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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
14,873 backers pledged $2,232,933 to help bring this project to life.

The Mark-A-Thon is over!

Posted by City State Entertainment (Creator)


   Wow, what a day. Thanks to your generous support we had another great day and thanks to your questions, my mailbox is overflowing! :) You sent in over 700 emails to me today.

   Tomorrow I'll go through some of them and also do another update. We won't be doing another Mark-A-Thon though, at least not tomorrow. 

   I consolidated the last two updates into one and with it, I'm bidding all of you a good night.

   As always, thank you very much for your kindness, support and donations. The fact that so many strangers can come together and in a short time and build a community is truly special. Thank you for that as well.


P.S. I'm glad you folks liked the BSC soul idea, so did I. This certainly will not be the last BSC idea I put forward for our game.

Here's Part 10 

Here's the final part


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    1. Missing avatar

      Philip Miles on

      Hi All
      Im a little confused with the usage of the Founders Points.
      If you buy say a forge, is that for every toon, 1 toon that bought it, per server, per realm or something else?

    2. James on

      MJ and crew: Last thing I would do before shutting off the computer for the last couple of weeks was watching updates. I have no doubt that you are burning the midnight oil. Between now and May 3rd, please, sleep when you can, dance the rumba at least every four hours and, for god's sake, eat something green every now and then. Night ducks.

    3. Jeremy F. on

      I tell you, if I had the money or won the lottery, I would fund this project in a heart beat. Unfortunately, despite my plethora of computer skills, I am still stuck programming in C# for SharePoint for the "man". But I digress, the updates for this Kickstarter have made me love Camelot Unchained more and more. It has been a LONG time since I have looked forward to any game with PvP at its core. The last time I truly enjoyed an MMO was DAoC and "when my other car was made of meat".

      Anyway, thanks to everyone at CSE! I hope to see a surge of new life in the stale MMO genre with Camelot Unchained!

    4. Syndar (Alb/Lancelot) CU on

      I guess MJ and team have been either busy or their bodies have crashed on them from lack of sleep. Was hoping for some kind of an update but I am sure MJ will have at least one more up before Thursday. Nice numbers tho since yesterday.

    5. Tom M. on

      to Stephan W. There is housing here as there is in DAoC so if you want to give another toon something put it in a house vault. if you need plat on DAoC sell some stuff on your house merchant then you can /settle 10000000 for 1 plat or any amount you have on your merchant

    6. Oshunsar on

      Short and plain:
      Whats maybe a problem (or some) with this camapign: I have an nearly empty Homepage to CU, no forum, broken links, I have videos here, text there, livestreams, facebook, etc ... There is NO one place where all fits together as a campaign. I find it if i'm already a fan, but to drag not so ones in here should be made easier!
      And Marc is great, his head full of ideas but: go write scripts and talk about them loud and clear. Again, I worship youre games and ideas but PR is a different thing.
      And the different tiers - omg.
      Said that, i raised the backing... do it too!

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephan Wheeler on

      OK here's the big question... more than one toon per account? I'm assuming so but will you be able to communicate between your toons. (i.e. you have a crafter and he is able to send items to your veilwalker... etc)? Would like to know that one because it was one of the runs in DAoC where you couldnt directly communicate with your other toons on the same acct.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul V. Rotondi on

      I'm doing some math here...if each of the existing backers purchased an additional $50 in Founder's Points, we would have more than enough to get this project funded, and will probably have enough to meet the "Archers at Launch" Stretch goal Mark talked about in the post "Mark-A-Thon" at 2.1 Million.

      We could always find a use for another 70 Founder's points, right?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kim Rasmussen on

      Youtube updated (or more of a recap of all the vids here on Kickstarter):…

    10. Bill Turner on

      Maybe they'll get a surge in the last few days, or maybe Mark can call that "rich uncle" he was talking about last week.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kim Rasmussen on

      doubled mine as well a few days ago, but I must say this isn't looking good. Only 2 days (and a few hours to go) and no update yesterday.

    12. Benjamin Johnsen on

      if running into dense areas, the leader or driver could clump all on him before entering. Just think that a formation would further enhance the feeling of a warrior. Loved running in a group in DAoC. I would hope that with new advancement with technology and that technique we could figure a way to avoid getting stuck on trees in the formation.

    13. Benjamin Johnsen on

      looking for an answer to /stick and /assist. I thought it would be neat that instead of the group clumping up on the driver, for the group leader to be able to select different formations to run in. depending on what slot you are in the group, that's where your spot in the formation will be. A melee formation would have your melee all up front and close spaced together, with your healers spaced out in the back... Just a thought!

    14. Missing avatar

      Igor Boyko on

      I just doubled my pledge. I want to play this game. So the same if you want to play it too.

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul V. Rotondi on

      WOOT! 10K Backers! Congrats, CSE! Now let's get the rest of that 400K in the hopper, backers!! It's up to us to get the job done!

    16. TommyM on

      The chat is from when she was doing the drawing on livestream earlier today, the links below are recordings of the livestreams.

    17. Missing avatar

      Valandur on

      Huh, watching the video of the bard drawing, there's a chatroom window open on the screen. Is that a secret chat or does anyone know which server it's running on?

    18. TommyM on

      In case you haven't seen these, here are some awesome videos from Mark and the team

      1- A livestream video of Mark and Team opening up some gifts from a bunch of generous backers as well as answering many questions left over from the Mark A Thon emails on Saturday.…

      2- The AMAZING Michelle whipping up some Arthurian concept art for the Hybrid Bard class…

    19. Missing avatar

      Thomas A Hutto on

      I'm in for 110.00 double my initial.

    20. Syndar (Alb/Lancelot) CU on

      Inching closer to that 10K mark and the 2M mark. After watching the Mark-A-Thon again I upgraded my pledge. I know this community can reach this goal, eagerly awaiting the live feed of the celebration at CSE HQ. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Paul V. Rotondi on

      (Oh...15,000 Backers + higher avg pledge = DEPTHS)

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul V. Rotondi on

      Good evening all,

      It's not the number of backers we need to go up drastically, It's the Pledge average that needs to come up so we can make sure this gets funded. If everyone can dig deeper and buy some more Founders points or bump their pledge up by $50, we can get this thing both Funded AND make the first stretch goal...but we're not going to see ANY of this it if we don't hit the big 2.0 Million mark first...I'm offering up ideas...but when it's all said and done, it's going to be up to us to see this thing through. This is the best gaming community out there, and I know we can get it done together.

      (In case you're wondering, I'm in for "The Whole Schmear" and "Physical Phat Lewt" (The PPL is a gift for my son for his Birthday). I believe in this project so much I didn't just double my initial pledge(Warrior Forever, $250), but I TRIPLED it. I've done my part...time for everyone else to step up and do theirs...)

    23. xavier muylaert on

      @ Steve Evans
      maybe the 'soul' will not be a single undivideble thing that one can own but an unquantifiable thing. maybe 100's of players can have multiple pieces of your soul. i do agree with the soul parts maybe being some sort of currency or crafting ingredient.

    24. Barn Bocock on

      9,925, come on 10K backers!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Steve Evans on

      I think that if you can take souls from someone then the souls that you have taken should go back to their owners when you die, or after a set period of time; otherwise souls would quickly outnumber players and become too much power for those that play well, and if you lose your soul to someone who quits, then you'll never get it back. On the other hand, perhaps souls would end up being like a type of currency for RVR characters, and you could have people who specifically buy and sell souls, perhaps to crafters for weapons that are soul powered (and the soul returns when the weapon is destroyed), perhaps as a business to get people their souls back.

    26. Missing avatar

      scott veesaert on

      Mark, I havent had a chance to look at all the comments but I had a question..since there are blueprints for buildings..what about blueprints for armor or weapons..example say a lvl 30 char wanted a lvl 30 weapon..go to the crafter and say these are the materials I need to make the weapon. lets say the Character wanted more of a certain ability.. you need (x) amount of this material to give your weapon more DPS/damage depending on class..or need (x) amount of materials to give the weapon caster speed/ or attack speed, again depending on the class. and you could go even farther and say some of the more rare materials will give your weapon a different color particle effects..such as blue or red I was a RR10 cabalist and I needed the casting speed..and I loved my class specific weapon...just a thought.. I love all the ideas so far. and if you have touched on the idea already..I would love to hear what you think


    27. DonnieT on

      there will be pve for mats that the crafters can use. So you will always have the basic activity of pve to have some fun messing around with

    28. Missing avatar

      Aeralwind on

      I'm affraid when i hear that they will not be PVE leveling and looting and stuff ...
      Do you mean there will not be quests and killings monsters at least to learn how to use your character's skills and stuff ?

      Even if we don't really want a PVE game, we need it at least a bit ... :/

      I want to explore the world and slay monsters as much as I want to do a lot of RVR and battles and group fights and duels and stuff ... I hope i'm not the only one !


    29. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Who ever raised the duck at 2:20 I would like to note that, even with the great information by Mark, you were the best part in the video for me. You deserve a bonus, crown, Mark's office for a month.

    30. Tom M. on

      Mark, Will there be the 3 or 4 differant stuns along with 3 or 4 differant mezz that are able to be cast when you either purge which doesn't do anything because you get stunned or mezzed right the purge or after the stun wears off, that just keeps one from doing much more than watch yourself die?
      I am sure it is fun to those who have the 3 stuns or the long mezz in DAoC to just cast them and kill without much fear that you will resist it or be able to defend yourself.

    31. Jason (OldSkoo) on

      Thanks for the Mark-a-thon MJ and CSE! Was a lot of fun

    32. Carty (Sacred Silver Blades) on

      Enjoyed the Mark-a-thon last night a lot. It is interesting to watch you walk the fine line -- to be open and willing to discuss your ideas, but avoiding making a game by committee. We've seen what happens to hyper-responsive developers and it isn't pretty.

      And I'd still like to hear your ideas for the "vendor mechanic" -- is it the personal NPC approach of UO and SWG? SWG had a neat idea with the quality and look of your vendor increasing with skill. Do you have another approach?

    33. Missing avatar

      Petr Smejc on

      kilian: because in some countries it is not usual to have credit card usable for backing

    34. Missing avatar

      Fruz on

      Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but why would European guys not be able to back the project ?

    35. Missing avatar

      Christopher Long on

      I'm sad that I missed out on the Q&A, but one of the updates brought up something I'd love to know. Do you have any ideas for preventing griefing as far as structures? For example, if you have a small team about to take over a structure to control or harvest, what will stop a couple griefers from coming up and destroying some or all of it? And on that topic, will players be prevented from having characters in different realms on one server?

    36. Michael Wyant on

      Blueprints = updateable, check... thanks for answering Mark!
      The Mark-a-thon was great, was a fun platform to follow, and we got a ton of answers to our questions!

    37. Alienami on

      Oh I see. Yeah, dunno, could be cool. I am interested in seeing how MJ plans to let us earn money with combat classes.

    38. Missing avatar

      Petr Smejc on

      maxx: if that was on me, i was not talking about gear, it was continuation of previous post about how the RvRs can earn money.

    39. Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on

      All items must be made by Crafters. This is the basis on which CU Hinges.

      I am vehemently against the concept of a NPC that gives gear for doing well in RvR.

    40. Missing avatar

      Salty mcguigan on

      Little disappointed no pet classes on launch but I love your reasons make sense. I would like to thank you for replying to that question. Is there the opportunity for a totally solo killer..............oh MJ I hope so.

    41. Missing avatar

      Petr Smejc on

      alienami: i didnt ment coin rewards on the bodies - more like "autobounties" - you have some npc (General of your side) in your home town, who would reward you for your successes on battlefield.

    42. Austin France on

      Crafters could make armour that includes special abilities, so a magic shield perhaps (like procs in DAoC but not necessarily auto-activated but a skill icon you can activate).

    43. Alienami on

      I think they plan on a player driven economy where people harvest materials and sell them to crafters.
      I am not sure on your other question. I am not sure if there will be coin rewards on dead bodies, but maybe. Earning money for non-crafters has not been talked about much yet, but I believe MJ said he will soon.

    44. Austin France on

      players can make some money from selling the soul peices they collect

    45. Missing avatar

      Petr Smejc on

      ad money earning: how about RvRs getting rewards from their main town npc for enemy kills? also RvRs should be able to harvest and sell/give mats to crafters.

    46. Alienami on

      Yeah, no problem at all. Even for Internal Testing if time conflicts occur, as long as you can test some and post on the forums after.

    47. Missing avatar

      Kim Rasmussen on

      @Russell; I am not sure there is a problem. I just wanted to be sure in regards to the rewards i can participate in alpha tests and so on. I mean like not beeing able to log on the US servers for alpha test from an EU IP adress. Stuff like that. If there is no problem - then cool :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Russell Gibbs on

      Not sure I get the European 'problem', I'm in the UK and have backed this using my credit card , it's like any other purchase.

    49. Etienne Ramstein on

      @Kim: no problem at all (I'm european as well).