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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
14,873 backers pledged $2,232,933 to help bring this project to life.

Afternoon Update - Friday, January 24th, 2014



   Three big bits of news for this Friday. First, a new version of our website is now online. Thanks to the hard work of everybody here and abroad (actually, it was a guy not a broad!), our website has been updated with lots of bright, shiny new additions. While this is a greatly improved version, it is far from the final version. Hopefully we'll have an even brighter and shinier one later this winter. Secondly, our Builder's Tiers are now open for new backers of our project. As I said during the Kickstarter, the Founder's Tiers were going to be restricted to our KS & initial PayPal backers and I honored my words. The new Builder's Tiers are really great but they are not the same as our Founder's Tiers. 

To pledge to Camelot Unchained, please go here. So, for those who are now looking at this update and haven't yet pledged to Camelot Unchained, you now can do so! For those of you who have friends, family or random strangers you want to convince, you can now do so! :) Again, our new Builder's Tiers can be found here.

   I hope everybody here had a great week and enjoy a great weekend as well!


P.S. Oh, did I forget to mention the third big bit? I'm so forgetful! Internal Testing of the game client is scheduled to begin next week. :)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Romero on January 30, 2014

      Sure would be a good idea to fix the forum website to work with IE10.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jimmy L Aguirre on January 26, 2014

      I am backing at the SIGN RIGHT HERE – PHYSICAL REWARDS level. Does that mean I get everything from the PHYSICAL PHAT LEWT,HERO,I LOVE TCHOTCHKES, WARRIOR, And on down? Things like the starter gear, plaque, statue, dyes ect? If not if I back one of the new builders packs that has those can I lump them onto one account?

    3. Sophie Breca on January 26, 2014

      Love you guys Sooo much :) It's nice to see your progress! There's so much information I'm trying to keep up haha.

    4. City State Entertainment Creator on January 25, 2014

      [MJ] @Colin (and others): Please look at all the things you, as Founders, get that were not included with the Builder's Tiers. I've got a subset of the list on our Forums. I'd post it here too but I can't edit our KS page post-close other than to send updates. :)

      @Jafeelo - Similar but not identical. We should give out nice rewards to people who back our game but, as I stated during the KS, no FPs. You folks took the initial risk and FPs are one of the ways we thank you for doing so.

      @Blake - Next month if all goes well!

      @Peter - Thanks.

      @CU Inc - Thanks! Next week will be fun and more than a little scary. :)

      @Fabio - Thanks, that was exactly what I wanted to do. Make the new tiers great but not as great as Founder Tiers. That way everybody wins.

      @Patrick - Yep. It took time to get it all right and thanks to the help from Charles, it all came together nicely.

      Have a great rest of the weekend all!

    5. Patrick on January 25, 2014

      "Meet our Team!"
      finaly a rework with new hints
      gihihi :)

    6. Fabio Elli on January 25, 2014

      i'm a 110 backer, New paypal tiers look's great, but not as ours! GJ Mark!

    7. CU inc! hib/pry on January 25, 2014

      Such an awesome update!! Can't wait for some game client testing :D Keep on rocking CSE

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter McKenzie on January 25, 2014

      Awesome nice to see it firing up :P

    9. Blake on January 24, 2014

      When can the Kickstarter folks up their tiers like was promised? So I would like to move from $50 to $110 KS tier. When will this be possible?

    10. Carl Roloff on January 24, 2014

      I would say possibly the 250$ Builder tier. I did the 250 founder tier and some of those physical rewards seem pretty awesome :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Fruz on January 24, 2014

      Ahhhh finally <3

    12. Missing avatar

      Jafeeio on January 24, 2014

      Can you tell us what is in these Builder's packs? For example the Warrior Forever 2.0 tier gets 9 items. Are these similar to the ones that we would get using founder points?

    13. Missing avatar

      Colin Keohane on January 24, 2014

      I payed $110 and got 3 months compared to the $120 for 5 months. (I think that's what Maxx is talking about?

    14. City State Entertainment Creator on January 24, 2014

      [MJ] @Maxx - Which tier has you concerned?

    15. Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on January 24, 2014

      Honestly peeved. For the same price I paid, the guy gets more game time, additional swag, no FP though, but still!

      I thought these would all be good tiers and such, sure, but nothing to approach the Kickstarter level...but for them to be almost just as good, minus the FP, better in some cases...damn.

    16. Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on January 24, 2014


      The new Tiers look better than the old ones...

    17. Nameless on January 24, 2014

      Very excited about internal testing, even if I am not in it! Just knowing its going on is great. ;)

    18. Hellraise on January 24, 2014

      @Hero the new warrior forever cost $25 more and has 50 founder points less(they cost quite a bit if you buy them separately and are Founder only).

    19. Missing avatar

      Hero on January 24, 2014

      Looks to me that the new Pledges are better than originals. The new Warrior forever give more goodies.

    20. Pyksel on January 24, 2014

      May want to double check the Tier Comparison section. :) Looks great though!

    21. Ludguallon on January 24, 2014

      Time to clear the calendar. :)

    22. thoojs (deleted) on January 24, 2014

      Very exciting news. Thanks you! Looking forward to get into the internal testing :)

    23. Hellraise on January 24, 2014

      Game client, here we come :)