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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
14,873 backers pledged $2,232,933 to help bring this project to life.

Afternoon Update April 20, 2013

Posted by City State Entertainment (Creator)

Today has been a lot of fun hasn’t it? 

First, there was the SmackHammer stress test and it was glorious! The server never crashed (only the Unity Web Plugin) and overall performance was great and our backers seemed to be enjoying it immensely. We will continue to run these kinds of tests with SH over the next two weeks and beyond. The crashes however underscored our decision to create our own engine for Camelot Unchained. Unity is a great multipurpose engine, possibly the best one out there. However, for Camelot Unchained we need an engine that is suited to do one thing and do it brilliantly and that’s why Andrew’s continued work on the Unchained Engine is so vital to our success. 

Secondly, when we had some issues with the render of tonight’s update I did an impromptu live stream by way of apology. Really sorry for that but sometimes these things happen. OTOH, look at how many more questions I answered about the game so the delay wasn’t a total loss! 

Thirdly, tonight’s building update is now LIVE. We wanted to do something completely different (for us at least) for this update and I hope you enjoy it.

I will have at least Part 1 of my guide to housing/building in Camelot Unchained as tomorrow’s update.

As always, thanks for your support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Timothy Walter on

      So I haven't seen it asked or said anywhere but with all the crafting abilities will there be collision detection? If so will be be from all PCs and NPCs or only enemys?

    2. Missing avatar

      zeroumus on

      question on buildings, while I understand the choice to limit height, will the structres be able to have 2-3 stories in them, and will we reallty be able to move around the inside like we would a real house, or inn, or tower?

    3. Missing avatar

      Tersky on

      Just a raw idea: don't put a hard limit on structure's height but make tall structures unstable like in real life. For example the taller the wall or tower the thicker it should be to hold it's own weight. Otherwise it will be easy breakable in case of attack. This way amount of material required to build a taller wall should grow exponentially,

    4. Matthew Denton on

      I've been waiting years for a real follow up to DAOC and hopefully this will be it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Reid timms on

      Hell yes Guys im loving this! Gosh cant wait to play this game, Keep it coming!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Paquette on

      Awesome update and ideas!

    7. Jason Menear on

      Awesome update! Thanks CSE!

    8. Richard Ervik on

      Love it :) great update

    9. Jim1701 (Radecliffe) on

      This was a VERY entertaining and informative update. I am so looking forward to this game!

    10. Tom M. on

      I just hope that there will be someting for those whose work schedules change. It very hard to do grouped or guild stuff. since real life has to come 1st.

    11. Pierre-Yves, Midgard on

      This update is cool and should be shared to all ears and eyes of Minecraft's players -who are actually a lot.-

    12. Seth Koukol on

      Anyone that wants to spend a few more bucks that will stretch by a much larger margin; go to microworkers and pay 20-50 cents a worker to create an info promotion FYI about Camelot Unchained project. Have them selecting a random or sequential correlated Minecraft Server from minecraft servers list. Instruct them to find the severs web page, go to their forum, post under "general discussions thread" and link the kick starter; then have them post the link to the thread to verify job completed. This type of technique is used for all kinds of promotions and web linking SEO.

    13. Seth Koukol on

      Great place to spread the word on this update is minecraft server forums, general discussion threads.

    14. Andrew Tucker on

      @Paul V. Rotondi

      i appreciate that, but your terminology was "challenge" and it wasn't a plea. I was simply saying some like me, have already pledged as much as we can straight away as we already feel that way.

      Everyone needs to calm down, this game is going to fund easily, there is still 10 days to go.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Gyllenstråle on

      Yeah... This update just confirmed the fact that I need to see this game live in the future. Time for a poor student to up once pledge :P

    16. Missing avatar

      Tucker Harris on

      I'm getting scared... hope we make the cut! I can't pledge anymore!

      I can be the CU front desk peon for free though if that helps! lol..

    17. Missing avatar

      Paul V. Rotondi on

      @Andrew Tucker: I fully realize and appreciate that many people have done just that, plea was to those of us in the community who CAN bump their pledges up...not asking any among us to go without. MJ & Company deserve to make this game, and it's up to us in the CU community to get it done and have it made for us.

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Martin on

      This looks absolutely amazing! I'll definitely have to up my pledge some, and hopefully find some more people to bring in as well. Keep up the good work guys. If you can pull this off, it will include everything I've ever wanted from a game, sans ducks of course. :P

    19. Andrew Tucker on

      many people have already pledged as much as they can.

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul V. Rotondi on

      I love what I'm seeing so far...but this inspired me to dig deep. Pledge doubled to $500. I challenge everyone to do the same if you can (And if it's available, of course...). If everyone who has already backed bumped their pledge up one tier, we'll not only get this funded, but we'll have the The Depths and more. We say that we're a great community, now it's time for us to put "Our Money where our mouths are..."

      As the kids of today would say, "Time to go big or go home."

    21. Missing avatar

      Daren Chandisingh on


      > "World Of Wall ?"

      World of Wallcraft. ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      Joakim on

      Very exciting update and I think this will be a great game.
      Thought I have some reservations about having an arbitrary limit to how high you can build. I see the reason for it, but there is a more organic method of restricting height without forcing some immersion-breaking rule. Simply have each cell have three values: How much it weighs, how much weight a single cell can withstand being placed on top of it and how much damage a cell can take before it breaks/harvested. This way all walls will always be as strong as the cell on the bottom and therefor limit how tall a wall can be, but also have a variation in height depending on the material used. The material will also limit how much said wall will withstand of damage. It will also prevent illogical builds by having cells that withstand '0' weight on top of it, so that you can't place a stone block on top of a potted plant without it being crushed.

    23. Ross Dickens on now the game HAS to be funded....I'm way way way too excited to not see it make the funding..if it doesn't make it I'm not too sure what i would do..

    24. larry gaugh on

      I wish you'd quit exciting me.

    25. Vakabiel/Shintaro [Dusk Till Dawn] on

      Patrick, you create a blueprint of your house as it is and then it saves everything and rebuild it.

    26. Seth Corduan (JaironKalach) on

      @Jason - If you're still here... It just means that those additional accounts will get the rewards as stated at the Warrior level.

    27. Patrick T. Marasco on

      Mark, what happens to the items you place in your house if it's destroyed by another relm? All that hard work collecting unique things is all for not? Say you get a wall hanging from your pledge, is it destroyed when your house is destroyed or will it be part of the blueprints?
      Also, please please provide the crafters with enough storage space for items for building or what ever. It's very fustrating to always be out of space on a toon.
      All and all looks to be very interesting concept. I'm thinking with a big enough and supporative guild you will always have materials or items for crafting. :)

    28. Randy Vice on

      @evene I'm betting houses and forts/keeps will have different components for game mechanics. Fine blocks for houses (which won't be too many in RVR zones because they will be razed in short order) in the safe zones which won't have very many visitors (which is in part why I don't like the idea of having to hawk warez at a central market place) at the same time. They might have a budget of the number of things you can place on the outside as they did in DAoC housing. What I'm concerned is, why is anyone going to visit housing zone to make it worth while to customize a CU house.

      For keeps/towers, it's likely going to be in the same format as CSE is going to be using for their RVR zone structures with big cells that aren't that detailed. Question is, how is CSE going to make it worth while (other then S&Gs) for us to build a keep/tower in RVR zone and to defend it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Quick question. I am thinking about upping my pledge to get additional copies of the game. However i am not entirely sure what the "redeemable at the warrior level only" means. Just want to make sure it doesn't mean they have to had pledged at the warrior level in order to be eligible.

    30. Missing avatar

      Djazelo on

      World Of Wall ?

    31. xavier muylaert on

      chinese / hadrians type wall :p ?

    32. Missing avatar

      lf on

      awesome update!

    33. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      Would rather get more info about the combat system that will be used.. all this crafting talk is all fine and dandy, but at the end of the day I want to RvR, not build structures for days on end.

    34. Evene Maelyss on

      Yes biggest issue as of yet for me, I don't see how you can have castles made of so many smalls elements render at the same time as 1000 people fighting. What kind of tech would allow this ?

    35. Missing avatar

      Bettina Wilborg on

      I have made posts on 2 gamer forums about this amazing game that people really need to back :) If any of you know other forums where people who love awesome games hang out please make a post about the game so they tjeck it out and spread the Word. This game so much deserves to get founded.

    36. Mikael Barnholdt on

      Got the same question as Daniel Higgins. What about the loading times with all these houses?

    37. Missing avatar

      Joseph Ruiz on

      I really want to see this game funded but I'm starting to worry that it's not going to happen. Please increase the number of $180 Internal tester tier backer slots to 1500. This would potentially increase your funding by $180,000. Please also increase the Living Large tier to 500 backers, for an additional $400,000. Lastly please increaee the max number of backers on your $5000 tiers "My Inn My Way" and the "No Man is an Island But I Own One". If you increase both to 50 max backers you could potentially have another $375,000.

    38. Goras on

      Update so funny and interesting. I loved craft before and RvR, and you're making a game with those 2 things, it's just amazing. Come on guys, pledge, pledge, pledge !!!
      We are too far away from the 2.000.000$ !!!

    39. Tenacious on

      That video is awesome ! If you wanna get more pledge, keep doing that way, IMO ;)

    40. Alexander Jenner on

      I liked the video - you need to work on the sound effects tho ;))))

      sounds like you want to reel in the Minecraft players out there - I hope your system can deliver what you "promised" today.

      With this video, crafter became the nolife-class for me in this game if you want to be a Michelangelo. Otherwise you are stuck to be Tom Builder forever sitting in a mine cutting out blocks.

    41. Peter McKenzie (Mirelind Alb Merlin) on

      Absolutely brilliant! Going out side the box once again! MJ as always pledged on day one and wish i could give me each update, but i am just too poor. /Buys lotto ticket hope i win :P So i can get you over the line!

    42. Will Petillo on

      One suggestion I have for this, which may already be in place: enable a mechanism whereby the prices of materials/items/commodities vary in each area depending on supply and demand. This will create an incentive for players to move things from place to place, effectively creating player-determined supply lines (in addition to the ones planned for taking mined materials), adding depth to the world (real economics!), and most importantly, more raid targets. Further, without any intervention from the game, the more dangerous trade routes will be less-used, leading to greater imbalances in price, increasing the reward of making the journey. 'Cause when risk = reward, you're doing it right.

      Here's a more ambitious suggestion, create NPCs that automatically move supplies from one place to another, based on the varying prices described above. Players can protect these NPCs for a reward (yawn)...or even better, they can buy the NPCs out and from then on take a percentage (or all) of the profits the NPC makes as long as it is alive, perhaps using those profits to buy more NPC traders. Managing that growing empire, of course, will likely take some cooperation, which encourages social groups (guilds, houses, or whatever CU decides to call them) to have a meaningful function in the game.

    43. Missing avatar

      Nocturnis on

      As always... very intersting ideas !

    44. Will Petillo on

      Limited-minecraft-style building was the update I was waiting for...and also supply lines. Pledge upgraded.

      Regarding the comments about too many crafters. I am guessing that while an disproportionate number of the people who play this game who heard about it on kickstarter will be crafters, when the general population joins in, many of them will come with the bias of other games where crafting is a boring way to make some coin and the wizards and stealthers have all the fun--or at the very least are not as hyped about the crafter class as we are. Thus, the first couple weeks may be a bit unbalanced, but it will even out afterwards.

    45. Jean-Francois on

      Amazing. This goes beyond what I was expecting. I will definitely roll a crafter.

      Thanks Mark and CSE.

    46. Gaath on

      Great stuff! Very impressive!

    47. Thomas H. Thomas on

      Go Ahead! Make my day. The anticipation is killing me, I hope I live long enough to play the game. Rofl. I will be dedicating a crafter slot for sure. Since I am so slow in RvR fighting, I might just dedicate all my time for crafting. We shall see, we shall see.

    48. Missing avatar

      hajtez on

      If Mark will manage to do this I will become a no-life :) or maybe... Mark are You hireing world builders? I wolud gladly work 12/24 :P

    49. Missing avatar

      Daniel Higgins on

      what about the loading times with all these houses

    50. Tommy Amundsen on

      Love this update, the blueprint system is something you have to get working along with the rest of the housing system.You get this right along with pvp you are going to get a ton of players coming into this game.