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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
14,873 backers pledged $2,232,933 to help bring this project to life.


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      Thomas Phifer & Ryan Cody on

      The 500 $180 Internal Testers Pledge Level are "All Gone"! Glad I got in when I did! :D

      Can't wait for this game! Spread the word people!

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      blackdaze on

      Well, in DAoC... it was possible for tanks and casters to be able to take on stealthers. My first open RvR kill on my champion was against a stealther in Darkness Falls He popped me and I happen to get my debuffs off and a good set of crits helped me get him down. The problem I guess is that not -all- of the classes really had a viable way to deal with stealthers but most had some options through RR or class abilities that gave them a chance.

      I like having overpowered mages vs melee but not super overpowered. One thing about DAoC and the way it was setup is that mages were overpowered but they could be interrupted and at that point the overpowered mage is seriously hurting. And lower AC vs lower damage meant that melee could do really high damage to casters. However, caster damage could be toned down slightly from what it was in DAoC. It was too easy to get 3 shot kills in some cases which isn't all that tactical and more... WTH just happened.

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      David Schrank on

      There is no place for long term stealth in a rvr game. One reason is it makes the non stealth classes have to be limited in formations. What this means is you cant have non clumpy players, they just die.

      Second its just not fun for the other classes to be running back and just die for people who are hanging on the repoped people and ganking them. Dosen't work if you can see the wall of people waiting to kill you. It was an issue with DAOC.

      Limited stealth where you have to come up with a plan and then get double speed and do damage isn't as bad and is more tatical.

      The other problem with stealth is it attracts a small percentage of people who aren't into RVR at all they just like killing new players. Stealth and Overpowered mages will kill a PVP game real fast. Who want to repop,die,repop,die and pay 15 bucks a month to not make progress.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Brown on

      Will all players have name plates over there heads? This has been one gripe I've had with a few other games. I understand how convenient they will be and in some cases the purpose they serve, but with your work on a better engine the limitation of player models on the screen should be a thing of the past. I can imagine a stealth mech. that is based around choosing the right dyes to blend in to your background, and then throwing on a tabard during major combat to help assist in seeing who is a friend and who isn't.

      Next friendly fire, I know griefing is never fun for the party being griefed, but in a true PvP based game I feel like this type of thing should at least be talked out. I could see an entirely different style of combat needed to be worked out if my AOE's also effected friendlies, and maybe even my AOE buffs helping enemies. Maybe both helping/hurting in a reduced amount so helping the enemy isn't really viable, but something so that if you run in your groups line of fire you know not to next time.

      Thank you for your time, and thank you for all the updates, each time I get an email saying there is a new update my phone will never load fast enough.

    5. Alessandro Matta on

      This is not daoc2...i hope for a new game realistic (for fantasy) as much as possible. All good things in daoc should be implemented in CU better than daoc (no gcd-interrupts-cc-caps-etc..)

    6. Richard Ervik on

      Want be able shape into a bear like the berserker class i dark age of camelot.
      also want pet classes.

    7. Tenacious on

      A little question on another subjet : You said Mark that there will not be pet-classes at start ( for performance purpose ). If one day you decide that this game could handle pet-classes, is there any chance of having something like that wonderful and so unique classe you created for DAoC : the theurgist ?
      I fell in love with that classe on DAoC, and have never been able to play such a specific gameplay on any other game. I miss that ! :)

    8. Alexander Jenner on

      I hope one can log out inside TD and login again after possession switch. Was one of the cool things in DF to login your shade and harass the possessing side.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Norton on

      @MJ - Totally read "part Giger" as part ginger and thought that you wanted TD to be a soulless, haunted thing of pure red-headed evil. Could be scary, like forums scary.

    10. Martin on

      There's much more to come over the next 18 days (:

    11. Sax on

      I don't understand how people could miss "no PvE leveling or loot drops, except if controlled by a player, there will be some exp" in your previous update.

      You have added LODing in 3 days that's nice, but it would be even nicer to be able to see it in a video.

      "DAoC has killspam in your chat channel." (xavier muylaert)
      This. It created much hate/pride in DAoC, depending on what side you were playing.

      To the concerns of one realm being stronger than the other two: Usually the two other realms would fight against the leading realm at two different fronts. That's one of the reasons we were looking for "TriRealm". (Malicious tongues say that if in DAoC the leading realm was way too strong or overpopulated, etc., the other two realms would even confederate for a short period of time).

    12. Naezgul on


    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel Elmatari on

      And animal fats bring plenty of other things besides lipids, don't they Brandon?

    14. Brandon Barker on

      As a scientist studying nutrition, I have to say the Atkins diet is on the right track in many regards. A more balanced approach might be the primal diet, or some other paleo-type diet. Here's another Mark that had a big impact on my life:

      As for people saying you need carbs ... this is pretty much false. You do need lipids and amino acids, however. And the world of lipids is quite complex and largely overlooked.
      All the best,

    15. Jonathon Baxa on

      341, pretty dang nice!

    16. Mario R. (Lesani) on

      Yes :) give us a copy of smackhammer and let us test that server code you are always talking about!! :)

    17. larry gaugh on

      I agree, would love to play some SmackHammer haha!

      MJ, glad to hear you lost 30 pounds and wish you luck in losing more! But let me just say I HATE the Atkins diet--your body needs those carbs. Ultimate fitness comes from a balanced, healthy diet and finding an exercise that you truly love. I'll come down from Maryland anytime ;)

    18. xavier muylaert on

      can we participate in SmackHammer :p ?

    19. xavier muylaert on

      give new movie with the improved engine, not just a screenshot pls :p

    20. xavier muylaert on

      @Brandon De VITO

      GW2 w3 = player vs anonymous
      DAoC has killspam in your chat channel.
      you see/know who killed you/a zerg.
      notoriety comes by itself as a result in DAoC (and hopefully in CU).

      seeing a lot of "(random playername) has been killed by 'playername' " is rewarding and makes you a prime target.

    21. Alienami on

      I am continually impressed... Seriously, I want to freeze myself until the game comes out or find a time machine...

      Also, yes, the Atkins diet or similar is great. I lost 30 lbs by doing no to low carbs, low calorie, high protein, and taking Alive brand vitamins. (Starving yourself of calories, but, giving yourself everything else you need) -- You can also look into metabolism boosting herbs and spices and stuff like cinnamon pills to keep blood sugar level (Level blood sugar = faster weight loss) -- Stick with it, but sometimes a little cheating isn't bad.

    22. Brandon De VITO on

      Additionally, has the team considered a bounty system? If a player is successfully gaining a reputation (via some tracked stat) for slaughtering the masses it would be neat if they received a bonus to their gameplay. That said, if 'Marco the Crusher' is off murdering lower level characters by the thousands, it would be neat if there was a bounty board that was either funded by players, or created automatically by the system. The though of being so notorious that I had a hit out on me is a neat thought. For ever hour that I don't get 'equalized' I get a stipend of some kind in the form a stacking buff. But when I finally go down, the person who got me gets a reward as well. If there are no NPCs, fame comes from being the best, or worst in the realm. And there's a satisfaction in knowing the game is, in some way, centered around you. DAOC's Relic System, Bounty Boards, and Statues of Player who take down massive enemies are just some of the great ways to make this happen. When you say completely player driven and persistent, the effect on the player becomes more external than internal. I want to SEE my effect on the world.

    23. Brandon De VITO on

      If I may be so bold, one of the fantastic things that Guild Wars II came up with was the instancing of craft nodes per player. I figure, if a realm has access to a node, and there are 3100 players in range, they should ALL be able to hit it. But only once. If that node doesn't respawn for a long while, then it inventivizes returning to other locations, and lowers the strategic value of a location en masse as 'just a crafting hub'. The thought that I can never get screwed out of a node is a pleasant one. If I can't see it, it's because I've hit it too recently. I also like the concept of buffing unrelated content... if I hit a crafting node 10 times, I should get a buff which makes my realm XP go up faster for a time. Likewise, I believe that there should be a bonus to crafting if I've recently murdered a flock of players. These systems inspire players to not hang out and just wait for the content they like to be opened up.

    24. Tim Fitzgerald on

      MJ is a god among men, the game hasn't even be created yet and realm pride is already coarsing through my veins!

    25. Archie Sokolik on

      @Treatise: They're the same thing. PCM = Player Controlled Monster, MPC = Monster Player Character.

      Both acronyms for when a player is controlling an NPC in The Depths.

    26. Harry Torque on

      Please explain the acronyms. What are PCMs? What are MPCs?

    27. Doug Rohm on

      Good stuff, thanks for the update.

    28. Curtis Miller (Gylnne) on

      Great update everyone! Thanks for all your hard work.:)

    29. boxfetish [Mr. Safety] on

      @MJ. Please don't listen to those clamoring for more safe zones, reduction in opportunities for RvR, or for mechanics that allow them to play the game "RvR only at a time and place of my choosiing!".

      I am confident your foundational prinicples run contrary to this but that doesn't mean that there won't be constant demands for these things over the next two and a half years. Stay true!

    30. aztalante on

      WooO Andrew ! also if you know how to cook?
      you're in my list of "man to marry"!
      GG !

    31. Slaughty8 on

      The truth amazing is i7 processor, not engine :P The difference in terms of raw power between typical processor back in WAR days vs today is insane.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jiiub Rorgash on

      @Hersaints, for one they have already said that there will be NO insta stealth skills in the game, so i doubt that will be a problem

    33. Burgy on

      For the realm expedition into the depths for resource, I keep picturing the happy gnome expedition in the under dark where they're all working together

    34. Missing avatar

      Corinthian on

      @Tenebrus - I think that's a very valid concern. Hopefully the team at CSE will have much more in-depth details on combat in a coming update.

    35. Hersaint on

      Do not allow players to park stealthies in the Depths(Darkness falss dungeon). It was a horrible mechanic of that system. I remember chat being filled with "Let DF flip" so we could all hop on our stealthies and grief. No one likes playing a game being defeated by invisible enemies.

    36. Tenebrus on

      I don't want to come off as contentious, so I should caveat my previous statement with the fact, I know it is early, so there may not be any concrete system or mathematics in place. So I am not looking for anything super specific like mathematical algorithms or anything, just some general theories on how things are going to work.

    37. Barn Bocock on

      Like all PvP/RvR based objectives in games two concerns that pop into my head this morning:

      How to motivate a ridiculously underdog team to actually come PvP if an objective/zone is held by a crazy overpopulated, dominant faction (so that it’s fun for all sides fun ie the holding team gets to fight rather than just standing around and the fewer attackers still get a chance, plus rewarded/encouraged to try and make a dent).

      Stopping of “carebear” objective swapping eg they take a tower, then you take it back, then they take it back without actually bothering to really PvP. I guess this is avoiding players finding the path of least resistance to gain easy rewards or XP.

      I say these thoughts with coming from most recently The Secret World with the ups & downs of their Fusang Projects three faction PvP zone.

      Great updates - very excited to see the next 18 days...

    38. Tenebrus on

      My concern is that the cart is getting put before the horse. This isn't a "content is king" game, or so I am led to believe. There seems to be a concentration of thought on some stretch goal that may or may not happen rather than any serious info release on what this game is supposed to be about, and that is combat: PvP, RvR... Not that this TD thing doesn't sound cool, but I want to know "how am I going wage war" rather than what I am supposed warring over. Just a thought.

    39. Solaris on

      So happy to hear The Depths is a non-instanced dungeon. I swear I might mortgage my house to get this game funded! (not really but it's tempting). Sad I missed the live smackhammer fun.

    40. Austin France on

      I thought Andrew's aim was to support 500 characters not 500 FPS!

    41. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Durola on

      At each update, I'm even more convinced that Andrew is amazing.

    42. CU inc! hib/pry on

      Interesting stuff indeed!

    43. boxfetish [Mr. Safety] on

      Like the pics and the answers! Still hopeful that we will be able to logout when we have realm control and login when we don't and still be inside of TD to cause havoc. I notice you kind of dodge the question on whether this DF functionality would be present. I am confident it will be...but with an unintended twist!

    44. Nanulak on

      Looks like your LOD code is working great! Keep up the great work.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mesar on

      Glitch had a really nice system where crafting nodes gave a bonus for multiple people harvesting them. So people would make up groups to go mining together in the forums/ world chat. Fit's in with a Realm Pride policy.

    46. Missing avatar

      blackdaze on

      I love it so far! Good job on the Atkins, I lost 50lb on it and have kept it off for 3-4 years. Good stuff

    47. Ellya on

      Ok, so we put Smackhammer into Andrew's lovely engine and we have... a network load testing base?
      Of course, you'll need several hundred people to help with that, won't you..... ? ;)

    48. Arkadiusz on

      If this game doesn't fund i'm gonna lose faith in humanity O.o The only possible good MMO coming and so few people are backing it. We need to spread the word!