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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
14,873 backers pledged $2,232,933 to help bring this project to life.

Afternoon Update April 12, 2013

Posted by City State Entertainment (Creator)


    First, sorry for the delay in releasing this update. Unfortunately our video guy (who is also our lead artist & lead animator) had his back go out on him last night. He’s pushing through it but it has taken longer to get some things done today (amazing how pain does that to you). So, let’s give a big shout out to Scott and Michelle who over the last week have really made a herculean effort to bring these updates to you despite “stay at home” illnesses/injuries. Today's updates are presented in two parts. The first part is the basic intro and a shout out to our backers and an acknowledgement of two packages we received this week. Sorry I had to break up the video into two parts but I talk a bit too much about the stretch goals, especially the second one. I wonder why? ☺ 

   Secondly, thanks to the folks who have sent “duck-inspired care packages” to our office. You guys and gals really are the best! I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we enjoyed getting them. 

   Finally, it’s stretch goal time! Our first goal is a fairly predictable one for any RPG Kickstarter, new races and classes. If we make our first goal, we will create three new races and classes with each realm getting one additional race and class. While the race is 100% TBD, our leading candidate for the additional class is an archer. Again, we don’t expect anyone is going to be surprised at that but hey, that’s what easy to reach stretch goals are all about on Kickstarter. 

   Now, as to the second stretch goal, this might be a somewhat controversial one. Rather than spend a lot of time talking about it now, I will end this update and let you watch the videos. 

   BTW, as to the “Here, every true son & daughter perishes” tease of last night well, it both as a tease, warning and if you take the first letter of each word you get: H E T S D P = D E P T H S. ☺ 

   Enjoy the videos and if you like what you see, spread the word. Hell is not coming but The Depths await you in Camelot Unchained. 

Part 1 - Intro and more ducks!

Part 2 - Stretch goals



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    1. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Bainter on

      Guys there are way too many of us who have never heard of Kickstarter and weren't even aware that you were asking for MONEY. All the updates are great but you need to be clear in the emails exactly what you need from the fan base. LINK this page if there's a next time. And really get it out there that donating now guarantees a download of the game if and when it releases. 4 am on the day the fundraiser ends is way too last minute to be pulling folks like myself in, I hope enough was raised to keep you guys viable. Good luck.

    2. Kristofer Peterson on

      GRIN. I am sooo looking forward to this. Midgard 4 lyfe.

    3. Felix Garffer on

      20 hrs to go and a little under $60k to go to get to the initial $2 million goal. I think we got this, great job on everyone's part backing an interesting RvR game, I pray it rivals Dark Ages of Camelot but that is a very lofty goal in itself. I am a DAOC veteran dwarf berzerker of Midgard from Iseult server named Elrok and I had a blast playing that game with my guild Ring of the East. The only group more deadly than ours was Echoic's group called Bedlam. My favorite time was when our 2 groups of 16 total killed around 40-50 hibs leaving their gate... yeah... we were slightly OP.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brandon Maschal on

      My birthday is May 2nd. For my birthday I would like Camelot Unchained to be fully funded. So get on out there and sell lemonade or knock over a bank or something, whatever it takes really. It's for a good cause, me (oh and City State)

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephen Moss on

      Will there be any detect trap type function? If so I hope it is a level based thing. Maybe even crafter made, with 10 levels. That way a level 10 trap cannot be detected by a cheap level one detect device.

      Also, what will the RvR penalty be for chars rezzed after being killed by a trap? Would be very simple for a group to keep rezzing a single tank who is committing suicide on traps to make the area safe for the rest of the team.

    6. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      freeshard all installed, I missed link to beginner guild for hibs, any info avail ?

    7. Adam Beauchamp on

      How has this not reached 2m yet? I really thought there was enough support for a 5m kickstarter. This is crazy people, if you wanna play you better kickstart this thing.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      This sounds great and now my curiosity is sparked.... What if MJ and the team just made a straight up modernized DAOC 2. What would those rights cost? That would be 100% awesome.

    9. xavier muylaert on

      i hope that there will be a possibility for players of the realms with no access to TD to play pcm's. assuming it comes with a control mechanic similar to DF it would be nice to erm .. queue ? for a slot as pcm from outside of TD so that there is never a point where TD is 'safe' after the controlling realm did it's 'sweep' and killed all players of the previous realm to have access. especially if the controlling realm has had access for a long time, DF tended to be reasonably 'safe' for that realm, apart from a few enemy players that logged inside of DF.

      having a few players that can play pcm's after the are no enemies left inside of TD would be cool.

    10. Missing avatar

      Brandon Dixon on

      The Depths sound amazing. I can see people spending a ton of time in there to level. I love your ideas. So many of them will be new to MMO's. Keep up the great work. I can't wait for this game!

    11. jeff on

      The Depths sound awesome; to this day, I still remember what obj I was taking when I first heard the crazy opening sound of LOTD. As long as game mechanics preempt the dark theme, it sounds like fun. And, after playing a skaven engineer countless number of times, I'm all for PCMs wreaking havoc on the enemy

    12. bits on

      My favorite races in DAoC were Kobold, Trolls, and Firbolgs, and frankly no MMORPG I have played since then have given me that same sort of whimsical fantasy of being something odd, yet with character.

    13. JayStrider on

      I loved the play-as-the-NPC mechanic in EQ (conceptually anyway -- it was more like griefing people in that game). I loved versus mode in L4D -- getting to be the infected ("TAAAAAAANK!!!"). I love the idea here for the Depths!

    14. Brad Rapp (Mid Igraine/Gareth - Frogi) on

      I'm excited about the Depths... Charging through DF after opening the portal was a great time!!

    15. Zulika on

      @Maric A good bit of the artwork is on the Tumbler page -

      Remember the good ole days of the games where all the stuff was on one site. Now you have to cross-reference a literal poo load of em to keep up with the latest info.

      I agree the artwork was nice to look over in detail.

    16. John Keats on

      Did we Archers yet?

    17. Lebowsski (MLF/Mordred/Lamorak) on

      @mark i lovve the idea of being able to control the boss... kinda like when we would pull Green Knight to the relic keep to defend it :P

    18. Solaris on

      Wow. The Depths and what Jacobs described CSE wants to do with them sounds absolutely incredible. Incredible. I love the concept art shown! I wish they would post all of this in a gallery on the main website!

    19. Lucas Peterson on

      I'm a DAOC vet and this is exactly what I was waiting to hear. Happy to pledge $50 for the chance to see more glorious RvR dungeon battles. Can't wait for more info about archer classes as well!
      (I loved stair battles as a scout)

    20. xavier muylaert on

      For the people who didn't play DAoC, Darkness Falls is a gigantic, non linear rvr dungeon with 3 entrances, one in each realm, but only 1 entrance is open at any time. The realm which holds the most towers/keeps in the rvr zone has access. so at times there is a real struggle to capture that extra tower in rvr to get access to DF for your realm. When a new realm has the most 'structures' in rvr, that realm's 'gate' to DF opens and the other realm that had most access until then, their 'gate' to DF closes. This had the extra benefit that the 'dominant' realm would see some/loads of their players leave the rvr zone and hurry to DF, which is a great balancing tool. How is that a balancing tool ? Well the realm that has access would lose some of it's population in rvr because some of it's players would go to DF, thus decreasing their numbers in rvr and making it easier for the 2 other realms to conquer parts of the rvr map and get access to DF for their realm.

      My interpretation of what MJ said in this update is that the Depths will have a similar mechanic of getting/losing access to the Depths.

      I just love it.

    21. Jason Menear on

      I am super happy to hear about Depths. In all of the other MMO's we have played since DAoC my friends and I always wished there would be a PVP dungeon like DF. Also sounds like some new and interesting twists are in store for us. I can not wait to see what else they have to unveil to us! Great job CSE. Keep up the good work!

    22. Missing avatar

      Zbigniew Szczudlik on

      @Jiiub Rorgash The Depths ARE going to be an RvR area. But you won't be fighting in the fields but in the underground. Also, you won't be conquering any keeps or towns to get some bonuses but the dungeon to get access to forges to craft more valuable items. As such, the general idea of the Depths is both simple and powerful. Just executing its full potential might be trickier and more resource-demanding that's why they aren't planing to have it at the start - which is understandable. It would make a great expansion too if the stretch goal won't be met.

      On another note, some, incl. MJ, are putting too much emphasis on tower defense mechanics and saying you feel disappointed with it. This sounds a bit strange to me as IMHO keep taking/defensing is more or less the "tower defense mechanics". If the term weren't brought up, it wouldn't even be an issue.

      Also, I'm happy some of you guys picked up my idea of "possessing NPCs", not "turning into them" :-) Now we need to push it to CSE!

    23. Ceph on

      Awesome, the Depths is DF on steroids, sounds like it will be awesome. I was expecting something innovative but this concept for an RVR dungeon really blew me away.

      Great job Mark and CDE!

    24. Jean-Francois on

      Mark, will you marry me ? I've got enough room in my house to fit all the ducks :)

      Joking aside, it's just awesome. I love the idea of the Depths. I'm running out of adjectives to describe how excited I am about this game.

      Thank you guys for creating such an amazing new game and exploring new ideas.

    25. Dennis Wynjadal on

      I love the ideas for the Depths! It reminds me a little bit about Planetside 1, where you had a sub-realm to control to be able to get the best weapons and machinery.

      I also love the theme you're setting for it, "More Geiger less Tolkien", love it!
      I got a bit of goose bumps when I thought about this place as the Deep Roads in Wheel of Times.
      And as that thought struck me, that could be another advantage to having control of the Depths.
      They could function as quick traveling (all though risky, just like the Deep Roads)

    26. Tom M. on

      Will what the "cameras" ( I like Eyes) sees be viewable to those in the group? or only viewable by the one who crafted the Eye?
      I truly like the chance to play the boss. lets say that I become the boss; I have to leave game; do I still gain xp until the boss dies? When I come back in game will I still be the boss. If the boss is released from my control do I go to a Entree room? or where I was when I took control of the Pop? just wondering…
      I know 1st hand of back pain. Feel better soon.
      Awesome work CSE thanks for the great updates

    27. James Brainerd on

      Nothing but excitement from me. All the ideas spoken about the RVR dungeon I hope we can make this stretch goal I would love to beta test this area :D. Everything is very promising I just cant wait to see some actual in game footage of some of these areas. Great work thus far and look forward to whats revealed this week (cheers and shouts of joy) !!

    28. Peter McKenzie (Mirelind Alb Merlin) on

      All i can say is TY TY TY TY TY TY TY TY! Now i am starting to look like i have a teaser back for you! But to be honest we really appreciate that you have done this because it is something that had presented as popular demand. CSE listens to it backers, and i am so glad to be one of them.
      /Cheers MJ & CSE team.

    29. Ben Stanull on

      speakless... in a very very very good way ! Mark´s Visions of CU and all the goodies were unbelievable, but it´s Mark. So I have to spent more Money.... but also i have to do mutch more promotion til now. What´s about YOU !

    30. Missing avatar

      Wilm Reiche on

      Sounds really interesing. As you mentioned leveling again, how will the XP distribution work?
      Will a kill be splitted among the players around or will there be a minimum everyone gets? Distribution would would encourage smaller group combat from day 1 in contrast to massive zergs on release day.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kim Rasmussen on

      If you got mines there a lot more valuable than other mines i would guess every miner/crafter wants to mine there. How will The Depths support all these miners/crafters?

      I would imagine it something like every WoW miner wanting to mine Durotar at the same time. That would end up with 80% wouldn't get any ore at all.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jiiub Rorgash on

      Personally, im not sure about the depths.. tho only having seen this and nothing else that can change..

      The base idea of having a area like it is great, but i think it should be in the RvR zone, with all the features of it maybe, except the NPC stuff, maybe have some NPCs that the realms can put money or stuff into making and have them be the same as traps to give you enough time to get your forces together to push the enemy out again.

      just not sure about having a second area outside the normal RvR... just not sure yet. please upload the design document of this idea ^.^

    33. Missing avatar

      Kent Carlsson on

      Sound interesting! I loved DF in DAoC, this sounds like it will be better!

    34. Missing avatar

      Laurent Vandesquille on

      Awesome news indeed !
      Will there be an access restriction or can all the realms have enter to the Deaths anytime ?

    35. Martin on

      Great features (: We build and fight, nice!

    36. Remi - Crood - Reloth - MLF on

      Thanks for the update. Glad to see you guys are really taking feedback and ideas seriously! I'm totally committed to seeing this through and testing like crazy if that stretch goal funds. Always wanted to smash folks like large NPCs get to do. I think making access to the larger environment characters as something you have to spend a resource on may aid with balance; however, the big "boss" environment character should be something a little more random to promote fairness. For example, one of the environment characters dies in combat but is resurrected as the boss by the forces that guard the depths when the fight is nearly over or if the fight is too one sided. I think a system where you have to work to get the stronger NPCs will cause people to want to dedicate some time to defending or playing an environment character..and having a random defender who's active in combat transform into the boss via some sort of trigger will help to motivate folks to want to defend as ECs as well(for the chance to smash little bitsy elveseses >;o~).

    37. Fredrik Walles (Zorin) on

      @MJ Great stuff on the Dephs, lovely concept. Just one question.
      You mention that there will be rewards for killing the NPCs and bosses controlled by players. Any thought on the other side? I.e. will there be any other incentive other than fun factor to actually conrol these?

      If so, how will that work towards character progression if you character actually is not involved?

    38. Martin on

      Get fast well Scott and Michelle

    39. Missing avatar

      Shawn T on

      Well, in LotRO the monsters are meant to lose. It's heavily oriented toward the good guys winning. As for the rest, there's still the rest of the game to play. The surface RVR etc. All in all, I expect it's best to look at it as an extra aspect of the game, since it's a stretch goal, and not the main game (though it's certainly huge).

    40. Missing avatar


      Just got to watch the update and if anything it made me less excited for the game and I was very excited prior to the update. The only good thing I liked about the update was getting access to the forges. Having cameras sounds uninteresting, I hate tower defense and transforming into an NPC just does not appeal to me and the same sort of thing was tried in LoTR and didn't work very in my opinion.

      Hopefully the next update will stave off my disappointment.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ashley on

      I get to play like a BAWS?

    42. Fabian Boulegue on

      I just can say I love it and would spend way more money for this if I could :/

    43. Missing avatar

      blackdaze on

      This is like Left 4 Dead meets Tower Defense meets MMO meets RvR. /win

    44. Dirk on

      Let the archer class be stretch goal #2. I think everyone wants Depths to be the #1 priority. This is coming from somebody who played a Ranger nearly all of his DAOC career! I will find something else to play!

    45. Jason Cloutier on

      The boss can be decided randomly, but I think the boss should be played like the commander in Natural Selection 2. It is an overseer and helps build units as well as kick ass.

    46. Alexander Jenner on

      Very interesting updates. Would like to know the money requirements for the stretch goals.
      So there will be PPCs (player possessed character) - had to be creative and come up with a term myself ;-)

      Regarding crafters in Depths:
      - will there be like predefined "mount points" for traps types (similar to siege engines in warhammer)?
      - will the crafter somehow be rewarded if his/her trap kills attackers?
      - about component requirements: do you craft a trap type "at home" and pop it at the right place, or do we have to drag all components (encumbrance?) to the trap locations?
      -will set up traps fire for every pc/ppc or just for players of other realms?

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Malasics on

      I was sold on this game on day one, but The Depths... wow... I love this. I think I know where I will be spending a lot of my time in this game. Just sad that this game is so far off from release.

    48. Missing avatar

      Aaron O'Brien on

      Would it be too much to ask to be able to possess a dead player to terrorize an enemy group? Maybe not actually get that character itself but one that just looks like it with generic attacks that the some of the other PNPCs (Possessed Non-Player Character) have. It would just be amazing to terrorize a group of enemy invaders with someone they might consider an ally.

    49. Alienami on

      This sounds like the most brilliant and fun RvR battleground/dungeon, ever... Truly epic. I am truly excited...anyone have a time machine? I'd like to skip the wait. lol

      I hope the stretch goals make it and it makes launch. Spread the word (about the kickstarter) and lets make sure it happens!