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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
14,873 backers pledged $2,232,933 to help bring this project to life.

Evening Update April 30th 2013

Posted by City State Entertainment (Creator)


It's been an interesting day. From PA to KS to Amazon, it's been quite a ride. Let's have a recap of today's events: 

First, Penny Arcade Report's Ben Kuchera had some unkind things to say about some of our loyal, but slightly overzealous folks. After some apologies from me (on behalf of them) and others (including our members and I respect that), things settled down after he followed up the Twitter comments with an article about them and CU. My opinion on this hasn't changed; I respect the right of any journalist/writer to cover what they want and when they want to. It's their call. I do also respect the right of individuals/companies to ask for coverage but not to the point of going overboard. The passion and enthusiasm of our fans is admirable and heartwarming but it did apparently cross the line. For that, I again offer my apologies. I am also overwhelmed by the dedication and effort made by some fans to help get our Kickstarter additional attention and for that they do have my thanks and gratitude.  

Second, Amazon Payments' server farm that Kickstarter relies on decided to, like my MacBook yesterday, lose its mind. During one of our busiest times and best runs of this campaign, the vast majority of backers weren't able to pledge for our, or any other, game on Kickstarter. While they finally did come back online, it did set our campaign back a bit. I've been in touch with both Kickstarter and Amazon (as I suspect every other KS did) and we'll see if this leads anywhere. While we will make it, the loss of those four hours and possible additional momentum (we had a promotion with XFire kicking off at the same time) hurts a bit, especially with the KS stretch goals. 

All that being said, the day ended well as our pledge totals starting rising again. 

 Finally, it's fun time. In the video you'll see the first of our concepts and models for both an Arthurian bard-like character and well, something completely different. I hope you enjoy both!

Tomorrow will be a great day because I know that is the day that Camelot Unchained will truly begin its rise to glory. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tersky on

      Gimme big fat trolls so I can stomp on 'em nasty hairless rats called lurikeens once again...

    2. Julianne Lange on

      I'm not really a "video game magazine-ish site" reader, but after looking at everything, (and trying very hard to not be biased) When it comes to the fallout from Penny Arcade and the other magazine, I can only be reminded of the new internet style of collecting signatures for a petition: You get thousands of people to sign their names to a (usually) carbon-copy statement, print it out and give it to who you are petitioning. If the signer wants to type a personalized message, that's fine, but it's not required.

      I just don't understand the mindset these writers have . . . maybe it's never happened before? Maybe they don't like "upstart" game developers? Is it just because Kickstarter has earned a bad name? I'm not really in gaming circles, so all of these are questions that I don't know the answers to.

      But beyond all of that temporary irritation, I am really hopeful that this gets funded not only on time, but maybe early! I think if it did, you would show so many people that this kind of project is capable of being "kickstarted"! And this is the first MMO I've ever found interesting enough to want to play . . . (I am really terribly fussy over video games.)

    3. bits on

      So many human types...boring. Kobolds and trolls, kobolds and trolls, kobolds and trolls, kobolds and trolls, kobolds and trolls.

    4. Necromaniak on

      First of all, your work (Michelle) is beyond most people's imagination. You make people go nutz when they see the artwork and the creativity thats in it. I've watched your recorded livestream on the Bard twice now and im simply amazed. (altho you seem to be kinda chaotic in the process ;) switching from the weapon to a golden line in the cape all of a sudden ;P) im probable gonna watch it again.

      My request: More Livestreams from Michelle! also during developement of the game after the KS campaign would be assum!!

      Keep us amazed! You rule that digital artboard!

    5. Damjan Knezevic on

      First, I'd like to say hi to the community (since I'm a new backer) and congratulate on a great job on the game so far, City state entertainment :)

      Second. I love the bard-like character and I do love the idea of combining the weapons and instruments. As long as the appeal of the advanced gameplay, that molds the bard class, doesn't get sidelined.

      Making the class easier to play may turn it into a "no-brainer-class" which is the direct opposite of the classic bard from DAoC :). The possibility to cc, do decent amount of damage without the effort of actually having to switch to a different / secondary weapon set might feel unstimulating for certain players.

      Playing it as a hybrid is harder, more fun and thats how we get better gamers ;).

      Awesome work, keep it up!

    6. Martin on

      AWESOME!! I'm so happy about these pictures, you all make a perfect Job (:

    7. Missing avatar

      James Budge on

      Flaming bagpipe bard? I'm not going to play anything else!

    8. Benjamin Johnsen on

      Ive never once visited penny arcade anything, so I feel they are a dirt level web or whatever company... anyways we should have hit up g4 tv for I believe they would have loved to do a story on us...

    9. Alienami on

      [Updated] Meme is now on a meme maker. Have some fun, use it for good and fun.

    10. Alienami on

      Meme Mark Jacobs (for the good of CU, just for fun)

      "..GOA?? ....."

    11. Missing avatar

      Ihana on

      I've upped my pledge 50%.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kim Rasmussen on

      What is the deal with Penny Arcade? Did someone spam their site or what happened?

      OOOH 24 Hours to go ang 166K still missing. This is gonna be close. Hoping for a grand finale Tour de France sprint!

    13. Missing avatar

      Marc Calamaio on

      I have not read through all the comments here and maybe I'm Captain Obvious but it seems to me that the "spam" would have stopped if they covered the story. With that said, I appreciate that Ben K. and PA at least came out and told us why they were ignoring this story. With THAT said, I feel like I helped them make their adolescent point by reading their little QQ fest. I wish I could have the "hit" removed from their numbers.

    14. Bill Turner on

      Great art style, very angular and spiky.

    15. Rosenkreutz on

      Impressive visuals and concept, mixing innovation with old school feelings.

    16. Missing avatar

      Valandur on

      Hey Michelle, can you do a livestream on Thieves pretty please, with sharpened throwing stars on top! :P

    17. Missing avatar

      Valandur on

      It's early, still fuzzy brained i grabbed some coffee and,not wanting to get into anything in dept yet, stqrted going through the comments here. I popped PA's site in another window and went through what's his names rant article. Began reading the comments on that article when I came across the following link- it's a tale about our buddy Ben starting a smear campaign against a Forbes gaming writer for no real reason. Seems Ben gets his jolly's from getting irate and attacking people for perceived wrongs. Sad but true. That's where I'll leave mention of bombastic Ben. It's getting down to the wire and I want to check out the cool updates from the Devs and see how much past 2meg we get! :D

    18. Andrew Vallejo on

      The PA Report is probably one of the worst places on the internet. Sub-Kotaku level. Ben Kuchera is a human being with a degree of unwarranted self importance so huge it's practically seismic. Not to mention he behaves like one of the tumblr psychopaths. Probably hates the game because he doesn't think there'll be a button to check your privilege.

    19. JohnWayne on

      Rick, you know game politics.... just as well as you know me. Taking a week off work so we can power it up again at your place when this comes out. '=]

    20. Rick Shinsec on

      I don't mean to beat a dead horse MJ, but I think it's ABSOLUTELY ludicrous that you had to apologize to someone while they blatantly ignored their job function. His self described job title is to cover gaming, and he failed to do that.

      Onto the art and the game. Holy crap, I'm so excited that Kickstarter is giving CSE the chance to make a game like this. A game that you want to make, and in fact is the game we want you to make, without financial backing from a mother company saying, "that'll take too long, do this instead." Your group is doing an amazing job cranking out content for essentially a project pitch. You're spending time and resources designing something that in reality may never be. Thankfully, it looks like that will not be the case, and it's likely due to all of the time and effort you've put into the spectre of Camelot Unchained. A spectre that will hopefully within 24 hours begin to officially take solid form.

    21. Seán O'Amergin (Gawaine) on

      All of the races have the same runway model body and high cheekbones,lets get some grit here.I hope there is some diversity in body type and facial features beyond some horns and a tail.I know its early on,but I would feel bad hurting these fine featured creatures, they look so fragile.

    22. Benjamin Johnsen on

      Instruments as melee weapons are pointless, support classes will never go with an assist train, and get in close to the other group, and give greater risk of being killed. Low HP, Low armor, and weak damage will make the instrument weapons pointless.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jiiub Rorgash on

      710 comments to go before EPIC numbers :D and we are getting closer to the money goal every hour :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Alexander B on

      I hope they add a race like the Lurikeen.. <3

    25. Oshunsar on

      Great art - maybe not random enough on the races, but I'm esp. fond of the idea of the instruments as weapons (as we all know, a beginner on a violin or a bagpipe CAN be a killer).
      Races should fit the story the twist of the veil etc.
      What do you have in Northern Saga? Giants, Dwarfs, Kobolds. In Ireland? Banshees, leprechauns and fairies, in Arturian Brtain it wherent that much: fae, nereides..
      Making the St'rm up from that: great work. I like them

    26. Missing avatar

      Stricker31 on

      For me it is the best artwork that we have seen until now. All under the banniére Arthur and gogogogo pledge!

    27. Hersaint on

      Great ideas love the bard bagpipes! I am confused on the Arthurian elf like features. If these are gargoyle-like then do it. Drop the elf like features in the faces and go all out gargoyle - more "heavy" stone like defensive features. Thanks for update and let those who fear change forever wallow in their shallow monotony.

    28. Randall B. on

      If the tails were not there, I would say that they look like elves. Make their faces a little more devilish looking like real gargoyle artwork. Not all the races have to be pretty. :p

    29. Vincent Plouy on

      Respecting journalism is a thing; but Ben Kuchera isn't even one (spamin isn't a solution thought).

    30. James Brainerd on

      Great concepts! my only concern is to start seeing alot of tails and pointy ears... need to change things up a bit make some unique races for aurthurian/vikings. It seeming like every realm is going to end up having a pointy eared/tail race. The weapon instruments are a nice touch only cause now that stops the particular class from having to switch between weapon/instrument just to fight if they have to. Can we animate the bard walking with the bagpipe spewing fire everywhere that would be awsome :D

    31. Tyler Gallant on

      Oh, plus, you know, arbitrarily banning people from the comments on his own article. Kuchera is all class.

    32. Tyler Gallant on

      With all due respect to Kuchera for what he's done for PA and PAX and all that, I can't stand the PA Report. I wasn't even aware of all this drama until this morning but I've been turned off his commentary based on his past articles and behaviour.

      Having read his qq about the "spam", I couldn't help but laugh. On the one hand, I get his point to some extent -- on the other hand, as someone far more erudite than I would be at this point in the morning said in the comments, he received the functional 2013 equivalent of a letter-writing campaign and threw a tantrum because he got a lot of mail about a subject people are interested in.

      The only thing he's ever done that I've liked is capture the audio from David Jaffe dropping the iron fist on a Kotaku writer.

    33. xavier muylaert on

      nice concept art, but like the st'rm with their wings on their arse, i'm not that fond of these tails. seems i'm not comfortable with things that look more inhuman than the TDD for player races.
      St'rm and 'gargoyles' look like stuff i want to kill, not to have on my side. none of the player races in DAoC or Warhammer (even including the greenskins) made me feel so uncomfortable with, probably due being 'used to' them and familiarity with them from other things than just the game lore.
      wondering about the number of classes now. after the trinity of tank, mage, healer, we have also valewalkers and valestalkers, and now a musician class for a total of 6 before the stretch goal of the archer at 7 ?

    34. Peter McKenzie (Mirelind Alb Merlin) on

      @Alienami Your here also :P Let me just say how impressed i am with the idea that Gargoyles will be on the Arthurian side. I will be one for sure at some point in time.

      On a side note i think that they need to be a bit more stocky? You know more stout and well muscular. To give them the heavy kind of feel something made from perhaps stone would be like! Just an idea for Michelle and the other animators/artists.

      I love it but and i only say this in a constructive way make em stocky please! Find that medium.

    35. Alienami on

      If you have any questions, check the FAQ or ask in the main comment section here (join in and talk with us either way!): .

    36. Seth Koukol on

      Penny Arcade begs for community money, then, ignores them, slaps them. Applies for EA lap dog 2013 Award.

      Really? How Camelot Unchained fans made sure press wouldn't touch the game? Or how press like Penny Arcade is in EA's Pocket Book and won't touch the game?

    37. SoMuchMass on

      Please stream on Twitch!

    38. Missing avatar

      Jiiub Rorgash on

      adding to that, please look at adding Evil into the game, i want to play evil :P so necromancers, warlocks, i love these type of classes, also some more evil looking deformed races :D

    39. Missing avatar

      Jiiub Rorgash on

      seeing the gains per hour now, hope we get the 4 hours back just in case :P

      im mostly sure i wont play this class, nothing against the class tho. but still im very interested at the classes you are adding or rather the style of them, rather then having a standard staff mage or in this case some wielding mage to be support you go with a bard, i personally think the standard classes are abit boring so good work and lets push into that last 2m, and its going good :D

    40. Missing avatar

      GassMann on

      Love the concept art.
      I would imagen though, that the spiked lut/guitar will be a nightmare to play, without teenage cut youself.

    41. Missing avatar

      Valandur on

      Heh guess that Kuchera dude just got on the Internet cause I figured everyone would know that the MMO crowd was, is and prolly will always be outspoken and passionate about the games they believe in. He'll find his way back to the "safety" of Web2 eventually.

    42. Fedaip on

      The human artwork is great nur I don't like the Gargoyle! And as an old Hibernian I have big problems with an Arthurian class called Bard and an Arthurian race that has elven-like ears and that looks very elven-like. Elves clearly should belong to TDD!!!

    43. Turk

      hmm Bards were horrible in EQ and a speed bot in DAOC. I should know i played both . I really hope they actually are done correctly this time around

    44. Takauri (Radiant Knights) on

      Love that we get bards and loving the Gargoyle dudes

      Less than $200k to go!

    45. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Pestilli on

      I find the flaming bagpipes and the bladed mandolin way too kitsch for my taste... are you sure you wanna do this?

    46. Missing avatar

      Johan Foged Schultz on

      Jusva Merlin Bard skald minstral ?

    47. Gourandar on

      bard ^_^ great idea ^_^
      I love all the ideas of the current game on paper!
      Good luck to all performed
      Strongly in 2014 for alpha ^_^

    48. Troy Ostgaard on

      please god, just no 2400 range aoe insta spd breaking ability! imo THE MOST OP ability in daoc, gives you no chance of escape/ picking which figuts you engage in, mid ad alb dont have this, and the bards grp never looses there speed, 1 button doom when you know you stand no chance = horrible balancing issue!