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100 rare photographs unearthed from archives around the world and restored to their original splendor.
100 rare photographs unearthed from archives around the world and restored to their original splendor.
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Take Your Pick!

Posted by Diana Metzinger (Creator)

It's "pick"ture time! The images are slowly coming together but instead of waiting for them all to be completely clean before unveiling them I thought I'd let the photos trickle in as they are being finished. This way you can pan for gold one day at a time....or wait a week and view them all at once. 


The Google form worked out so well last time ( over 140 responses came in! Thank you to all who took the time to vote ), so I decided to use the same method to share the images. Just ignore the submit button because it won't do anything. I hope this works.....


There are five links below where you will find the images from the main collection and the bonus sets on display. Each image has a number above it along with a short title. Later in the week, a survey from CrowdOx will be sent to your email and this is where you'll be able to tell me which photo/photos you want as a print. If you picked only one print and happen to want 2-3 later on, you can add extra prints on the survey as well. 

The little symbols next to the titles denote whether an image is not suitable for printing in 16x20" or 3' x 4' size. Unfortunately, some of the scans from the various archives are not large enough to make prints in these sizes, so keep your eyes on the little symbols while you are making your decision. 

The title descriptions are short on these preview pages but they will be more descriptive on the PDF that comes with the digital files. 

Now, it's time to see some of the images! ( These links will be updated every day )

The Past in Focus Image Collection

Bonus Sets ( Ships & the Sea, The Age of Exploration, How Bizarre! and Into the Skies )

Bonus Sets ( The Land Down Under, New York City and The Seaside ) 

Bonus Sets ( Mother Nature, All Aboard, and Smalltown America )

Bonus Sets ( Around the World, A Good Sport , and The Heavens )


Later this week, every backer will be receiving an email from CrowdOx which will be the survey where you can see what reward you selected and also choose your add-ons ( if you added anything on ). 

I was keeping pretty good records of who selected what but using this Crowdox survey will make it much much easier when it comes time to shipping ( which, hopefully, will be next week! ). 

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact me before you attempt to fill it out. Thank you! 



The Past in Focus Image Collection - Second Edition

I was sorry that I capped the Past in Focus Image Collection at 100 copies and, since so many of you have asked about it, I decided to release a second collection. All of the photos will be completely different from the first collection but just as unique....and fully restored, too. Also, all of the images will be in their full-resolution ( 2500-9500 pixels ) which will enable you to make large-format prints from any of the images. You'll see this collection as an add-on option on the survey, as well as a set entitled "The Grand Tour" which will feature 200 images of countries from around the globe. ( That's what happens when you start find way too many beautiful photos to squeeze into one collection! ). 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Cara on

      Diana, just wanted to say that I think your doing a great job and loving to see all the photos bit by bit, I'm checking back daily for updates as love seeing the new ones pop in! Looking forward to seeing them all and how the project develops on to greater things. Keep it up!

    2. Diana Metzinger 2-time creator on

      No, Steven, all of the photos have not been posted yet. The survey link was sent out because a number of backers have inquired about it, but there is no rush to answer it. I hope to have all of the photos posted within one week. So I recommend waiting until they are all posted.

    3. Missing avatar

      Luis Miguel Radillo on

      i do not even know why he release the survey when it are not all the photos. I think that you bite more that you can handle... so please at least post all the photos

    4. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      The surveys are out - does that mean the posted image collections are complete? I'd hate to make my selections then see something else I like even better.
      Like Amanda says below, choosing is going to be very difficult.

    5. Amanda

      The first image I check and it is a stunning shot of the Matterhorn. The print selection may be very hard