Camelot Unchained

by City State Entertainment

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    1. Austin Parr (Faldrin / Goot) on

      Well done! As others have noted, it's nice to see armor true to the geographic area a viking would exist. The colors compliment very well and the feathers, teeth/claws are a nice accent.

      I only have a few minor critiques. I'd love to see more chain/plate/etc., as is visible in the legs. This is one of the things I really liked about armor in DAoC, it felt more real, but perhaps your direction is to be more fantastical. Along this line, the weapon is also good and more realistic with just a hint of surrealism. Lastly, the shoulders and bracers are great, subtle yet effective. My only concern here is that we'll start to see stupidly large and distractingly particle effects rich armor which is nearly as large as the character itself.

      In short, I have a great appreciation for at least some sense of realism and relatability when it comes to armor and weapons, which I loved about DAOC armor and weapons. This doesn't mean, however, that it they can't or shouldn't have subtle hints of fantastical elements. That's an important piece of this genre, after all.


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      Michael F on

      i kinda like the looks, maybe a bit "darker" would be cool but overall they're nice

      the movement for me seems a bit awkward at the moment, but those showings are probably more about the optic party at this state of development so keep up the hard work :)

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      James Bishop on

      Looks really good. Have to say I backed because of the gameplay from DaoC, but I'd be lying if the lore wasn't the main reason I initially bought that game.

      This looks awesome, and right in line with what I'd like to see from a Scandinavian-feel warrior.

      I know there is like, zero PvE planned, but I actually liked the quests and the hunting in DaoC. I wouldn't mind it all being in an RvR zone, but I wish there was a bit of that.

      Still, backed and excited.

    4. Michael Towson on

      Wow... that armor is awesome! Easily one of the coolest designs I've seen yet. I have to admit that I yawned a little when I heard that Vikings would be a playable faction, but if they're all this cool, I might end up joining this side. :)

      That aside, my favorite part of the video is actually the rubber duck that is drawn on the whiteboard. You guys crack me up.

    5. Harry Torque on

      I just love the concept art thus far! I'm sick and tired of the "gritty," monochromatic brown-hued palettes which seem to be a requirement for all serious games for the past ten years. Glad to see colors again!

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      raoul1338 on

      @Dennis Hudson: I don't think that permanent buffs that slow you down would stand a chance in RvR. "Longwind 1 + Endu Pot or GTFO" Having visual indicators for weapon/armor procs sounds interesting, though. I'd love to have craftable particle effects for weapons and armor.

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      Negura on

      @MJ - Many thanks for taking the time to reply and reassurances. Of course this early concept art.

      I think some of the magic of DAOC was that the lore was one of the truest to how it would've/should've been. I used to loved my Midgard from back then and they felt we/they every ounce Vikings. It was very believable, especially coming from this part of the world, and we were all fully transported into it.

      Much look forward taking up arms again in CU. I've been waiting a long for a follow-up such as this to be announced and I know it will be glorious.

    8. Dreeb on


      Yes, feedback. Not baffling remarks regarding their models.

    9. Michael Towson on


      Absolutely. I was thinking the same thing. Put the "fantasy" back in fantasy... I'm sick of overly serious color tones on armor.

    10. inkbear on

      Model looks awesome. But I must say that she walks like a drag queen. And some of my best friends are drag queens :p This model has too much "swagger" when she walks. Nobody would walk like that unless it was on a catwalk or in a music video. Other than that Amazing! Great work!

    11. Vervacious on

      Looks amazing. Thanks for the female form this time!

      Really like the streak I her hair and the quilted look of her lower wrap. The color scheme is also very appealing.

    12. Juan Tejerina Villamuera on

      @Eric Wold: Of course, please don't get me wrong.

      I just wanted to point the fact that the character does not look any Viking at all. I know Mark reads and ponders all the comments and I (as many) I'm just trying to be critic and help them improve.

      Congratulations for a great work are always nice, but they dont always help to do better. And I know Mark and the whole team want to make the best game possible. So while I understand everybody (including me) is excited about this new game: I try to remain calm and serious when I have to tell my opinion about something.

      Also, my second answer was directed to Luke, as he spoke to me as if I was speaking about vikings just because some film and not because I've been studying their lore for years :)

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      Ian Rutner on

      I assume this is a model of a viking wearing a particular type of armor. Could we see an animated prototype of the "naked" model as if it had no armor in game, and then swap to with this armor on? An important part of the realism in early DAOC was that basic armor and weapons looked quite plain. The lack of extravagance in early stages made things like epic armor designs and glowing weapons stand out later on. Personally I do like these designs, but I agree that they feel WOWish. If I was a Viking and I was just making some type of armor for survival (see low level/not much money) I doubt it would be anything this ornate. I would love to hear some more details about what the artists have in mind in regards to the progression of character looks from start to end game. Great work so far. Looking forward to every new update.

    14. KimGee on

      @Johan T. Raven If you watched the video and listened to what was said, they aren't going for the traditional/expected Viking look.

    15. Hunter Wild on

      Another fantastic model. I, too, thought the movement looked a bit awkward, possibly overly feminized. On the other hand, it's not a bulky and rigid motion. It definitely works well. I also greatly appreciate the 'scavenging and incorporating' aspect you mentioned and is visible here. Nice addition. There's definitely some decent verisimilitude with old Nordic style culture, especially in concept. I'm pretty damn excited to see this race get fleshed out some more. I played Midgard on five or six servers over the course of six years, so these are my guys. Keep it up.

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      raoul1338 on

      @Eric Wold: You are, of course, right. It does not do the artists justice to criticize the first art works that harsh. Yet this is what showing art works is done fore at such an early stage. It's a first hint of where things are going and a check if the community will like it. Now is the time to collect as much input as possible.
      As far as I read from the comments on the art work, most of it - including mine - is complaining on a very high level. If people were really worried about the art work, they would not argue about the horns on the shield or the length of the pole weapon.

    17. Kara on

      Wow, a lethal lady and she knows it :)

    18. Edward Shafer (Shibbi Shwing) on

      I for one was always a fan of DAoC's armor design, especially the "epic" armor. I like it when the armor looks like armor. The chainmail looks like chainmail; something authentic that provides protection. I liked that plate looked like plate, cloth like cloth, etc. I can't really tell what this is. I would prefer to see the armor become more like DAoC's, design wise. Maybe something class specific, yet not totally insane. I like the design a lot, but none of it feels very "Viking" to me.

    19. Harry Torque on

      @Magnus I actually noticed the swagger, and absolutely loved it. It's supposed to be a game, fantasy, not real life. I thought it looked like how Terrence Howard would play a female dapper viking - she's certainly dressed like it.

      Unique, daring, original concept. Love it. This is EXACTLY what KS is all about: can you imagine what EA/Activision suits would say if they saw that?

      And the animation is already top-notch on these concept videos, and this is only prototype...

    20. Olin on

      While I'm not a huge fan of the whole 'mouth on the stomach' look, overall that's a fantastic looking model. It's always nice to see armor that looks like armor instead of either beach-wear or some sort of strange mobile platform for gigantic shoulder-pads.

    21. Andy G on

      Cool. I like the concept art for the TDD and the Viking. I was interested to here the start of the story/lore that drives the design in this latest update. It would be good to have more story line / lore background to go along with the concept art.

    22. Mezzosaurus on

      @TDD and Viking Models
      What programs are you guys using to draw these models?

      Is it just me, or does the overall feel of them seem to be similar to Diablo 3 characters. They both share the same deeper coloring (yes the actual colors on the Viking are brighter, but the overall depth of color on TDD and Viking are both dark).

      How big are these characters going to be in perspective to the surrounding environments, weapons, etc. Nothing irks me more then either tiny characters (you cannot see any armor variety detail) or extreme zoom capabilities. I think this is one place DAoC excelled. Not only Class/Race identification, but gear identification. I can tell you pretty accurately what a characters armor most likely is when in combat. I can tell you at clip rage with about 95% accuracy what class race they are. I hope these are elements CU plans to bring to the table similarly.

      - Mezzo

    23. Juan Tejerina Villamuera on

      @KimGee. I watched the video, listened to what they said, and yet as a designer I am, I can see the obvious difference between a Viking design, a Viking resemblance design, and a Not-viking-at-all design.

      If you want to make an "evolution" of a concept, you have to make some winks to the classic concept that inspires this new design. And there is not a single glimpse of viking lore here.

      I'm not the only one saying it and it is not bad at all to point all the things that do not convince us at all.

      You guys think that when someone complains about something is just willing to troll around. But truth is that when someone takes its time in pointing out things that seem to be out of place, it is because they actually care about what they're seeing and think they can help to make it better.

      Don't take critics as trolling. Take them as honest attempts to make the game we all want, just a little better.

    24. Missing avatar

      blackdaze on

      I love it. Would only critique two things and both are in the concept drawing. I think it would look better if the teeth were longer on the belt and if it were red. Also, I like the armored skirt in the concept where it was basically covering 2/3 of the legs rather than 1/2. Those are my only thoughts.

    25. Missing avatar

      Negura on

      @Edward Shafer: I also agree with your view.

      I've seen many other games going a bit over-creative, and sometimes it's starting to blur who and what one is representing in a fight, which also contributes to that sense of belonging and then later on growing onto one as realm pride.

      Actually history and real lore is such a great resource that's readily available. And it's believable because all of that was created of harsh reality and embedded by the nature and the conditions of those times. I think getting that into the game in DAOC was both very smart and probably most efficient too.

    26. Pamela Lunsford on

      I love the armor and clothing but there is an awful lot of hip action going on there. Makes her look like someone playing at being a viking hero to attract male attention. That's not me. That walk would be very irritating over time. Tweak it a little and I'm sold.

    27. Ben Overmyer on

      Historical vikings were fond of jewelry (both men and women), rich furs, and other exhibits of wealth. They also had strong geometric designs in their clothing and other designs.

      While I do enjoy the scavenger concept, I'd like to see a little more of the historical viking flavor brought in.

    28. René Skyggebjerg (Freudinio) on

      As a Dane, I too would love to see more of the jewelry and fur brought to life in the viking race. Perhaps as a part of some sort of "epic armor (hi DAoC!)" or something like that, something that shows a form of stature among your peers.

      A bigger focus on shields would also be in line with the Viking way.

    29. Jason Beck on

      For a fresh and new look on vikings, I am pretty impressed by this first prototype. The concept of the Vikings being more 'scavenger' type people after the world has blown up is alright by me. I just think we need a bit more muscle here. I mean, we're talking about Vikings here! Even though this viking lady has a lovely halberd to ruin her foes with, it has to look like she's not afraid to get in there bare handed and finish the job with her bare hands!

      Great job so far CSE. Keep up the hard work!

    30. Tom M. on

      Very talented crew! Thanks for sharing

    31. Matthew Clark McKee on

      @Edward Shafer: I agree with you while heartedly. It looks stylish, stunning even, but not a bit like a Viking. I can't see any evolution from traditional Viking garb to this in any way, shape, or form. The concept of a scavenger is obviously seen, but I do not see anything of Viking culture here, and it makes me quite sad. The thought of Vikings doing bloody battle against Arthurian knights makes everyone in here happy. Sure, change up the scheme, evolve it a bit, but leave some of the tradition in it. It also helps build community( Like #Negura said) by giving everyone a sense of culture and unity.

    32. Barn Bocock on

      Would be great to have this as a little statue on my desk :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Anthony Charles Butterfield on

      I think we could get way too hung up on the historical look of medieval gear. I like the "high fantasy" look of both the TDD and Viking designs - as long as they don't go so far over the top they stop looking like functional armor.

      As a side note: the TDD are the race that birthed the Gael's gods. I wonder if it wouldn't be more fitting to call the Vikings "Aesir" instead to maintain some parallels... and that would fit with the fantasy look.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christian DeMarco Wilson on

      Okay I am pretty happy now. Her armor is not a chain bikini and the art direction is pretty dang cool. Her hip swagger is bit overdone tho. The art direction is pretty consistsnt which is cool. The TDDand the viking look like they live in the same world.

    35. D Yashkir(Thelg/Tlear) on

      Way too cartoonish for me, really do not like it much. Why not stick with more realistic armor atleast to start? Then you can add ridiculous looking armor later as the UBER awesome armor. Also walk.. god please no.

      FOR MIDGARD! :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Christian DeMarco Wilson on

      ADDENDUM: on the pic with the dwarf... is that some sort of cat person in the lower left corner?

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sands on

      I see a huge amount of talent in this preview. Seeing as the art is the last thing to go in this game they have more then enough time to find that "nailed it" spot. I'm very excited for this team. Go get 'em guys!

    38. Missing avatar

      Mormaer on

      These are great pieces of art, but I'm not too fond of the style for this game and its setting. I would like to see more of the realism that DAOC exhibited. I'm not saying that I want to strike out all of the fantasy elements of the art or that it has to be “stereotypical,” I just want to see something more down to earth. Second to the RvR, the lore was my favorite thing about DAOC. It drew from Scandinavian/Celtic/Arthurian mythology so there was the fantasy element, but it also had a gritty realism to it. It was an enchanting mythological world that I could still relate to. With these pieces of art, I don't feel a strong connection to that lore. As a youth at the time, and to this day, that lore was/is inspiring and captivating.

      This is my opinion, and it's not a deal breaker or anything, just some hopes/wants for the game.

    39. Missing avatar

      Drew on

      Wow, I really like that model. Once again, amazing work with a 12k cap on polygons.

    40. Missing avatar

      Branwell on

      Very glad the artists chose to actually armor the female models and not make them just naked eye candy. However, I agree with some of the other remarks that the "hip sway" strut of the walk seems exaggerated and a bit out of place.

      I did want to bring up a general concern. I very much hope the artists don't conceptualize just armor sets. One model standing alone looks great, but when there are hundreds of people wandering around with exactly the same gear we as players lose that uniqueness we all want to feel in game. The ability to put together armor pieces (and weapons) in unique ways and expressing our particular brand of "badassery" is one of those things that makes players feel epic. Also--one of the HUGE things that worked well in early DAoC were being able to dye pieces of armor to either express individual identity OR guild solidarity. Emblems and dyes made it so that some groups were instantly identifiable on the battle field. Another form of epic I'd like to see again.

    41. Nathan Pyle on

      I love it, it looks like a viking to me. I also love that the females aren't running around in chain bikini's as well. Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to see your take on the other races. Keep them coming please!

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zillmann on

      Ok! Like the functionality of the armor. Love how her boobs are not the main focus and are in proportional to her body. Like the wicked hair to. Tho I didnt think Vikings spent that much time on catwalks. I figured a more mean "take you to school" walk works better. Tho perhaps a "special walk" would be a good idea! Over all great job.

    43. Jason (OldSkoo) on

      haha love the ducks, on the hat, the drawing board, what other ones did I miss?

    44. Nathan Pyle on

      Side note: I feel like someone on the design team is a fan of the movie How to train your dragon. I see some nods to Astrid and the color schemes found in the movie.

    45. Daedus on

      Once again, looks better while animated. Design is too much cartoon for me.

    46. Potato Girl on

      One again, an update video ends with a duck on someone's head. Mind control of the CSE team by their Anatidae Overlords? Perhaps it was extra-dimensional ducks form another universe who "pierced the veil" to our world...

    47. Etra on

      Looking great, I appreciate a female model in actual armor.

      - Concept piece two / label "H" -
      Please god, tell me that's a re-envisioned Valkyn!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Kedea on

      hate the walk, don't care for the tooth belt ( I'd prefer not to impale myself on the field of battle, thank you) I agree with others that it looks a bit cartoonish. Love the armor (other than that belt!) and the color's.

    49. Thomas Kulik Jr on

      Looked pretty good. They probably could look a touch more realistic but overall I liked it.

    50. Doug Rohm on

      You guys rock. That model animation looked incredible! I can't wait for more...