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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
14,873 backers pledged $2,232,933 to help bring this project to life.

Afternoon Update - Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Posted by City State Entertainment (Creator)


    I’m pleased to welcome you to our first official newsletter for the Camelot Unchained™ community. We will initially be creating these newsletters as monthly peeks and updates on the game that your support is making possible! These newsletters will cover everything from the game itself and the people making it, to community questions, new contests, and beyond. The newsletter will replace most of my weekly (or semi-weekly) updates and do so with all the panache, flair, and style that we can muster. In other words, don’t expect too much! :)  

    In truth, we hope that you folks will love these updates as much if not more than the Kickstarter and website-based updates from myself and CSE. Now, I’m not vanishing from the community update scene (I’ll still be stalking the forums, IT chat, critical updates, etc.), but I wanted to find a way to get a consistent flow of information to the entire community, and this is the best way that I know how to accomplish that and still allow myself to do what I need to do on the business and design-side for the studio. We are, as always, looking for feedback, so please join us on our forums if you have something to say about the newsletter, including what you would like to see become a part of it.

    FYI, going forward, the team and I will also be doing more video updates, Live Streams, etc., so I believe that the combination of these newsletters and those community updates will ensure not only that our Backers continue to get a ton of information from us, but that we set a new bar for the amount of open, honest, and direct communication between all of the people who want to see Camelot Unchained be a great game.

     Thanks to Max, Jenesee, and everybody else who contributed to this, our first issue of the Camelot Unchained newsletter, on our Unveiled or which is attached below.



P.S. Again, please join us on the forums to discuss this and future newsletters! 


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    1. Patrick Bernard on

      Hm, am I the only one that find this format to be absolutely horrible for the Newsletter? The .jpg images have the text too small and when using the magnifying glass to zoom, it becomes enormous. Tried downloading the image to zoom at will on my side, only to realize there are -several- separate images...
      Just seems really impractical.
      And that's even aside from having to click on several different links trying to find the proper newsletter version =b

      As usual, amazing volume of communication on the project though :)