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The premiere of emerging playwright Nick Gandiello's 'Screen,' in which keeping a terrible secret may be the cost of love. Read more

New York, NY Theater
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The premiere of emerging playwright Nick Gandiello's 'Screen,' in which keeping a terrible secret may be the cost of love.

New York, NY Theater
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As Chelle prepares for her father’s wake, she finds a terrible secret on his laptop, and when she shares it with her volatile brother Jimmy, they must decide whether or not they can shatter their younger sister’s beautiful memories of him or if some truths are better off buried. 

This story is being explored in Nick Gandiello's new one-act play.  As a playwright, Nick has an enduring interest in the dynamics of betrayal, secrecy and grief within families. He wrote this play hoping to explore the sometimes dangerous fallout after a loved one's death, and the question of whether lying can be an act of love. The play moves through quiet, fearful moments and into explosions, and resonates throughout with the love between Chelle, Jimmy, and their younger sister Maddy.  

Nick submitted the play to the Sam French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival, and when it was accepted, he knew his good friend and old collaborator Erin Callahan would be a great director for the project. They got to work on the process of bringing this play to life, and have assembled a stellar cast featuring Bridget McKevitt, Enoch Porch, and Courtney Stallings, and Jermaine Bell has agreed to provide his stage management expertise. 

The Sam French OOB Festival will take place at the Lion Theatre in Theater Row in NYC, and judges including world-renowned playwrights and theater professionals in NYC will vote on which plays move forward for another performance after the first round.  The winners of the second round will receive publication by Samuel French, Inc.  For more info, visit

Gearing up for the production, the artistic team has had to rent space in NYC for auditions and rehearsals. It is vital that the actors get to rehearse in a space that is close to the size of the theater they will be in, which requires spending the money on the appropriate facilities. The physical needs of the play, which will flesh out the world of the siblings, requires spending as well.  Nick and Erin also feel it is important to provide honorariums to their brilliant collaborators. 

The budget of young theatre makers, some right of grad school, doesn't always accommodate the dreams of young theatre makers.  Your support in this project will literally provide us with the space, resources, and peace of mind to focus on our work.  No reward could be enough thanks for that!  


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