Camelot Unchained

by City State Entertainment

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    1. Matthew Clark McKee on

      But of course. There isn't really anything comment of second guess about, so any comments posted will be trivial.

    2. Matthew Clark McKee on

      *to comment of second guess about.

    3. David Blackman (Lord Vakko) on

      Unfortunate this is only thing new in CU's world :'(

    4. Missing avatar

      Strone on

      i continue to have the login loop problem. i'm using firefox 21.0. i have both websites explicitly listed to allow both cookies and pop-up windows.

      if i use IE 8.0, i do not experience the login loop issue. the formatting using IE looks terrible, though. (plus, i just really don't like using IE)

    5. Stephen Lands on

      i can not find the email to get on the forums can you resend it please