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For my senior "comps" at Carleton, I'm directing Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice. To make the show as beautiful as possible, we need your help!

Turns out that I'm graduating college in a year! In order to graduate from Carleton College, every senior has to complete a "comprehensive exercise," or comps. Since I'm a theatre major...I'm directing a show! In November 2012, I'll be directing a production of Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice, which is an absolutely beautiful show based on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth.

Theatre comps have a very basic budget, and unfortunately the rights to Eurydice are particularly expensive. However, this is my senior I'm hoping to make it as beautiful as humanly possible. As college theatre students, we're excellent at borrowing, begging, and creating props, costumes, and sets on a shoestring budget - for example, the lovely Tony Stoeri is building us a set out of lights - but we still need some help, especially to costume the show as fully as I'd like.  

Since I'm in Los Angeles for the summer, I'm planning to take advantage of vintage and thrift shops to create our anachronistic costuming. We'd use much of the hundred and fifty dollars we're hoping to earn to purchase costume pieces and ship them back to Northfield, where we have access to the Carleton costume shop to finish clothing our actors. The money we'd earn would ALSO be dedicated to helping us to publicize the show more fully than we'd be able to on our current budget and also to buy vital props and set pieces.

This show is the pinnacle of my Carleton education, and your contributions would help make it all I'm hoping it'll be.

Additionally - we have an AWESOME cast and crew! See below for the list of people you would be supporting.

Eurydice: Emily Altschul '13
Orpheus: Ned Heckman '13
Father: Freddy Stein '14
Nasty Interesting Man/Lord of the Underworld: Andrew Harvey '15
Big Stone: Ashley Shaw '14
Little Stone: Ellen McKinstry '14
Loud Stone: Sam Braslow '15

Director: Holly Abel '13
Stage Manager: Becca Greenstein '13
Tech Director/Lighting Designer: Tony Stoeri '13
Sound Designer: Tom Birren '13
Poster Designer: Jon Kittaka '13
Music Composition: Hannah Button-Harrison '12


  • YES please! We've managed to raise double our minimum goal, and people have been asking me if their contributions will still help - that is a very, very excited YES. The $150 minimum goal was just that - a minimum - to ensure that we'd be able to receive some money from the kickstarter.

    Although the money we've raised so far will do magical, wondrous things like ensure that I'm not paying for costumes out of pocket (I've already spent money on the show and up until now, I thought I'd just have to deal...), we'd love to be able to do a third performance rather than an "open dress," and we'd love to be able to make our set more awesome, publicize like crazy, make awesome programs, etc. Absolutely anything helps!

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    A copy of our custom designed poster, signed by the cast and crew!

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    All of the above, plus two seats reserved wherever you would like for any performance of the show.

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    An invitation to attend a run through rehearsal as our guest for a private sneak preview of the show - and afterwards, the cast and crew will take you out on the town and answer any questions you have about the process.

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