Camelot Unchained

by City State Entertainment

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      david kerns on

      @Amy Rankin - I find it ironic that you're happy the women have real armor and not a skimpy swimming suit and then look at your KS avatar.
      As an RP player, I too like that the women sport real armor and not some leather G-string, but even hardened warriors don't sleep in the stuff, there should be a difference between wearing armor and not.

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      Zbigniew Szczudlik on

      I'm stunned at how the last concept art was turned into the model. It looks awesome! Also, I like the idea of departing from the common notion of how a Viking should look like. They need to be different from other Vikings in other games.

      BTW, the only cartoon-like art is the third one from the top. But still, it's a CONCEPT, not a finished model in a finished environment, so I don't know what the fuss is all about...

    3. Amy (Ayachi) on

      I'm starting to look forward to seeing what position those ducks will be in at the start of each video. lol I love all the detail in the artwork and character models.

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      Corinthian on

      I spy a dwarf in that thar concept art!

    5. Desterion on

      The sharktooth belt is an interesting concept and it would be a nice touch as long as it's not overused. The hairstyles remind me of 80s bands and I think they could use a few more normal or traditional ones to go in with it. Overall though I really like the general art direction for armor and stuff. The individual pieces look great and flow together very well. I just hope there are some options as well for those who don't want the full brutish and aggressive kind of shields+weapons. Some of it feels maybe too ornamented.

    6. Tommy Amundsen on

      That girl had a duck on her head in the end of the video lol.

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      Christian Jurczyk on

      I have to say that those concepts and the character don't look like vikings at all and I really hope that you guys do not go all over the top in regards to avoiding "standard stereotypes" of the different realms.

      The down-to-earth and gritty look of DAoC really appealed to me, most of the stuff looked very functional, but was still aesthetically pleasing with runes/colours and motivs but without purely ornamental spikes and thingies on the shoulders / the back.

      Although I mostly played Hibernia (I have to admit that I rather like the more organic look of the TDD - Imho it has it'S place in that realm) I am really looking forward to the concepts of Albion, hoping for some nice platemail and knightly things.

      Keep up the awesome work!

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      craig lenell on

      PLEASE please please do not make the classes look like cartoons. This is not anime and I truly believe the less cartoonish the better.

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      Branden Johnsen on

      Very nice looking! Really hope you keep the female armor and clothing as practical as this and no chain mail bras(or the like).

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      John Tilka on

      Concept art and models are looking great. I am really enjoying the unique take on Vikings. Don't listen to the naysayers; I personally feel that it's better to have a stylized art direction rather than succumb to churning out another run-of-the-mill "McFantasy" setting.

    11. Dennis Hudson on

      So, is Mark trying to get all of his ducks in a row but Andrew keeps moving them around as is the typical relationship between visionary and technical? lol

    12. Mance on

      While I like the look of the above model, I think straying too far from the stereotypes can be a bad thing as well. These concepts are great, and I understand the reasoning behind scavenging and incorporating whatever they kill or find into their armor based on the cataclysmic event in the setting. That said, it would also be nice to see a bit more emphasis on more traditional elements that are associated with vikings in these designs. Either historically accurate (per Earth), or even the inaccurate 'death meta' viking stereotype. Sometimes change for change sake (setting out to "stray away from the stereotype") isn't what people want. Sometimes, people like the stereotype. Just a thought.

    13. GLO on

      Again the 3D model looks good for a prototype, but I wish more realistic approach with the armour and movement. Thick, layered furs perhaps, not so spiky.

    14. Rory Phillips on

      @johan I have to agree (also as a designer) Stylistic choices aside, there just needs to be more of a nod to Viking motifs and style. These are gorgeous designs, but they are just not reading as Viking to me.

    15. Palad1n on

      When I think of these Vikings, I also think about smithing and other crafting professions they tend to utilize. While I can appreciate their use of scavenged parts on their gear, they should also have the ability to create a variety of items that give some diversity.

      I do not think all of their gear, armor, weapons, etc, should based on largely scavenged pieces like bones and what not. Add in some hard metal steel and hides, solid wood shields, etc. Not everything needs to look adorned with bones, teeth, etc.

      Again, it's just a variety that is always key, as much as I would probably enjoy trying a viking, I think they could look a lot more cooler and menacing then what is shown in the video. Too pretty a face on this female character, it should have a little roughness to it, especially if they are out trying to rebuild and make a living after this terrible event.

    16. oGGe on

      Try taking a bit more influence from the type of animals we have here in the north, Wolfs, Bears, Elks and the "real" Vikings were of the sea.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jocelyn Zeller on

      Great work.
      However,in term of style (I'm not talking about vikings, juste style/mood) I have to say I was expecting something darker. You might know the work of Donato Giancola or Karl Kopinski (worked on Warhammer Online). Here are some examples:
      Also Dave Rapoza Knights

      What's the texture/polycount/materials/.../ budget for a character, including stuff ? Are you planing to do facials?

      Hope you don't mind some critics.

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      Markus on

      Why does the viking look more like a TDD than the TDD concept itself? Please consider a more realistic style over all. If you dont believe people want that put up a poll and ask what we want.

      For the Vikings you should look at the HBO show named Vikings. That would be a pretty good computer game viking. I would love to have a simple leather or chain hauberk, a round shield and a one handed single bladed axe. Oh, we also need BEARDS. Less feathers and more vikings please.

      Less is more. We are tired of over sized wow items.

    19. Bear Powell on

      Not a big fan of the concept art so far as I am seeing too much of a Avatar: The Last Airbender look or even a Yoshitaka Amano art styling which to me doesn't inspire a "Viking" look. I do like the idea for your interpretation when it comes to using what they kill ala "Monster Hunter" to make equipment. In the drawings they seem too Asian styled, but it is early so hopefully that will change. I prefer my Vikings to be rugged and have looked like they are constantly warring to make their lives mean something.

    20. Solaris on

      I love the art direction that has been shown so far, including the Vikings. However, I would also make the Vikings a little more traditional. More browns, leather, etc. Vikings don't need the scales and horns on their gauntlets. Vikings are more raw power and spirit. The female models look good imo, but the men look too effeminate for Vikings. They would be fine for elves! :P

    21. Jean-Francois on

      I love the art.
      Keep up the good work.

    22. Markus Klein (Daimonion) on

      I wanted to wait a bit longer and see a bit more, before i pledge, but i feel, that i have to write a comment on that!

      First of all, biggest respect to the design work. It looks great and i dont want to criticise artist at all, but... many other pepole already said, the style does not really fit for me. I hoped have a more mature feeling and a more puristic style.

      What i miss here is to see the war that is going on. I want dirty, ugly, sweaty (juk!) vikings. There only decoration is a big beard (men only ofc. ;) ) and a huge hammer... maybe some scars.

      Have to courage to make the models ugly! I demand ugly PCs! Fat ones, old ones and scruffy ones.

      When i "zoom out" from the battle, i want to see that it is a war, not a show off on the catwalk.

      So my personal summary is: Make chars uglier, less decoration, less cartoon/mass orientation and over all more dark and mature.

      Thats what i would prefer.

      respectful MK

    23. Kim Harder Fog on

      More or less what Markus Klein said, but I'll add on top of that. Make sure there a great variety in the available beard and hairstyles, especially the amount of different options. Often I see games only have a few options there, and that kinda kills the customization.

    24. Melanie J (Colfy) on

      that is badass .. an actual woman warrior look. Not skimpy clothing that one would never wear in a real battle like how most mmo's dress female toon.. WTG @CSE

    25. oGGe on

      I drawings are good, but as someone mentioned before, it looks like they are going to a costume party, not to WAR.

      I'd buy it if this was the clothing they wear to their weddings, but after being battle for 20 mins the outfit would look completely different.

    26. Lasse Lysdahl on

      Guys add cloakes to your modeld! we want to show off guild emblems ! show off Oure Pride!
      and for dyes we want to Dye alle armor.
      Lets say i want to be all Black i can just dye it all Black. (many games that have a dye funktion can only dye outlines ect. we want to dye Oure armor in Oure guild spirit.

    27. Frederik on

      I love the style!

    28. Lasse Lysdahl on

      here is a pic from The Vikings it really got the feal of Nordic Vikings that are on a ride

    29. Red Shard on

      I think this looks great!!
      the scavenging incorporated to armor concept is great, and the overall look is just badass!!

    30. Dieedi Do on

      waoh, this one is wonderful :D (Midgard fan yes)
      I really hope we will see a dwarf in-game :p

    31. Richard Ervik on

      Please add armor with fur for the vikings. anyway its looks good

    32. Missing avatar

      Etienne Albiez on

      Perhaps it's a cultural problem between people who like the concept and the ones who don't. I would also prefer more fur then feathers more decent teeth and a less styled hair. If that's not too much work I would suggest to make a second more street/wildlife looking concept art and then make a little poll. To be able to say what's better, you sometimes need a comparison.

    33. Marco Cerri on

      Like many other, I am also for the traditional clothing.
      It's not a bad idea add some new custom elements but i think that the basic line of tradition there should be anyway.
      I know that Mark was clear in his first video when he said that there would be a new vision but I think you staff guys really need to do a poll on that before proceed on this path.

      BTW what armor should be that ? Cloth, Leather ?

    34. Jere Manninen

      Looks really great! :)

    35. Slaughty8 on

      If the last image shows the future in-game models, I can't wait! This is exactly what I was waiting for! Let's wait for Arthurians *_*

    36. Missing avatar

      Duskstrider on

      Looks great for a first start.

      I'd also vote for an "as realistic as possible" - approach. If this means I get dark, greyish/brownish dirty looking models with broken armor... fine with me. PLEASE not too much comic style (even if it's probably easier to implement), PLEASE no boobs, no bras and as little exaggeration as possible.

      We're talking about a DARK age and a GRIM conflict. Let the models mirror this.

      Greetings from Germany,


    37. Dennis Hudson on

      If you wanted opinions I think you got them Mark :) Marco had a good idea with the polls, I think there is an easy way to add them on the CU facebook page and they would be an easy way to get condensed feedback on ideas at a glance. I also noticed there were 5,363 backers on here and only 4007 likes on the CU Facebook so if you want more interaction check out .

    38. Magikat on

      Oooooh me likes!! This is exactly what I have been looking for - just begging for a larger shield for my shieldmaiden ;-)

    39. Wakedi (Uthgard/Hib) on

      I would not say this is bad, but I also add my vote for the "more realistic and less cartoon please" :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Olaf von Maikowski on

      Please create more realistic and "dark" styling concepts... i dont like this toon stuff...

      And i hope u guys r working on dwarvs and big trolls... ;-)

    41. David Kuhl on

      This is a great first view on what's yet to come from the vikings. I really love the northern Mythology but played Hibernia in DAoC Because i found Midgard to be too grau and brown all the way. This however is a great pieve of concept art and i really like how you incorporate other colors and the general "scavenger"-look of this Viking. Keep up the good work!

    42. Thomas Kopf on

      All in all I am ok with the style. Just add a little more dirt and dust on cheeks and clothing ;) If the colours get too gaudy the line is very thin where you drift into that popcorn comic look.

      Maybe that's the reason why i reduce colour on my TV while looking Star Trek Classic Series :P

    43. Ulfh on

      Great models and a nice fluent animation! I have no doubt about the artwork team being able to deliver a really beautiful game.

      Things I like discuss:

      1.) No scrawny dwarfs
      I notice there is a dwarf model in the concept art. He looks very scrawny to me! Please don't give dwarfs a weak physical appearance like DAOC did. Picture a blacksmith he has big arms from swinging a hammer all day long. Then ask yourself who usually works the smithy... that's right the dwarfs.

      2.) Armor types
      Armor types are important in so many ways. (cloth, leather, chain/scale, plate)
      First it adds a sense of realism in facts like the Vikings didn't have plate armor.
      It helps you identify opponents quickly in combat. For example he has plate so he can't be a mage. This is one part I believe is going to mess with peoples heads in eldar scrolls online.

      3.) Realism
      Don't be afraid to turn the "bling" down a bit.

      4.) Awesome scavenging idea for Vikings

      Keep up the good work,
      Random Swede

    44. Christoph aka Runental on

      Totally agree with marcus Klein: many other pepole already said, the style does not really fit for me. I hoped have a more mature feeling and a more puristic style.

      What i miss here is to see the war that is going on. I want dirty, ugly, sweaty (juk!) vikings. There only decoration is a big beard (men only ofc. ;) ) and a huge hammer... maybe some scars.

      Have to courage to make the models ugly! I demand ugly PCs! Fat ones, old ones and scruffy ones.

      When i "zoom out" from the battle, i want to see that it is a war, not a show off on the catwalk.

      So my personal summary is: Make chars uglier, less decoration, less cartoon/mass orientation and over all more dark and mature.

      MAKE VIKINGS JUST DIRTY, they are rough, fatt, long hair and ugly... a simply bear fur as cloak and you guys cant do anything wrong.

    45. Christoph aka Runental on

      Btw, dont vare so much about the catwalk style cse team? Did you know most uthgard ppl play with the old models?

    46. Martin Lotz (Gothial, Athalos) on

      Hey CSE
      I really like your models so far. Majestic TDD's and resourceful and fierce Vikings.
      I very much like your idea of the Vikings as a people use everything from their hunts and salvage things to improve their gear and other stuff, because that is exactly what the real Vikings did.
      Big fan of that because it connects CU with the lore and people the game will represent and that makes it more "realistic" in my world.
      I know that this model is the first you've shown us from the Vikings and I very much like the look of it, I do hope you intend to add several different looks in terms of armor and gear. Maybe even make the armor customizable to the player so you're able to add details to your armor yourselves. (Fur hooded cloak).
      I know you intent to add dyes so you might already be thinking about this gear customization.
      Hope you all will have a nice weekend and I am looking forward to the next update ;)
      - Martin

    47. Missing avatar

      Thommy Bommen on

      I agree with most of the comments that there is a bit of viking actually missing. Too much bling and cartoon, too little dirt and viking

    48. Slaughty8 on

      Just please don't follow "as much realistic as possible" type of art. Keep it the way you are doing now, because dull and gray graphic = no fun, no aesthetic at all. Game must be relaxing, if you want reality, stay with reality, dont play games.

    49. Missing avatar

      Duskstrider on

      Yeah, ugly models please. I have seen enough 120/50/100-girlies in my MMORPG-career.

      Hell, this is gonna be a NICHE game. So have the courage to fill this niche. Don't borrow too much style from other games. Give us ugly realism. GIve us dirt, blood and sweat.


    50. Marco Cerri on

      @Slaughty8 : We don't want reality, we just want the basic line of a Viking. This model has little or nothing of viking.
      It's a great model but honestly, would you call it Viking if you would not know that is called like this?