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A short musical film of woolly cosmic nonsense set to Bach's "Sheep May Safely Graze."
A Bit of Cosmic Nonsense set to Bach's "Sheep May Safely Graze"
A Bit of Cosmic Nonsense set to Bach's "Sheep May Safely Graze"
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    1. Ben Hillman Creator on

      Hi Russell. I am currently blocking out the next film which is a musical bit about Climate Change Denial. Ran into some music rights issues which I am sorting out. Stay tuned.

    2. Russell Deitch on

      @Ben, when is your next KS project? I want to sign up to that already!

    3. Russell Deitch on

      How do we get the HD download?

    4. Ben Hillman Creator on

      Thanks, Russell, for your enthusiasm and your patience! Glad you thought it was worth waiting for after all that.

    5. Russell Deitch on

      Wonderful! Well worth waiting for.

    6. Ben Hillman Creator on

      You guessed it! Filming it today.

    7. Russell Deitch on

      Next quarterly update about now?

    8. Tom Stern on

      Nice compositing on that sheep shot. With the handheld tracking and all. Keep up the good work!

    9. Russell Deitch on

      I hope the update's worth the wait first! ;)

    10. Ben Hillman Creator on

      Yes, I do owe you an update. Most of the time-consuming compositing is in place. Now we are on to the time-consuming finessing of myriad details and time-consuming color correction. Did I mention how time-consuming this all is? Also there is the occasional paid job which puts me out of commission here and there. But every other minute is spent on Ewe Topia. I hope it's worth the wait.

    11. Russell Deitch on

      I don't know where everyone else is but it's three months since the last update. Any news?

    12. Russell Deitch on

      Thank you, Ben. I thought you'd have needed a Kickstarter survey to get real names.
      I love your sense of humour - which is why I backed this project.
      I've watched Little Red Jiving Hood a couple of times recently and I hope this film's as good.

    13. Ben Hillman Creator on

      I'm not sure what you mean by surveys. I have the list of all the backers who will be in the credits, your name included. Backers are listed on the Ewe Topia website (which is somewhat sparse in information so far).
      P.S. I made a lot of progress on some complex shots since you last imloed me. Some of the more complex composited shots take literally an hour per second of footage to execute.

    14. Russell Deitch on

      @Ben, when are the surveys (for the names in the credits) due to go out?

    15. Ben Hillman Creator on

      @Russell Deitch:

      Tempus fugit, but sheep do not.

    16. Russell Deitch on

      ve imlo imlo ahshav, ematai? ;)

    17. Ben Hillman Creator on

      We had the final shooting day on Sept 7 which went very well. Now it's a matter of doing a lot of digital work on many of the shots (compositing, effects, color correction etc.) and finishing the music track. It's all moving forward but finished film in Sept does not seem likely at this point. But it shall be done!

    18. Russell Deitch on

      There's not much left of September ... How are you getting on?

    19. Jenny Bannock on

      I just realized that only the 2nd level has a download of the movie. Will the rest of us get to see it somewhere?

    20. Russell Deitch on

      Congratulations on being funded! What plans do you have for stretch-goals?

    21. mike smith on

      You're a quiet lot. Or is this "The Silence of the Lambs" :^)