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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
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    1. Lance Shannon on

      That Soul system sounds VERY interesting ! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Paquette on

      Oh man he said dwarf! I havn't played a dwarf in a few years and they are my favorite race by far. Not many if any games of recent have a dwarf race unfortunately. Just love playing a small dwarf built and geared like a BSC brickhouse.

      Souls sound sweet. Imagination can run wild with ideas to branch out from that.

    3. Brent T Mabe on

      Everyone has to except change or get left behind, their will never be a perfect game. It's A GAME!! This isn't going to be DAOC, WoW..etc. This is going to be Camelot Unchained. I think it's the step in the future for gaming. If you want DAOC, play DAOC!! I'm excited about it and look forward to making this my next game of relaxing and future play. I'll still play DAOC from time to time.

    4. Josef on

      I don't like the idea of losing a part of my soul and then not being able to get it back if they stop logging on or they turn it into an item.

      The soul mechanic would add a large dose of pride, shame, and rivalry into the game and making it possible for a soul to be irretrievable (by turning it into a weapon or them quitting) throws the whole thing off.

    5. Benjamin Johnsen on

      if running into dense areas, the leader or driver could clump all on him before entering. Just think that a formation would further enhance the feeling of a warrior. Loved running in a group in DAoC. I would hope that with new advancement with technology and that technique we could figure a way to avoid getting stuck on trees in the formation.

    6. Benjamin Johnsen on

      looking for an answer to /stick and /assist. I thought it would be neat that instead of the group clumping up on the driver, for the group leader to be able to select different formations to run in. depending on what slot you are in the group, that's where your spot in the formation will be. A melee formation would have your melee all up front and close spaced together, with your healers spaced out in the back... Just a thought!

    7. Oshunsar on

      "10 gold? for that i dont go for a soul others give 1000..." hmm that idea must be considered good and deep. a private bounty board? ever a good idea :)

    8. Oshunsar on

      pest infested cows to throw - yeah :)!

    9. Sax on

      There should be a Smackhammer battleground. ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Mikituk on

      absolutely amazing BSC idea MJ, great great potential for fun rivalries

    11. Jason (OldSkoo) on

      Thanks for answering my question MJ. Interesting take on the bounty system, I like it.

    12. xavier muylaert on

      reason to playing an outnumbered realm ? more arpeees, more bounty points, err i mean souls to collect ;) Some recent game(s) with their wxp (aRPees) promote forming the biggest possible blob because each individual in the blob gets more world xp that way than when they would run in a smaller blob or run as only a fg or even solo.

      a system where not everyone who tags an enemy gets full wxp (promoting blobbing), but where the wxp that a player is worth is DIVIDED between all the people who 'tagged' the player (the fewer people who tag, the more wxp for everyone who tagged) strongly promotes solo play and small scale grouping. getting the same amount of wxp for 1 solo kill as you would get in a 100 man blob not for killing 1 enemy but for killing 100 enemies or in an 8 man group for killing 8 enemies, yes pls !

      Molti nemici. Molto onore ! Many enemies, (bring) Much honor.

    13. Diaboliqx on

      I LOVE this BSC idea!
      What if when we die, we have a chance to just drop stuff from our inventory - not gear but crafting material? There's few things that make you feel like when you know you have something valuable in your inventory and might lose it.

    14. Martin on

      Yeah this Soul Idea listen so good, so you have sometimes action duels.. without "hey man, do you want an duel?" =D Only FIGHT, FIGHT !! =D

    15. Goregoth on

      Interesting idea. I'm a little concerned about it though in that it might fragment RvR too much. With everyone dying here and there, that would create a ton of 'revenge' killing and might separate large war parties into small 'daoc 8 man specialty groups'. I would almost change it to more of the crafting and trophy system. Maybe you get there weapon, which is made out of a material that is not available to your realm, but can be deconstructed and used to create a better weapon for you, or add effects to your weapon or items. And it does not need to be just a weapon, it could be any item they are wearing or using. Or for take their head and place it on a spike in front of your house! The other route, maybe that sword or item is really a center piece for your house or guild hall. I just see too many potential problems/exploiting with the soul idea.

    16. Austin France on

      Warning: BSC content inc

      maybe you tie the soul peices in to the banes and boons system in some way

      Taking soul from someone should be like the con loss system (but not con loss) in daoc where you had to visit a healer to have it repaired, only here you need to get a bounty to have it retrieved or perhaps pay a sum to a healer to have it fixed

      What if I am really bad at RvR and I keep getting killed and loosing soul peices? Will I end up with no soul at all, and what will that do to me? Make me week and unable to participate any more? At which point I would have to go visit that healer.

      Perhaps loosing all your soul works like a buff and makes you invincible or enraged until you can get some back.

      Maybe killing of players transfers some soul from one to the other and visa versa, its like a pool mechanic that you can use for stuff

      Maybe you can sell some of it (in a jar) to crafters for them to use to improve their weapons or buildings.

      Use some of it to boost your abilities (sort of like a mana pool, but for special extra umph)

      Maybe its all of the above!

    17. Missing avatar

      Salty mcguigan on

      I like the idea that as a player you can become a predator. In daoc I played afternoon tea, the first infiltrator to reach realm rank ten in the world when realm rank ten was the cap. The notoriety which that gave me was great people would hunt me just to see if they could beat me. Now if they had the bounty I could have been hunted even more. The idea that I can hunt specific people and be rewarded for it make solo assassins like me over the moon. Keep up the good work MJ and all your team.

    18. Drew Brokenshire on

      Maybe only certain abilities can steal your soul on a killing blow. Certain combo styles (not openers) or spells (some kind of chain to make it like a combo so you can't cherry pick kills/souls) That way you have to have a little luck, skill, and timing to snatch their soul.

    19. Etienne Ramstein on

      @Ixnatifual + 1
      Could be something like in Skyrim, abilities or special weapons with long cooldown that you can activate to capture the soul of your next victim.

      As for the incentive to play on a less populated realm: you get more ennemies to kill! Seriously. As long as the map is big and open enough to roam and avoid the zergs, it can be super fun to be on the "commando realm".

    20. Ceph on

      soul stealing is an awesome idea also to be able to get it back is even better :)

    21. Max on

      A wild Scott appears !

    22. Missing avatar

      Ixnatifual on

      Soul snatching, if it makes it in, needs to be really limited. Otherwise everyone will quickly have their inventories overflowing with the souls of myriads of different people, since this is an RvR game after all.

    23. Justin Castaneda on

      Love the idea of a bounty on people. People with several soul pieces would be notorious, and everyone would want to kill them anyways. This was a reality on Dark Age anyways. I remember the notoriety of a character named Grievance on the Merlin server when Darkness Falls first came out. People were afraid because they were getting killed by this phenomenal SB.

      Great stuff. I would also like to see a variety of uses for souls - making them an interesting currency. For instance, maybe you can trade them for other items, or units of value, such as realm points, building materials, special ammunition for siege, etc etc.

    24. Maggiras on

      giant flaming DUCKS !!!

    25. Ludguallon on

      the Soul Collection system sounds bad ASS!!! :D <3 this idea!!

    26. jeff on

      Soul bounty sounds fun. Not only for the reasons stated, but also because it will give the zerglings an incentive to pick their OWN target and lose the "target assist" crutch that carries them across the map. My engie rifle was crafted from the souls of dead witch elves haha! Go Scott! Very commendable that Mark gives credit where credit it due.

    27. Alienami on

      Awesome! I definitely would *love* to be able to try and make a living as a Bounty Hunter in the game. Its something I always dream of that so many games totally fail at. Would be awesome to make a name as a BH in a game and be known across the realms. (Thats my dream anyway.. lol)

      I also think using souls to create cool looking armors and weapons, trophies, effects for weapons and armor, bonuses to siege equipment against that realm and maybe weapons, bonus defense against that realm with your structures or armors. Maybe even a soul collector NPC that gives special buffs in exchange for souls, perhaps something like extra immunity against The Veil for VeilWalkers.

    28. Peter McKenzie (Mirelind Alb Merlin) on

      I like that the bounty idea is forming nemesis/rivalries more than anything! Stick with it! Great idea Scott thanks for helping it into a concept stage!

    29. Telyn on

      I like the soul idea. I like the idea of getting your own piece of soul back and maybe combining it with souls from the other realms to make something really special. I also like that MJ encourages his team to propose ideas and recognizes them for good ones.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ken Moreau on

      I like the idear! see what I did there?

    31. Erik "Xaices" Krager on

      Not sold on soul reaping and bounties as presented. In an open world with an enormous amount of players it would be ridiculous to try to hunt down a specific opposing player. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Time/Effort vs Reward? Why would any player go out of their way to try to find one specific opposing player?

      Now if it was just luck based where you happen to kill an opposing player with a bounty on him ... whats the driver to put a bounty up. Is it going to be a time sink to die then have to find the bounty NPC to place a bounty? Why would I want that? I die, now in order to get a piece of me back I have to spend time running to a bounty NPC which costs me time not doing something engaging and fun.

      Rather just have a simple separate currency system our special ability pool system. As to where when you kill an opposing player you get a bonus. Whether that is currency for purchasable items or purchasable mats for crafting, or replenishes a special ability pool.

      Also something like this could be implemented as to where you do not have to physically walk over and /loot the dead enemy. Rather the etherreal essence travels to the player that landed the killing blow or its proportioned out to all attacking players based on dmg recieved/dmg taken. Either way it travels to the player, rather than the player having to loot it. This also keeps people more involved in combat and not running around and looting bodies.

      Just some thought.

    32. Missing avatar

      Snido on

      I like the idea of crafting with the souls a lot!

    33. Mel A on

      I want my soul back! That's friggin' awesome, LoL. Nice BSC idea, Scott. I hope it works. Wait... is that my ex-wife shining up there in that group? Holy crap!

    34. Joshua Benray on

      Soul Keepers!! Epic idea! maybe once you get enough soul points, you can make a mini pet out of it that would slowly fade away reminding you to get out there and get killing. Or maybe a guard animal of sorts that survives on just souls for your(or your guild's) keep or something...

      Side note: I'm going with the notion that souls are nothing more than a mystical manifestation of yourself that can be replenished through time via a weird cleansing ritual of sorts, maybe more slaughter of your racial enemy or meditation through crafting, etc.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Lipps on

      I just wanted to say I know we're a demanding bunch, but we do really appreciate what you do for us Mark! We're so demanding because we love our games, and we love the genre. I've played MMORPGs for over half my life, and they've been a huge part of my life. They're what I know. I've had your trust since DAoC. I personally appreciate your authenticity, you openness in this process, and how genuine you are. You have always cared about us, the gamers, and pushing the genre in a good direction, not just making money off another WoW clone. Even if this doesn't fund on kickstarter, I will still definitely support this game in another kickstarter campaign, through paypal or any way I can. I'll support and spread this game until it gets made. But, if for some reason it doesn't I'll always back you in whatever you do! I know it's nice to know your appreciated. Now back to complaining so you have feedback to make a great game!

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Rheault on

      As someone who wishes to work in the gaming industry one day, this is the kind of boss I want. Love the addition to bounties being even more personal in this, I hope you guys come up with something a lot better then just making them glow though. the glow sounds kinda stupid, I know you guys can come up with better rewards for souls then that.

    37. Jason Carda on

      Perhaps X amount of souls of a rival realm (one time imbued) into a siege weapon have more effectiveness to target(s) of "donor" realm ?

    38. Jace Carlson on

      [David Blackman (Lord Vakko) wrote:
      player generated bounty system will never work beyond QQ's]

      It can, if the bounty can only be generated immediately after the kill -- not repeatedly or at any arbitrary time in the future. In fact, a bounty could be auto-generated when a kill occurs, and the player who died would then have an option to leave it as a default bounty, or add to it with money from his own pocket.

    39. Jace Carlson on

      [James Bouchard wrote: I love the soul "revenge" idea. VERY cool. Someone mentioned support or ranged classes missing out on getting them and I agree that is raises concerns.]

      Just have anyone who touches a player in combat (with any skill or attack, including healing) to able to get the random drop of the soul piece. Anyone who contributes to the kill gets a random chance to gain the piece, not just those close enough to loot...

    40. Amy (Ayachi) on

      HI SCOTT!! :) Cool idea on the soul looting, would certainly make things more interesting.

    41. Forgotten Heathen/Mid Ector on

      I meant to also post that I loved the low level demon dungeons in Daoc where you could get straight into PvP and level while fighting other players. I believe they can certainly play a part in this game.

    42. David Blackman (Lord Vakko) on

      player generated bounty system will never work beyond QQ's

    43. Marvin Biggs on

      Soul stealing sounds sweet Scott! Truely an awesome idea. I love it. We need more fresh ideas like this.

    44. SoMuchMass on

      It is dark at the office now and Mark looks tired. Thanks for these.

    45. Missing avatar

      James B on

      I love the soul "revenge" idea. VERY cool. Someone mentioned support or ranged classes missing out on getting them and I agree that is raises concerns.

    46. RedCapp on

      The only question really is what actually happens to you as a result of losing a piece of your soul.

    47. Curtis Miller (Gylnne) on

      Now that is a bsc idea but I like it!

    48. JC G. on

      The incentives you got on DAoC, was normally +% to exp to get ppl to roll on that realm. I'm sure there were more, but its been a awhile since i've played DAoC...

    49. Jace Carlson on

      Crafter to RvR buddy: "Hey, I need 47 TDD souls to craft your next piece of armor. Go on, get killing!"