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Luck You is a group of NYC Artists under 20 who put on group art shows. We are looking to expand our creative vision & fix our studio.

We are a group of young artists called 'Luck You Collective' who put on pop-up art shows in Manhattan's Chinatown. Our project for this year is to put on four group art shows, hold free talks and art classes, and build a more functional studio for Luck You and its collaborators.
The four core organizers of Luck You are India Menuez and Carmen Hall, both 17 year old artists and curators, Jack Shannon, 18, an avid artist, and Louis Shannon, 19, a musician and silk-screener. Though we have a range of interests, our common vision was found in seeing the potential of young artists grow, and together we have developed a way to share it!

One Year Project

For the past two years, we’ve put on pop-up shows featuring about three dozen like-minded young artists like Tristan Reginato (who will be spearheading producing the first Luck You Zine!). So far, our shows have taken place in friend’s houses and commercial spaces who have let us use them free of charge for short periods of time and it has been amazing, but we are ready to expand! We strongly believe in showing art in the energetic DIY context in which it was created, and we want to do this on a larger scale by using local raw commercial spaces where we can hold longer running and higher quality art shows. The shows serve as a platform for young artists to stand on, when otherwise they might not have a venue to show their work. We know we can create change in how art is shared and appreciated in New York City, and we would love to see you there. Funding will go towards putting on four of these group shows this year.

We are inspired by the energy of our neighborhood and our work reflects that, though we know we can take it one further. This is why we want to hold basic art classes in the media's that we know best. With your support, this year we will be able to teach free basic painting, drawing and silkscreening courses in and around our studio; we strive to integrate with the local community.

Recently, we began renting a basement space on Ludlow and Grand St, in Chinatown, that we now call our headquarters. The small space is versatile, and currently houses a painting and silk-screening studio, a music room, and can double as an underground gallery. Though, as much as we love the space, it desperately needs some thorough attention. With the proper funding we can only expand our creative vision there. Donations will go towards the repairs on the space which consist of lighting to show art, installing flooring, opening up a bricked up window and plumbing repair.

We held our last art show there in June, which was a surprise success. The show was put on with no budget at all; we ended up taping most of the pieces to concrete walls and aimed a couple spot lights to show the art. Nevertheless, we were amazed by the creative energy that went into all the work that was submitted, it was exhilarating! That show solidified us as 'Luck You Collective', and has given us the motivation to push this forward. We set our funding goal at 15k which is the barebones minimum budget we can complete this years project with, the higher we go above that the more we can accomplish together. So please share this page with your friends and enjoy!

Donation Rewards!!

Our rewards come out of the endless flow of collaboration that surrounds us, we hope to share some of them with you! (For International Shipping, please add $3 for the zine, and $9 for anything else to your donation, so we can get it to you safely!)

For ten dollars you can receive a b/w copy of our first collaborative Luck You Zine (Special Color edition Shown)

For Twenty Dollars you can receive a hand printed T-shirt featuring Jack's Art and the Luck You logo!

For Fifty Dollars, a T-shirt featuring India's Art. Printed in two contrasting colors, giving it an awesome '3-D' effect, on comfortable American Apparel.

For Seventy Five Dollars you can receive a limited edition T-shirt featuring a print by the Shannon Brothers (Jack and Louis), using a bleach printing/dyeing method that we developed, which makes each shirt one of a kind!! On comfortable American Apparel.

All of our shirts are printed by hand at the studio by us!
AND all donations above $20 will also receive a b/w copy of Luck You Zine #1 and of course Invitations to the Art shows!!

Finally, we are very excited to offer a Silkscreened Art Print, a collaboration between India, Tristan and Jack! Silkscreened at the studio on 16.5" x 23.4" (A2 size) high quality paper, in three colors. Signed and Numbered in a run of only 100.

To see more of the Luck You Collective, and to see examples of each artist's work. Check out the following

India's Portfolio

Jack's Portfolio

The Luck You Collective Blog!

Luck You means the world to us, and we know it has the potential to grow! Hopefully you think so too! We would love to see you at an event of ours in the future. We are grateful for every donation, and are happy we can offer something back. Thank you!

-Luck You Collective!


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    Thank you for the Support! Anything counts! You will receive a link to the PDF version of issue #1 of the Luck You Zine, chalk full of our artwork and found images.

  • Pledge $10 or more
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    6 backers

    Issue #1 of the Luck You Zine, our first collaborative art magazine. 20 b/w pages of paintings, photographs, sketches, drawing games, and found art that will inspire you!

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    Luck You Collective's first official T-Shirt featuring Jack's art, hand silkscreened by us at the studio! As well as issue #1 of the Zine!

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    10 backers Limited (25 left of 35)

    Limited edition version of the Luck you Zine with a full color cover. Hand colored pages, signed and numbered by each member of the collective, these are one of a kind and stuffed with unique collected artifacts from Chinatown that inspired us and hopefully you!

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    A 2-color silkscreened T-Shirt featuring India's art, hand silkscreened on high quality American Apparel t-shirts by us! As well as issue #1 of the Luck You zine!

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    3 backers Limited (97 left of 100)

    A special limited edition T-Shirt by the Shannon brothers, featuring Jack's art. Printed on American Apparel tees using bleach then selectively hand died, making each shirt unique! Limited to one hundred pieces. And you will receive issue #1 of the Luck You zine.

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    A three color ART PRINT featuring the collaborative effort of Jack Shannon, Tristan Reginato and India Menuez. On high quality paper, and limited to a signed and numbered edition of 100 prints.

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    11"x17" original mixed media art piece by either India Menuez, Jack Shannon or Tristan Reginato (your choice!) View examples of work on the Luck You Blog or in our video!

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    A painting by either Jack Shannon or India Menuez on a 24" by 18" stretched canvas. See examples of their work on the blogs linked in the description below.

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    Visit our Studio and collaboratively design a shirt with the Luck You Crew, and print 20 copies with Louis Shannon during a silkscreen lesson. Followed by dinner at one of our favorite local Chinatown spots! Or, if you live out of town send us a design idea of yours and we will collaborate with you to make it a reality, and send you 20 of your own shirts!

  • Pledge $950 or more
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    A 3' by 4' ft painting on stretched canvas by either your choice of Jack Shannon or India Menuez, and collaboration is possible. View the examples of their work on the blogs linked in the description below. As well as a Luck You care package, featuring t-shirts, the zine and surprise art. (Please consider shipping accordingly)

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    The Luck You crew will come and paint a large scale collaborative mural for you at your apartment, office, store or space. We love large scale projects, and are really excited for this one! You'll also receive a Luck You care package, featuring t-shirts, the Luck You zine and surprise art. Applicable to the Tri-State Area.

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