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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
14,873 backers pledged $2,232,933 to help bring this project to life.

Evening Update April 15, 2013

Posted by City State Entertainment (Creator)


There’s an old saying about “Calm before the storm” and well, tonight’s update would qualify for that.  However, I would rework it by saying “Calm before the St’rm”.  Thus, tonight’s update is a heavily reworked Foundational Principle (Gamers’ Bill of Rights) that I didn’t get a chance to release before the Kickstarter launched.  Back in the GEnie (General Electric Network for Information Exchange) days and before the all-powerful Internet was even commercialized, my first software company, Adventures Unlimited Software Inc. (A.U.S.I.) followed a “Gamers Bill of Rights” with its games Galaxy and Dragon’s Gate.  With Camelot Unchained, we will expand upon it with these Subscriber Promises to both our backers and our subscribers.  We will continue to tweak these during the Kickstarter and right up until launch. 

Tomorrow, if all goes well, we will have something new and quite interesting to show you in regards to one possible race for inclusion in Camelot Unchained.  In the meantime, please enjoy the first draft of our CSE Subscriber Promises. 


Foundational Principle #14 – CSE SUBSCRIBER PROMISES – FIRST DRAFT 


We promise that: 

1) We will never lie to you, ever. We might be wrong, we might make mistakes, we might not answer all your questions, but we won’t knowingly lie to you.  Everybody at CSE will be held accountable for this, including myself.  Now, this doesn’t mean you can call us up, ask us anything you like and we have to answer it but it does mean that if we say something, it damn well better be true when we say it. 

2) We will remain responsive to you through our forums and Customer Service for as long as the game is running.  Whether through CSE volunteers and CSE CS, we must be responsive to you.  I’m not going to promise that if you post a message at 4AM Sunday morning, we’ll get back to you right away but it does mean since Camelot Unchained is a subscription game, that we will staff it appropriately and keep the lines of communication open with our subscribers open, operating and chattering. 

3) We will fight Gold Sellers/Power Leveling Services within our game from day one.  Yeah, well, this is a no-brainer from me so no need to wax poetic on it. 

4) We will stay in touch with our game and our players.  All of our developers will play the game (even if they suck at it) so we stay connected to our players and our game. 

5) We will always treat you well.  We will treat all of our players as we expect to be treated ourselves. Our CS staff will never be rude but I do not expect them to sit on the phone and be abused verbally of course. I didn’t allow that at Mythic Entertainment and that won’t change. It is our job to talk to you and listen to what you have to say to us, as long as you do it civilly and reasonably. 

6) We will continue to update/improve the game for as long as we are taking your money.  If we are taking your money for our game, we are obligated to spend some of it to make Camelot Unchained a better game or shut the game down.  There is no middle ground, either we are making enough to continue to improve it or it should be put out of its misery. 

7) We will release the compiled server code if we shut the game down.  When the day comes that Camelot Unchained is shut down (only WoW will apparently live forever), we will make all the complied server code (and adequate installation and operations documentation) available through a code repository, without warranty of course and under the appropriate license(s) so that gamers can get the game back up and running.  In the event that we shut the company down, we will also add the source code to the repository unless prevented to by law/legal agreement. 

8) No copy protection required.  As this is a subscription game, no copy protection or DRM is required since the server will authenticate but we thought we should be extra clear for those few of you who have never played an MMORPG.  Of course, you may install this game on as many supported machines, as you want to as well. 

9) We respect your privacy.  While we might need to get some information about your machine (especially for debugging purposes), it will be as limited in scope as possible and you will know what we are doing and why. 

10) Our minimum specs are that, not a dead-end.  Whatever the final minimum specs for Camelot Unchained end up being, the game will be playable if your machine meets them. 

11) If you find a bug in our game we should thank you not attack you.  In Dragon’s Gate, we had a policy of “Bug Hunt and Win” where I rewarded players for finding and reporting bugs. We will do the same here.  Our game will have a ticketing system and the players who are the first to report bugs will receive CU Reward Points.  These can be redeemed with us for special “thank you” items.  These items can only be redeemed for points and the process is open only to people who get these points from us.  These points cannot be shared and they cannot be bought. As usual, none of the items will affect game-balance in any way, they are just my way of saying thank you to our players.  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Grant Ross on

      #8 but what if i find a bug to make unlimited money. :D like in daoc i found a bug that let us do that we filled 2 accounts on Mordred 30 characters each 200 plat (200 plat cap :( lame ) so 6 Mirthril! i would rather keep my money :) and then there was the tent glitch i love it so much. you could press grab and pick up these circus tents and fill your inventory and then drop them on the ground where ever and build tent ladders as tall as you wanted and use them to kite/run. was running from a 8 man on my vamp and i had a line of about 50 tents behind me lol.

    2. Peter Jacob on

      Read about #7 on Massively and for that alone you can count me in. In light of the tragedy that was City of Heroes and Star Wars Galaxies, it is exactly the sort of change we need to see happen in the MMO industry.

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Lofstrand on

      I am rather impressed with #7. I have thought for some time now that game companies should do this as a way of guaranteeing that a game COULD live on even after it doesn't make financial sense for them to continue it. Of course they seem to have a few caveates. It would be nice if they could find a way to make such a promise legally binding on them or anyone who buys their company or assets

    4. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Paquette on

      Nice to see the subscriber promises, especially #11. Most dev companies will sweep some of the major bugs/exploits under the rug while the cheating players continue to abuse them to no end and this all leads to very bad things as most/all of us know.

    5. Baliw on

      St'rm definitely a nice model render, IMO. I imagine the low wings allow it to swoop with its upper body (in a more "animalistic", less evolved form in its past).

    6. Mark Knapp on

      The easiest way to make multiboxing a non-issue is to make the selection of spells/abilities more strategic and purposeful. A bot will be running a script/macro. Bots work when combat is "click on enemy (or even easier, tab target enemy), click on spell / ability chain, rinse and repeat". IMO, this is boring anyways. Give me a more engaging and strategic play style and it will be more fun for the real players and make botting a moot issue.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on


      it's easy... with policy, code of conduct disclaimer you click on when logging in. It's not very hard for a human to spot a multiboxer and if it's against the policy the CSRs can act upon it.

    8. Michael Merrell on

      With regards to multiboxing i'm sure they would love to hear how to stop it.
      I can't think of a good way that won't hurt a legitimate use.

      No assist macros? Well that hurts well put together RVR teams.

      No follow command? Well then I guess you can't go afk.

      Limit the number of accounts logged on from a single IP address? Guess you can't LAN and play with friends then, or play at a cyber cafe.

      The fact is people with money will always try and find a way to get an advantage and will usually succeed. Best bet is to find a good way to deal with them.

      Back in my DAoC days we had a multiboxer on our server and most of the time we just saw them as easy RPs. Take out the head and the body will fall.

    9. Josh Slaughter on

      @Shelley lol possibly.

    10. Missing avatar

      Daren Chandisingh on

      I hope multiboxing won't be possible, or any sort of automation, really, unless it's built in by the developers (so setting up a shop would be OK, but controlling a group of toons as one wouldn't be, nor would buffbots even with a range on them)

    11. Vervacious on

      Lars = Team Wizzie?

    12. J. Thornton on

      It is rare to see this level of commitment from a developer to the community and I applaud it.
      I get the feeling that this is Marks and CSEs child and he is making the game, not because he needs to, but because he wants to.
      This update makes me respect Mark and CSE even more than before. Especially because from what I know, when Mark says it, he's gonna hold true to it.
      From a big fan of daoc and a lover of games in general - Thank you!!

    13. Sven on

      Jap think positiv!!!!!

    14. Jay "sweetdigs" Griffiths on

      Wish you guys would stop worrying. We'll be fine. Just keep telling folks about the game. Remember that the biggest push comes at the end. It's not a consistent ride from here on out.

    15. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      Big NO @ multiboxing lameness.

    16. Sax on

      @Michael Zwirlein
      I'm also worried about the slow down. 18 days to go and 900k$ was needed. Means 50k$ per day, almost 3 days later, 830k$ to go. This will be a close one, even though if there will be a speed up at the end. I hope we all won't be disappointed.

    17. Lars Daniel Rasmussen on

      What about multiboxers? I enjoyed multiboxing a lot in DAoC and actually had some of the most fun in DAoC while multiboxing. Not just doing gold farming / powerleveling, but mainly RvR and bombing.

    18. Missing avatar

      Temet on

      I don't know as I trust that you this much, but on the other hand, this is perhaps the closest to real clarity I've seen a company be about this sort of issue. I can only say that I look forward to seeing if you can keep to this without going down a slippery slope in regards to adherence.

    19. Hersaint on

      Down with Gold sellers! Down with Hackers! Up with Transparency! Up With Integrity! Sounds like noplace - Utopia. But we are all supporting and backing these ideas! Keep it up we are pulling for you!

    20. Michael Zwirlein on

      Sound to good to be true frankly spoken. Considering how Warhammer went South...

      Anyway, I really hope the KS will be successfull, pledges slowed down a lot and I am a bit worried :( even if I take into consideration that ~20-25% of the total amount will be pledged within the last 5 days usually.

    21. Andrew Tucker on

      along with everyone else I say just add in the war against hackers and bots and we're all good :)

    22. Jan Eriksson on

      Awesome! Couldn't be more happy about how this is progressing. Looking forward to following this over the next years :-)

    23. Cody Loe on

      No lies! Awesome!

    24. Missing avatar

      Marco Fernandez Tesan on

      what about cheaters? we would like an aggresive threat against them

    25. Dieedi Do on

      I'm glad to read this, especially #7 like many of us.
      I'm excited to see what will happen tomorrow

    26. Peter Eriksen [Aragone/Dezpot] EU on

      First of all realy great list! something i think all MMO Companies should have and follow! but none realy do ;( so i am very happy you put it out there! one might soon say you are the last real hope for a new beginning for mmo's MJ!

      Secondly tho, as a few other i would like added to the gold seller/ pl sellers list, or a part 12. added, cheaters/hackers shouldent exist, and if they do and are found there should be no end to the fury they recieve! cheaters/hakers are such a giant problem now a days in MMO's that sometimes they are what kill a games chances of actualy being good.
      i am guessing you already know this and just forgot to put it on the list :p

    27. Jelle Bosma on

      MJ: I would very much like to see a:

      12) undying vigor in combatting cheaters/hackers/3rd party program abusers.

      Radar users were insanely annoying in DAoC RvR

    28. Gaath on

      Very good MJ! This is the reason why I belief in supporting KS projects and especially ours! I'm so fed up with the F2P mentality with no Customer Support or general bad Customer Services, insane copyright act where you forced to use DRM to be able to play the games you paid for. We players are getting treated like crooks or seccond class money giver and the stockholders are the new kings.

      MJ you are a pioneer and I hope the business will follow you. That devs and player become equal business partners again.

    29. Nameless on

      Sounds good to me!

    30. Naral on

      However, I would rework it by saying “Calm before the St’rm”

      What does he mean?

    31. Drew Brokenshire on

      I get more excited every day about this! I am probably going to explode before the testing starts.

    32. Mr Kev (You were killed by Sweetmercy) on

      Some of this I would expect as a human, some of this I expect as a gamer but some of this I would never have expected.

      Saying that we as a player base have a right to operate fully functional servers in the case where CSE won't/can't tells me that the cse team know how much we get involved with our characters and our game. That for me is a deal maker, even if i wasn't allready in.

      The only thing I would like to see in addition to this point is a 7a) We will write a small app that will allow you to port you character data from our parked login servers to a player operated server of your choice.

      Include this and I'm yo bitch forever - no just in this game but in any mmo u make in the future with these promises.

    33. Sax on

      Now I feel much safer with my money spend in that project. We already knew that you will spare time with us, but now you even carve it in stone.

      No lies. Respecting each other. No stupid copy protection, which only damages the honest consumers. No monitoring system such as EA's Origin, (did someone ever read their licence agreement, beside me?). Bug finding will actually be rewarded and worked on. Server code will be released if the game finds an end.

      @Walter R. Legge:
      (Hopefully that's ok for Mark, but I guess he won't answer at my questions, if he wouldn't share it to public).
      Extract from private messages:
      >Me: "[…]I hope that you don't sell the game or CSE at all. Not EA and not another Publisher.[…]"
      >MJ: "[…]In terms of selling our company to EA, not going to happen. EA has
      no interest in working with me again and well, the feeling is mutual.
      I'm doing this so I don't have to go to a publisher and beg for their
      money, I'd rather go on Kickstarter and ask players to help.[…]"

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael Ryan Irons on

      MJ Thanks for the great speech and pep talk! Now lets get some more backers!

    35. Raygar - Camelot Unchained on

      @MJ - the one thing that I would really like to see that I've not heard anything about yet is thaty you will come down hard on people using Hacks.

    36. Defari (Roger) on

      I want to see Arthurians, dammit.

    37. Missing avatar

      Tee El on

      "We will release the compiled server code if we shut the game down. When the day comes that Camelot Unchained is shut down (only WoW will apparently live forever), we will make all the complied server code (and adequate installation and operations documentation) available through a code repository, without warranty of course and under the appropriate license(s) so that gamers can get the game back up and running."

      Hell. If you weren't already, you're absolutely my hero now.

    38. Alienami on

      Sounds great. I really want this game to be be made, the gaming industry and most of all the gamers, need a great game with great devs.
      The market seems toxic to me, so many bad games, so many soulless companies... so many jaded gamers. Soul is definitely needed in the world today. We can't trust anyone but our friends, it seems...and even many of you can even trust most of your friends?

      Gamers need a game revolution. It feels like a "dark age" of gaming to me. The elite telling us to eat cake and deal with it... screw that. Time to fight the power and support innovation, time to put up or shut up. I say, let THEM eat cake, let them deal with it. Down with EA and the like. They deserve being voted worst corporation in the USA, again... they've done the opposite of the Bill of Gamers Rights for too long.

    39. Peter McKenzie (Mirelind Alb Merlin) on

      Oh and ty for being developers that care! /Cheer MJ this makes a big difference especially when people entrust their wallets and hopes in your hands.

    40. Peter McKenzie (Mirelind Alb Merlin) on

      Does the bug hunt apply to those that do internal testing or alpha?

    41. Jonathon Baxa on

      I really really like the bug finder idea. It gives players a reason to want to try to report bugs rather than to try to exploit them :)

      You seem to be a really stand up guy MJ, that doesn't mean a lot to most people in the world these days, but to some of us it really does. I don't think any developer in the world is more suited to make this concept into a game than you and your team. Anyone else would cave in and make it the next WoW clone wannabe.

    42. Mario R. (Lesani) on

      @Philippe Isabelle
      Judging from a message I got earlier concerning a - in a way similar topic I'd guess #11 does not apply to IT or Alpha at all... I could imagine Beta might be included - but I'm 100% sure it is meant for Final... If you find bugs/exploits in final, you get rewarded for reporting them.

      I love the mention of "CSE volunteers"... In Europe DAoC was managed by GOA and they had a Volunteer system with a select few from each server - that had direct (via IRC) contact with the GM's and helped out with ingame events etc... (We were sometimes morphed into (N)PC's so as these characters we could react to players like no script can - across the realms. (I myself loved being turned into a BWCA for tha reason :D)
      I'd love to see such a system in CU - (meaning the "backend connection to GM's" - because it increases responsiveness big time... (some volunteer is bound to be online when problems occur - and the reaction times are quicker than ticketing)
      Additionally volunteers could (again as used in EU-DAoC) be "used" to help new players with questions

    43. Walter R. Legge on

      How about we will promise not to sell our game to a company that does not care about games or gamers. One say like the worst company in America!

    44. Missing avatar

      Solst on

      *** " However, I would rework it by saying “Calm before the St’rm”
      Arrghh.. now I won't be able to sleep wondering if this is a hint on the new race!!

      Thanks for the update :)

    45. Telyn on

      Very nice. Yet one more reason (or set of reasons) why I'm so excited about this game.

    46. Fedaip on

      Calm before the stream?! :p

    47. BarliWeiss on

      Terrific update, I feel you've always followed those guidelines. I didn't play anything of yours before DAoC, but my experience there, I felt there was a similar policy within Mythic. The fact you were so active on an external forum was proof of that.

    48. Missing avatar

      Tim Bryant on

      Sounds great. Being honest will keep me buying your stuff. Glad I was able to help back this project n.n