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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
14,873 backers pledged $2,232,933 to help bring this project to life.

Afternoon Update April 24, 2013

Posted by City State Entertainment (Creator)


Today will be a “two for one” day in terms of updates; so lots of information and tech will flow. In the usual housekeeping stuff, thanks for the additional packages that you kind folks have been sending to us. We’ve been way too busy to open them on camera but I may do a fun live stream opening and Q&A session this week. If not, I expect to open all of them around Friday/Saturday.

Building Demo

The first update is a working prototype of Camelot Unchained’s Building System and an introduction to Tim Mills, one of our programmers here at CSE. Over the last couple of days he has put together a quick demo of how the building system could work in our game. The cells in the demo are not “finished” and were created very quickly by live stream artist extraordinaire, Michelle. Together, they built a very simple system from scratch in the last two days. Again, please keep that in mind when looking at the demo, only two days of work on it from them! Frankly, Michelle could only spare a little time out of those two days because we’ve been keeping her so busy on new concept art. As to Tim, well, he just coded like a man possessed and out came both a prototype and a CU building session.

As Tim mentions in the demo, please let us know how much interest there is in our building a separate app/game for our backers. BTW, Michelle has also added a fun piece of concept art with the duck-bacon fountain that people were asking about in her live stream here.

The Lore of Camelot Unchained

In the second update I will reveal the main backstory behind Camelot Unchained. I’ll talk about the Piercing of the Veil, the coming of the Veilstorms, the three realms and what drives them ever-forward, the meaning of the anvil and the three swords, etc. While I expect it will generate a lot of new questions, it will also answer many of the existing ones that  people having been asking about Camelot Unchained. We’ll also have some cool early concept art to accompany the video as well. The next update from me will be tomorrow and it will be the BSC idea for stealth.

Shout out time!

This time it is to those talented folks at Larian Studios in Belgium! Their latest title, Divinity: Original Sin is going to be another great Kickstarter success story and we’re proud to have backed them weeks ago! I see today that they have backed us as well! Thanks Larian Studios and best of luck with the last 48 hours of their Kickstarter campaign. We’re looking forward to another kick-butt Divinity title!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Winston Hernandez on

      For a prototype this looks awesome so far, keep up the good work.

    2. Joshua Benray on

      I would love a standalone app. Being able to design my houses during those long nights at work will almost make it worth dragging myself on this subway ride. I personally think it would add a lot more life into the game as now I can work on a certain aspect of the game I like and not have it take time away from a second aspect of the game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dennis Whitcomb on

      I would also love to see a stand-alone app or downloadable to be able to practice and plan various structures and methodology.

    4. Narq on

      I mentioned Camelot Unchained in Rift chat and most people said they've never heard of it. I think we have some work to do getting the word out. And there's not much time left!

    5. James Brainerd on

      stand-alone would be great for practicing/planning before implementing in game. Great work for the amount of time spent coding. look forward to seeing further updates!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Paquette on

      The building looks cool, especially for only a couple days of coding. And yes a stand-alone would be awesome to mess with when mobile

    7. Missing avatar

      Ihana on

      A stand-alone app sounds neat for planning stages, ie "hmm do I want to build like so or like so?" out of game.

    8. rynnor on

      A standalone app to design buildings offline would be good but anything that lets you actually build structures whilst offline could have unforeseen consequences.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ted Davis on

      Great concept but custom houses in pvp zones = nightmare los exploits inc

    10. Kara on

      I would absolutely love the chance to get a "feel" for the possibilities of building outside the actual game. So far everything looks amazing!!
      Add my vote for the stand-alone!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Rebekah Crozier on

      YES. I do want a stand-alone app of the building

    12. Wolfgang Kremser on

      yeees pleease ... make it a standalone app to let us play with it ...
      or with the networking code so we can play together ..
      camelot unchained brick playground :)

    13. Missing avatar

      david kerns on

      oh, and please make the stand-alone app multi-platform! (anything but Winblows IMHO)

    14. Missing avatar

      david kerns on

      absolutely a stand-alone app .. that sends prefab/blueprints to your character in game

    15. Will Petillo on

      I would like to see standalone, want to be able to build when not able to be online. Not worried about people logging in and throwing a structure suddenly into a contested territory if one still has to spend time "building" in game after it has been designed offline.

    16. Peter Laube (mightypit) on

      Very nice update! I will love to make buildings in CU. But what jumps in my mind here is: Will we are able to create round structures, too? I remember running up round slopes to those filthy hib keeplords ;-) (Old Frontiers) Would be real nice if the three realms have distinct building designs, so that you can see at first glance which realm the structure has build.

    17. Alienami on

      Definitely the potential for standalone, with even more potential uses as a standalone. So, yes please.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andy G on

      The concept is definitely cool. A real game changer. I would definitely be interested in the possibility of a standalone app.

    19. Missing avatar

      Valandur on

      I love this concept of building design. Definitely a leap forward, guaranteed to be copied by future games! . Yes to Standalone App!

    20. Mr Kev (You were killed by Sweetmercy) on

      stand-alone app? yes please, android plz ><

    21. Missing avatar

      Tucker Harris on

      I wish I could contribute more $. I wont be rich for another 2 years :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Goodridge (Kay,Alb,Sacred Order) on

      Love it and the app idea! Will be interesting to see how this gets fleshed out!

    23. Takklemaggot on

      As someone who spent 20 hours+ in the character creator for Saints Row 3 before the game came out, yes I would very much like to see this as a standalone app!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jaan M on

      Would love to see this as an app. Pretty neat little demo they made in almost no time.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Um. Hell yes I'd like to see this as a standalone app.

    26. James Mccue on

      amazing how you guys can deliver on such a little time scale for us, i am getting more and more excited about Camelot unchained after every update, keep up the great work guys and girls!!!

    27. Archaeokelly on

      This is very exciting! I can't wait to be able to design/create my own buildings. I would love a stand-alone app, or some sort of system to work on my designs outside of the game. Regardless, I'm totally hooked on the crafting and building ideas for CU. Thanks for sharing!

    28. Marvin Biggs on

      I vote yes for a cell playground.

    29. Brent M (Hib/Guin - Baxxix, Nethralixx) on

      @Tom - "The cells in the demo are not “finished” and were created very quickly by live stream artist extraordinaire, Michelle. Together, they built a very simple system from scratch in the last two days. Again, please keep that in mind when looking at the demo, only two days of work on it from them!"

      I'm amazed they threw something together this fast, I think you will not be disappointed with the finished product.

    30. Mike Buedel on

      Amazing concept I like it.. Stand alone app could really be cool to design from work and other places. But if it took a lot of time and money to develop id say in game is fine.

      Of course this is less than 2 days in but deff going to need a bill of materials to generate on the side and basic single crafter unbuffed timeframe listed. Should be live too so when we add another block of stone the bill of materials/time update.

    31. Tom Smith, Silver Moon Studio on

      I feel like the odd one out stating this, but I feel somewhat unimpressed by the translation of beautiful concept art to a real world model with this building system. The character models seem to have come across a lot more fluid and detailed, whereas this demo made the results of the building block system appear vastly more lacklustre and rigid than I was anticipating. I'm all for cell building, but so far it just looks out of place. As someone who played SWG I am looking for the next best in crafting, not an equal or below. It would be nice to see some fully done models to show what can be done, particularly if the detail in concept art could be replicated using the cell building system.

    32. Duane Crago "Skyrek"

      That would be awesome to have as a standalone app so you can play around with things and get a good idea of what you are going to do in game. Loving the building concepts and crafting updates in general. Keep up the good work guys!

    33. Harry Torque on

      Housing looks really good. For me to huff and puff down :)

    34. Broose on

      I would certainly love to see this as a standalone application with a recording and playback function. Either the latter or a means to save a creation and then import it to the game as a schematic. The obvious is to work on our building designs outside the game and then load those designs. Or maybe not completely standalone but instead a web application that is access via normal log in screen options so that we can work on them without logging all the way in and yet be connected such that the server can verify our design as we work and complete. Save it and then log fully into game and access it in blueprints.

    35. Missing avatar

      james stephens on

      Offline app. should only be acceptable if the builders spend an significant amount of time in game to build structures. Offline professions would be incredibly lame. Builders should not be able to log in and log out in contested areas to build and fix structures when it is convenient. A system such as GW2 WvW starting camps should be seriously considered. Crafter, Builders and FIghters should have to travel from a starting camp/point/realm gate. Please no quick travel.I would like this to be a living world as much as Im sure the next player would want it to be. I have no doubt these issues will be addressed over the next 2 years.

    36. Jonathon Baxa on

      Awesome building system, I love it. Got a question though, will we be able to build doors and gates? We really really need doors and gates so that our realm may pass through, but other realms can't!

    37. Craig Alderson on

      These building/crafter updates have been awesome. If there's anything I love more than PvP it's having a minecraft inspired building/crafting system.

      I'll be very sad if this KS doesn't fund. I'm going to donate a couple hundred more before the end. If I were a rich man I'd flood this ks with money.

    38. Solaris on

      Oh yeah, also I totally want a building app!

    39. Solaris on

      Man, Michelle's concept art from the Livestream turned out so awesome! Thanks for posting! Tomorrow is week 3 anniversary and homestretch to end of Funding. Break out the big guns Mark!

    40. Tom M. on

      a stand alone app would be great. I never played Mind Craft or even Lego Land. having a chance to build with something that has at least some of the features that you may incorporate will come as in handy learning tool for dinosaurs like me.

      The Ducky in Bacon Woot! Nice Thanks!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Steel Thunder on

      Release awesome standalone app to backers only (via perhaps a webpage authenticated by kickstarter so if they no longer fund CU they no longer have access) ... this could grow interest into the project and assist in its funding! ... Probably not enough time to do this I realize, but just an idea. :)

    42. Peter McKenzie (Mirelind Alb Merlin) on

      Sweet work on this Tim and Michelle, just a couple of days to do this stuff wow! Please fund CU, i want to see this in practice for real!

    43. Missing avatar

      Stephan Wheeler on

      Great demo on the build and like others wonder what the final design will look like.
      I like the idea of working off line and have seen this type of in game option on other MMO's. It can make tedious and dull projects, which are necessary, bearable but dont think that leveling offline is a good option. Again a lot depends on the final design. SO I reserve the right to change my opinion as to off line playing.

    44. Nekura on

      @Arend: Lag Hammers was the first thing I thought of. When the game launched we used to have a fleet of Thanes on Merlin standing outside APK for weeks.

    45. Missing avatar

      Arend van Helsland on

      haha looking at Michelle's concepts art, first thing i can think of is... Thanes and their hammers of DOOM :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Bernhard Mayer on

      @boxfetish: I suppose that the app would be just for getting used to the editor and tinkering around with ideas.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bernhard Mayer on

      Once more I am very impressed - not only about the demo and how quickly you guys can produce that stuff.
      This building mechanic is waaaaay above everything I imagined. The complexity of it, as well the freedom it provides - just amazing! Kudos!

      My App-Vote: Yay!

    48. Missing avatar

      Kedea on

      Will we be able to "build" moats? with working drawbridges? And how is landscaping going to work?

    49. boxfetish [Mr. Safety] on

      Looks awesome. Please wait until after the kickstarter and after your engine is completed to worry about a standalone app. There should be absolutely no importing or uploading of blueprints or designs from the app, but I am sure CSE already understands this.

      I will be playing a crafter and being able to play the game offline would be a dealbreaker for me. That applies to any part of the game, really. Access to information offline, hell yes. Being able to mine, buy/sell, build, etc. offline, no way.