Camelot Unchained

by City State Entertainment

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      Tomas Kratka on

      That last picture looks extremely promising

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      Br4iN on

      Looks awesome.

    3. Paul B (Ash) on

      Just wow. Keep up the good work.

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      Albert Thompson on

      looks awesome! little typo btw, look at flaming heard.

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      Romain Casanova on

      Hey amazing job ! But aren't Bards from Hib ?! Need to see Bards with TDD !

    6. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Please do not neglect the story and quest !! I'm eager.

    7. Mel A on

      I like the art! Probably many feel like I do in that the down side of being an early backer is that we have longer to wait for the product ;) of course, they say that anticipation just makes the dessert sweeter!

    8. David Blackman (Lord Vakko) on

      Yah, not a fan of the dragon legs. Didn't really like the st'rm tbw. Now I'm really on the fence.

    9. Amber - (Edany - aka Troll Slayer) on

      So far so good! The only issue I am somewhat concerned about is with the Arthurians. According to 'lore' as it stands, some of them were transformed and disfigured. Cool!!! I hope that this means though, that maybe there could be a possibility of choosing your disfigurement at character creation? (A few twisted faces maybe, a tail, a 3rd arm on the back, etc). So far (and I know that this is very early), I see them all with tails except for one awesome human (with too much hair, but love the red). I'm hoping that maybe we can get various mutations with certain Arthurians so that they truly look variously mutated. Great stuff so far, thank you for sharing!

    10. Borgen (alb-nimue) on

      Amazing St'rm animation. Seems like you have most of the small details finished.

    11. Graham White on

      Loving the concept art, just wish the 2 years would move quicker.

    12. Stix45 on

      Loving the St'rm animations. It is a bit odd that the wings are on her rump though...

    13. Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on

      Great update. Like the art.

      Glad to see no would be critics this time around.

    14. KPK02 on

      Things are really looking good. It's going to be tough to not go Art for that gargoyle race. I keep hoping TDD gets something that catches my attention equally as much.

    15. Telyn on

      Great update! I love seeing all the art ideas. You've got me so conflicted by putting the Bards with Arthur. What's a Hib Bard to do?

    16. Philip Martin on

      Great update.Love the animation with only 1 question. Why are the wings on its hips? Just odd placement in my eyes, such as they are. Keep up the great updates.

    17. Solaris on

      Gorgeous concepts. Looking good!

    18. Tom M. on

      I like the length of the tail, I am glad I wont be tripping over it! As for the wings are they for moving gaseous airs around would they be called Can Fans? (only kidding) If the winds of change can be about could they be placed a little higher more to the center of gravity.
      Loving the art. Thanks for sharing!!!

    19. Jason (OldSkoo) on

      I thought the concept art of the arthurian in light armor really fit well and captured a vibe about them, especially with the fancy/elaborate armor, cloak, sword, and head piece.

      I also like the style of the armor found in the bottom concept piece. I like the hoods, and the angles and edges it has without being too over the top.

      Between the StRm and the Gargoyle, I personally prefer the latter and if I played one of them would like to see them even more "gargoyle-ish" (hah) with maybe the option for horns or even wings.

      Thanks for the update and good work guys - I always look forward to getting them!

    20. boxfetish [Mr. Safety] on

      Sorry, if this question seems thick but way folks are talking I must have actually missed one of the art or drawing updates. So, the top 3 pictures are of a Gargoyle and that is Arthurian? The 4th one is of a warrior queen based on Guinevere and that is also Arthurian, and the last is 4 figures of various Banshee concepts and that is Tuat? Do we know which realm the St'rm is with yet?

    21. DrunknGod (DG) on

      I'm love'n the concept stuff....can't get enough. I think the Dullahan approach to Banshee gives you some BSC artistic possibilities.

      I have to agree with Time on the Gargoyle foot. I think that could use a little attention. First thing that pops to mind is a pointed camel's foot. Just about every picture I could find of a modern day representation has a Gargoyle foot with at least 3 digits. Possibly take a look at a foot model that would reflect the foot's ability to grasp something??

    22. Missing avatar

      Shaun Newome on

      I don't really like the upright wings on the St'Rm. It's pretty obvious they could never be used for flight with the body proportions.

      I would like to see them kind of evolved from wings that originally gave flight into hardened leather wings that add protection to the St'Rm's waste and legs. Kind of like natural bad ass looking shields. Which could also be a cool racial ability for the race.

    23. Alienami on

      The St'rm wings are growing on me, I can see the potential for them being evolutionarily well placed for allowing the upper body to be free for fighting. The legs are often the strongest portion of a body also. My main concern would be balance, but if the legs are heavy enough that wouldn't be so much of an issue. I think the tail should be longer though to help with balance due to the wings' positioning.
      The animations for St'rm are coming along very nicely, btw.

      The Gargoyle Bard is looking very nice. Though, I am not sure the brown color on clothes suits the overall look, but that may just be my tastes. The only thing I might like to see is a way to add some color or something to them, they're gargoyles yeah, but my first impressions, due to the monochrome color body, it just sort of looks like a unfinished design in a renderer. -- An idea would be add red, yellow, or green eyes, maybe make the hair a shade or two darker. But, maybe consider going the route the Disney Cartoon Gargoyles did, add coloring to the skin and hair. Then have a racial ability, stoneskin which gives a damage resistance for a period of time or something, and makes them obviously look as such.

      The Guinevere inspired piece is also nice, I like the direction.

      The "Banshee" concepts are very nice. The flaming one is cool, but not really digging it as much. As long as the fire coloring is optional or maybe if it is a spec for the class or something.

      Overall, very pleased.

    24. Alienami on

      I think this is a good example of what I meant in my earlier post about improving the Gargoyles so they appear less monochromatic. (Though, I'd prefer red or green eyes over yellow, personally.)

    25. Rogueliker on

      That St'rm looks great! I wonder who will get them. I'm glad to see at least one Arthurian concept and I can't wait to see more of their races.

    26. Peter McKenzie (Mirelind Alb Merlin) on

      Firstly sup all!
      Secondly i think the St'rm will be part of the Arthurian as in the engine test it was vikings, TDD and St'rm. Just a guess atm.

      Thirdly like Time said i miss that old school cartoon also. The gargoyles in it looked like the fell off an ancient cathedral.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris Brenes on

      PLEASE edit the tail. It looks like a turd. Make longer/thicker or remove completely. Maybe forked tail or give it a scorpion stinger.

    28. Lecroart Jonathan on

      the concepts are so geat, I can t wait to see more !!! And I really like the Stˊrm except his feet. I really don t like pig feet for character, it make them look weird and you can t wear cool boots or anything else. I hope you will change that with maybe dragon fett with claws.

    29. Mark De La Rosa on

      Also, if the TDD realm is getting the floating head banshees... Which look awesome by the way, all I can say is that it will be very harrowing to the enemy fighting them with their heads floating around screaming at them. So great.

    30. Patrick on

      banshees fits more to nature than technologie. Awesome idd. OUUUUHHHAAAAAAAAHH , sry feels a little nostalgic :)

    31. CU inc! hib/pry on

      Awesome stuff! Loved the animation!

    32. Martin on

      I love this arts, but...what is, when you put wings under the arms.. or linked with the arms... i don't know =/ .. i think, the wings look so lost at the backside.. so the wings function as arms.. you know, a litte bit like a bat? .. i'm sry for my bad englisch ._.

    33. SMasterson on

      For God's sake, ditch the buttwings. I figured that they were concept art that would eventually fall by the wayside, but...first impressions mean a lot...and those things look silly at best. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

    34. Missing avatar

      Neil Lutsky on

      Yea those wings look very odd. I'd move them somewhere else or scrap them completely.

    35. Alexander on

      Ass wings ? You kiddinп me О_о

    36. Davide Leonardi on

      I'm so happy! The male version of the Banshee is confirmed! I was afraid to be forced to do a female character!
      Anyway I'm prefer the Headless version than the Flaming one...

    37. Dennis Wynjadal on

      I still can't help feeling those wings looks ridiculous so far down on the back :/

    38. Necromaniak on

      Awesome new character design!

      (for the dislikes)
      Be aware of the fact that all characters are fantasy creatures. Just because it looks wierd (because no1 did a design like this before) shouldn't be a reason to ditch the creature. I love the design. when creatures/characters are being drawn, 9/10 time the artist can visualize a LOT more then they are actually drawing. i can imagine a couple tricks or moves or abilities this new type of character could do. i bet the designer af the ST'RM got some neat ideas aswell.

      The only problem with this char in my eyes will be the cape :P
      its gonna be a minicape i guess

    39. buujah on

      pls! don't let unicorns die for swords! :)

      don't know what you have bout the wings - i find them awesome. the animation looks really fluently, running, jumping, walking are pretty cool. don't would change anything of that.

      the character model looks also impressiv, like the style so much - and the combination of all kinds of animals and human type is something different but fits for me perfect.

    40. buujah on

      can't edit sorry: maybe the hands could shrink a little bit. they are looking to enormous.

    41. Missing avatar

      One-Eyed Jack on

      If looked at from the point of vestigial wings left over by evolution, them moving down the back as the upper body became more prominent makes decent sense. Assuming they can't actually fly with them.

      I gotta say, though, I was more fond of the art with them folded around the hips, and would prefer that when moving casually, than sticking out.

    42. Kyle C. Rybski on

      I really don't get the sentiment that the St'rm wings look awkward. Given how the rest of their bodies are built, with very light arms and upper torsos, the placement of the wings makes sense to me.

      The more classical depiction of humanoid forms with wings at their shoulder blades makes far less sense. The lower body would hang down comically in that case without some seriously well-developed planking muscles.