Camelot Unchained

by City State Entertainment

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    1. Missing avatar

      Negura on

      Why the Asian looking models and poses for Norse warriors??! I thought this is not being mass marketed? Please please keep some lore decency.

      Don't get me wrong, I am a big support of this title as a DAOC veteran all the way from beta, until a few years ago.

    2. Tsubaya on

      OMG :) very nice !

    3. Wazluk (Derrick) on

      Very nice guys. Keep it up.

    4. Alexander Jenner on

      I like the way this is going. The viking model looks awesome and the armor is what I would expect them to wear.

      the TDD ones were a lill bit too fancy for me.

    5. Jason on

      That looks so cool, You guys are doing a great job!

    6. Corey on

      Not sure why but that viking reminds me of female barbarians in EQ1.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Norton on

      Nice, you're not gonna make the choice between Vikings and TDD easy for me are you?

    8. Ice Queen on

      Omg, thank you for giving the females real armor and cool style. I wasn't concerned since you didn't make us skimpy in DAOC, but I want to say I appreciate you not putting us in bathing suit armor, lol. Thank you!!

    9. Alexander Jenner on

      imo, she reminds me a bit of a Tzeentch Cultist ;)

    10. Dennis Hudson on

      I hope that was the recycling bin under the desk, if not someone is drinking way too much Mt. Dew lol

    11. Juan Tejerina Villamuera on

      I agree with Negura.

      I would also like to see more insight in the lore. I can understand until certain point this is not 100% lore based, but the character doesn't seem to be too viking at all.

      Looks good, won't deny it... but there is no viking feel at all.

      In my honest opinion, you should try to stick closer to the lore while making something different. TDD and Viking look too wowish for now. Many over-decorated armors that don't look suitable for combat at all.

      But anyways, this is just my honest opinion. I (as all the backers) want this game to be the best possible game :)

    12. City State Entertainment Creator on

      [MJ] @Negura - That's why it's concept art. I let the concept arts do their thing and then we talk. That's the whole point about showing the evolution of the concept art from its infancy to fist model. :)

    13. Dreeb on


      She's not Asian looking...nor does her walk cycle promote Asian influence.

      Gettin' high!

      Love the Viking look and armor. Amazing work!

    14. City State Entertainment Creator on

      [MJ] And that would be first model, not fist. Sorry, been a long week.

    15. Rory Phillips on

      These are gorgeous models and designs, but they really don't say vikings at all to me. They look more high fashion Mongol in style.

    16. Galiden on

      Looks great I really like the style. Vikings will likely be my choice of realm.

    17. Dennis Hudson on

      I am liking the models, can not wait till I can fire up a Viking, I am not sure that I like the mid drift part though, rest looks awesome

    18. Jason Lowe (PoIsOnMaN) on

      She looks tough, I like it.

    19. Luke A Smith(Niien/Wym) on

      I don't see anything Asian here... she has arms, legs, and hair... umm ok she's human.

      What would you change that would look more "Viking". Are you stuck on one look from a book or movie somewhere?

    20. Corey on

      So what is with those rubber ducks. They seem to be in a different position in every video.

    21. Nick Cilley on

      It looks very good so far, and I'm excited for the game, but a question: Is this game going to be moving away from DAoC's relatively toned-down armor and art style in favor of more stylized, flamboyant things? I know it's 'concept' art, but there seems to be an overabundance of buckles and layers.

    22. Dennis Hudson on

      I can see the Asian look someone mentioned in the concept, but I do not think it comes across that way in the model

    23. Missing avatar

      Sean Collins on

      I just chose my team.

    24. Bombastuss on

      Love it! Looks really great. Really digging the whole look, especially that snazzy polearm-axe thing.

    25. Luke A Smith(Niien/Wym) on

      I personally could do without the teeth mid section. :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Charles Anderson on

      Again, wonderfully unexpected. These vikings feel like a cross between traditional vikings, native Americans, Inuit. Love the original direction. The female models here don't really convey that their homeland is quite cold. Perhaps some heavier furs along with other bear/wolf/stag pelts?

    27. Jason Roll on

      I love the vikings! Lets see more two handed sharp axes and more fur! Also, Lets see a Scythe as a choice of wep. TYVM for this opportunity to provide you feedback. Keep up the killer job so far. CHEERS!

    28. KimGee on

      Great update :) Vikings look to be my style!

      On an unrelated note, I asked in the Update #5 comments if you will be able to be logged in to the game client on one computer and using/interfacing with bits of the UI on another system at the same time. Wondering if that seems feasible.

    29. Curtis Miller (Gylnne) on

      Nice art work, thanks!

    30. Hurog Mid/Lance on

      really like the modeling but the whole "mouth in stomach" thing is not really original. I didn't really like it on Eirines Hauberk(sp?) in DAoC but I've also seen that idea in other places. Maybe something like larger dragon scales for the abdomen area? Maybe something that resembles the stomach "v" pattern of some dragon chest designs. Closest thing I can find to what I'm talking about.

    31. Eric Reyes (Kenluin) on

      @Scott and graphic designing team, Great job on TDD male and Viking chick, just beautiful an it moves so smoothly just the perfect balance between looking good and performance and that's key in mmo's....Keep it up, an ill love you more when I see the female TDD as you can notice from my avatar LOL.

    32. Missing avatar

      raoul1338 on

      Great artwork and finally some more visible surface detail from the normal map (?), especially the chainmail legs. I think that surface detail is very important for a convincing look of armor and weapons. If the race is known to salvage everything they can find to make weapons and tools, they should not be clean and shiny.
      However, I think that even for worn out weapons, the metal parts lack reflection properties. I'm no fan of exaggerated shininess as in e.g. Crysis, where every piece of matter has a bright white specular highlight, but such big weapons as the one in the render above could really benefit from at least basic environment mapping.

    33. Juan Tejerina Villamuera on


      Movies are not ussually accurate at all to the viking lore. They did not have any horns on their helmets, and anything like that. Just in case you are wondering.

      If you ask me "what would I change", I would probably start with the clothes. You know, that kind of skirt is not too useful in combat (but it does look cool!). Vikings were not advanced at all in terms of weaponry and armors. They were quite rudimentary and basic.

      Leather jerkins were very usual, aswel as studded armor.

      Shields were round and big, and when I say big I really mean big (not some sort of dish with teeth).

      Also, they were not very familiar with polearms (just like the one you're seeing in the picture). In fact, they were used to short axes and swords. Their swords, by the way, had a very characteristic line in the middle of the blade (can't describe in english).

      Their helmets were also quite characteristics, not because of horns, but because of the nose and eye guards they had.

      Also, if you want to get a little bot mystic about it, I would speak about runes. Runes were important and I don't see any at all.

      Want me to speak more about vikings...? I feel like there is no need for me to explain what Viking lore is.

    34. Tsubaya on

      Really like they way she walks, imposing her charsima !

    35. Pierre-Yves, Midgard on

      I love it. the video. genius work. Please continue!!!

      I loved kobolds first, i was a kobold of course,i liked trolls too, i hated the pinky-faces, i loved dwarves for their beers, even if they do not share them as often as needed.
      Years after, when i rolled a female berserker, i chose a viking, female (trolls are dumb rocks, and women are smart), she was beautiful. Blonde and scary. Large jaws, dangerous smile, and great blue eyes, filled with cold rage.
      I named her Saraconnor (maybe not 200% roleplay here) but i still love her.

    36. Rory Phillips on

      @ Luke yeah the teeth midsection is a little distracting, I keep reading it as a mouth, I'm also worried if she bends forward she will injure herself.

    37. Jason (OldSkoo) on

      @Jason Low: I agree! She is one imposing warrior!

      Like the hair with the white streak. Plus, I loved the choice of Halberd for her - really imposing! The Mouth girdle/belt/wrap thingy was cool. You guys really no how to add little accents and extras to these models to bring them to life! I also liked her walk.

      I could see my wife playing a character just like this in big part because this isn't some character made to tantalize teen age boys but an intimidating viking warrior who happens to be female. Thanks for keeping out the nude/bikini style look!

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sands on

      Definitely a complete departure from the classic myths we all grew up loving. Loving all the tech behind it so far.

    39. Pierre-Yves, Midgard on

      Btw, Eirene's chest rework, it's the idea or it's me ?
      i like it.

    40. Vaeder (Mike B) on

      Love the concept art so far, and am EXTREMELY pumped for this. Re-subbed to DAOC just because I'm looking forward to this! Can't wait to be a part of Alpha, I'm so sick of WOW clones I can't stand it. A solid RvR game, no cookie cutter classes, balanced for the most part, but not by making everyone the same....hurry up and take my money on May 2nd. :)

    41. Dennis Hudson on

      I just had a thought to throw by you from looking at the concepts, and I can not remember anyone doing what I am about to suggest. What about tying in some kind of buff to the armor type, for instance if I had armor that the graphic was covered in spikes, that set would do small damage to aggressor upon hitting me, but as a trade off this armor would be difficult to move in so I would take a small stamina hit upon using my abilities, then there could be an all leather set which would provide a small increase in movement speed and alacrity but you loose penetration rating, then you could have an armor with a steel plate graphic which reduces my speed and alacrity slightly while increasing my penetration resist, etc, etc and mixing of different armor graphics would have a combination of effects. It would be neat to have the graphic of the armor actually provide a function.

    42. Kyle C. Rybski on

      I was so put off by the Tuatha piece, but this is gorgeous in every sense. Though, I hope the textures will be less pristine in the end, and have more of the rough quality in the concept art.

    43. Dreeb on

      @Johan and others

      You have to realize that you're looking at the very first concepts done for each of these races and genders. They probably had the artists go a bit more freestyle and got some models for you to look at. It's more of something to gauge how the graphics will look and how different the armor can be.

      I realize everyone wants to be a critic and you all have this aryan look in mind, but leave those comments for when the game is actually made and there's a forum for all of us backers.

      They're providing content for us for a game that might not even fund. At least they're trying to have some fund while designing these.

      I, for one, love their approach. Don't like the armor? Then choose some different armor to wear.

    44. [PRX] sklurb on

      I am SO GLAD to see a female character who is fully clothed and armored (and I am a guy!). I guess I can also thank the countless other developers out there who used Adamantium thongs in their heroine designs, because it gave my daughter (also a gamer) and I a chance to discuss modesty and how some wolves perceive and objectify women. THANK YOU Mark & Team!

    45. Paul ILLY on

      As I said earlier on JeuxOnline for the TDD character, what's impress me a lot is the quality of the animations. Even more if we imagine that it is just prototype! Well done guys.

    46. Hurog Mid/Lance on

      @ Eric they are asking for feedback...