my base station has gone offline (glowing red indicator vs. green) which means there may be some tech./network issue. How do you suggest I go about trying to get back online? I'm willing to put in the time to troubleshoot but need some guidance ...

      Mark Britton

    24. Creator Chris B on September 23, 2014

      I'm with Timothy... I'm not an international but a US backer who opted for more links instead of the money for the valve. Do you have stock? If so, are you sending those out to people who opted for the hardware vs. the cash?

    25. Creator Timothy Giles on September 18, 2014

      I dont understand, you asked the international backers if we wanted a refund or to receive the device. I opted for the device, why if you have stock has this not been sent to me?

    26. Creator Christian LOUIS on September 16, 2014

      This whole project is a scam . I want my money back as promised.

    27. Creator Timothy Giles on August 30, 2014

      So we're the international rewards sent out or not? To those that wanted it?

    28. Creator Steven David Hajdu on August 30, 2014

      Message sent.

    29. Creator Oso Technologies on August 27, 2014

      @Steven - Thanks for the comments.

      The total amount owed to international backers is less than 20% of the amount raised in the campaign. It's enough that the company doesn't have the cash reserves to cover it out of pocket today, but hopefully not so much that Oso can't repay it over time. As I said in the update, I'm pursuing some other options for the future of the product that might speed up that process, but I can't go into detail in a public forum just yet.

      Thanks again for your patience and support!

    30. Creator Steven David Hajdu on August 27, 2014

      Dear Eduardo,
      assuming that the lion's share of the refunds will go to international backers, which should represents a very small percentage of the $96,690 pledged, how much money do you actually owe us pledgers who never received the plantlinks?
      Also, shouldn't you have some reserve cash being that you decided to forgo the international certification?
      Perhaps most of us would be willing to settle just to recuperate a bit of the money we invested.

    31. Creator Chris B on August 27, 2014


      The last I heard was that the SmartThings - PlantLink setup will be Cloud to Cloud. So the Links will still communicate with the PL hub and then there will be communication between the PL cloud and the ST cloud for ST to get info and be able to trigger events.

      Previously I'd heard that the links themselves were going to pair with the ST hub, but as I said, the latest rumor I'd heard was that it will just be cloud to cloud. Again... only rumor, so don't take it for gospel truth. It would be very nice to hear from OSO to confirm some of the details so we know what's what.

    32. Creator Christian LOUIS on August 26, 2014

      I would love to get some news about refund . Could you please give us an update.

    33. Creator James Cocker on August 24, 2014

      I'm a UK backer, and am still trying to decide whether to request a refund or to have PlantLink shipped. Can we please have an update that answers the following questions:

      What is the expected future of the current PlantLink devices? Will they continue to work well indefinitely?

      Or will they be dependant on SmartThings, if so, what is required for SmartThings integrartion? Presumably I'd need to purchase their hub? Any downsides to using PlantLink via SmartThings?

    34. Creator Harald Haas on August 23, 2014

      Hey Oso-Team, is there already any timeline you are going to send the rewards to European Backers who were willing to take the risk theirselves?

    35. Creator Edmond on August 23, 2014

      Wonder how is the smartthings app....has it been approved?

    36. Creator maczor on August 21, 2014

      +1 on what Chris and saxnix said. Refunds for international backers?

    37. Creator Chris B on August 19, 2014

      To piggy back on Saxnix... if we choose additional links, is there a time frame for when these will ship?

    38. Creator saxnix on August 16, 2014

      "Our goal is to have an announcement about the exact way we will be sending refunds out by the start of August."

      We are now more than half way through the month. Where is our Refund, or details on when and how we will be getting it?

    39. Creator Steven David Hajdu on August 8, 2014

      @Oso - It's past the start of august. Have you figured out how to refund us? You can go ahead and take my current credit card details and make a reimbursement now. You can also send me a paypal payment. The choice is yours. The most important thing is that it's done!

    40. Creator Oso Technologies on July 26, 2014

      @Steven - Please take a look at the update we just posted for backers about this issue

    41. Creator Steven David Hajdu on July 26, 2014

      I have written to Kickstarter to see how we can seek recourse in obtaining our refunds, which Oso is legal obliged to give us. How many of you are in the same situation?

    42. Creator Steven David Hajdu on July 26, 2014

      Seriously, SEND US OUR REFUNDS!

    43. Creator Scott McKay on July 18, 2014


      If you are looking for a valve that can be remotely triggered check out…=

      This is compatible with Smart Things, and once the guys here get Smart Things working with Plant Link we can trigger events.

    44. Creator saxnix on July 16, 2014

      +1 How much longer are we going to have to wait to get our money returned?

    45. Creator Paolo B on July 15, 2014

      Hello Oso Team,
      I think is now time to provide international backers details on how you intend to procede refunding the money we borrowed you over one year ago... what do you think?
      Thank you for a fast answer from your side

    46. Creator Chris B on July 14, 2014

      I'm with Gene on wanting to get a SmartThings update desperately. My decision on how to fill out the survey will depend heavily on how ST and PlantLink work together. I need to fill the survey out by tomorrow but we're still very much in the dark as to how this integration works.

      Will it be cloud to cloud? Will the links talk directly to the ST hub? Will SmartThings be able to access and use the info directly from the links? These are things we need to know in order to make an informed decision.

    47. Creator Gene Petrone on July 13, 2014

      I was also wondering about refund status and the update on SmartThings integration.

    48. Creator Steven David Hajdu on July 10, 2014

      Have the refunds been sent out?

    49. Creator Steven David Hajdu on June 17, 2014

      Please send refund immediately.

    50. Creator Bernard Blais on June 17, 2014

      So no iOS, how will this be of use to any of us? I am assuming that there is a web interface, but who says that this solution will stay live for a while.

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