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Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
Camelot Unchained is a counter-revolutionary RvR-focused MMORPG from Mark Jacobs and CSE set in a post-apocalyptic yet familiar world.
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    1. City State Entertainment Creator on

      [MJ] And BTW, limited doesn't mean 5 people. Just saying. Again, I can't emphasize enough that this is a big world. Please don't stress on the thought that your houses will be burned down every night. It isn't going to work that way unless your realm isn't working together at all. Also, burning down a house won't be like it was in the video of course. :)

    2. Seth Corduan (JaironKalach) on

      @Huggy - Brilliant... Mine is going to be rainbows and Unicorns.

    3. Apsord on

      @box You'd want to keep your enemies starved, that's reason enough to raid them. Besides, you want your mines as close to the front lines as possible to keep the supplies at the ready.

    4. Abrham (Kythadrin) on

      @KimGee He already said the materials for Custom houses wouldn't be available to anyone else or craftable.

    5. Gio Gonzalez on

      I guess the "bubbles" could be a safer area to put a house or fortification when the safe zones are over-populated

    6. Missing avatar

      Tezeta on

      don't forget to post this update on different Minecraft forums/ sites aswell :)

    7. Laeesh on

      @Quantum i will go out ring the neighboors bell and tell him no matter what haha

    8. KimGee on

      I'm hoping there will be enough plots in safe zones to accommodate all the Living Large backers if they choose to build in safe zones (shouldn't force people into safe zones if they don't want that). If materials can be salvaged from the destruction of these homes, that could be an exploit.

    9. Huggy-DGB on

      Living Large Buyer: I want my house to be on fire and look like it was attacked by vikings so everyone will leave it alone. :-D

    10. Quantum on

      now that the update has come out ... lets all get out there and spread the word ! forums, ingame, twitter, facebook, steam, youtube,, your guilds , etc

    11. Laeesh on

      i think it´s important to know that your buildings will burn no matter what (outside the safezone) but this fluctuation is a need for vital fighting and building

    12. SchlitzerMcGörg on

      I must agree to amy :(

    13. boxfetish [Mr. Safety] on

      Safe zones: I really hope that there is very limited space there and that most people cannot build their houses there because there is just not enough space. Suppose all 5,000 players on a server have the money and inclination to build a house and do so. Surely, they cannot all build 5000 houses in the "very small" amount of safe zone?

      Mines: I guess I don't understand how this will work. I keep hearing that they will be big enough and rich enough that realm-mates won't fight over them or monopolize them. But, if that's true then doesn't that mean that different realms won't fight each other for them either because, again, there will be plenty of mines and materials to go around.

      How will we keep resources rare enough that *separate* realms will constantly fight over mines, but not so rare that realm-mates will also bicker about/camp/monopolize them?

    14. Apsord on

      I can picture fierce battles in the borders of guild's houses.

    15. Amine on

      @Seth: a Mother Ducking boat!

    16. Pierre-Yves, Midgard on

      Nice update guys ! Continue this good work

      <3 you all the 12 at CSE.

    17. Bradley Daniel Cavanagh on

      Because if you build your house somewhere safe but are always on the front lines, whats the point? To me, a house is something to have IN or near my guilds keep. My "house" is wherever there is blood to be shed for my realm!

    18. Shawk on

      Like MJ said the world is very large.. sounds like even the safe area will be very large too.

    19. Geus on

      @amy your looking for a guild guild :P let me no lol

    20. Bradley Daniel Cavanagh on

      @Amy thats just my understanding. I may be entirely wrong. But you have to think about this - he said housing that is made will decay over time if left unattended. You build your house near your guild keep so you are able to help defend it, whats the issue? This game is meant to inspire you to fight and have realm pride....that means people will want to attack our housing and we will have to fight them off!

    21. Amine on

      already up boated

    22. Abrham (Kythadrin) on

      @Amy Get into a good guild, they'll keep you safe.

    23. Ice Queen on

      Really not liking the "Limited" housing in safe zone. Will have to think on it a bit.

    24. Glavar (Alb, Guin) on

      @Michael Wyant - Bloody Vikings, I bet they attack with "spam" too!

    25. Bradley Daniel Cavanagh on

      @Jason thank god because I used to be an adventurer and make a lot of gold, but then I took an arrow to the knee

    26. Jason (OldSkoo) on

      @Bradley: You'll get a founder's discount ;)

    27. Shawk on

      Upvote, get attention to this game! Even 1 new backer makes it worth it.

    28. Bradley Daniel Cavanagh on

      @Michael Wyant LOL damn Vikings.

    29. Tarsir on

      @MJ How limited are the safe zones? Will they run out in the first few months, leaving everyone else in the Wild West, or will you make enough space that everyone who wants a fortress of solitude can have one?

      How expensive is a plot? Will I have to toil away for months before I can own my own? Can I buy one fresh out of character creation? Is it possible to sell plots to other players, or back to the realm?

    30. Defari (Roger) on


      I agree with what you've said
      gonna be great to work with CSE to build/customize your own house.
      And that you don't have to be a crafter class to build it up (again).
      However, I'm just wondering, how big the difference compared to the "normal" houses will be due to the fact that there are not templates and everybody's able to customize its own house. I really would like to know what kind of special items we could expect ;)
      @MJ I know you've said that as well regarding the special items, I'm sure you gonna have some really nice ideas

    31. Michael Wyant on

      Some things we learned from the Video:

      1 - Arthurians aren't made of triangles, they are made of sticks
      2 - Vikings like to play with fire
      3 - Build as far away from Vikings as possible
      4 - Blueprint your home or your best structure, just in case of Vikings

    32. Bradley Daniel Cavanagh on

      @Jason I'm sure based on where I know my house will end up I will be a frequent customer

    33. Abrham (Kythadrin) on

      @MJ Is building on allowed above ground?

    34. Bradley Daniel Cavanagh on

      @MJ any confirmation on goods going up in flames?? Also great update!

    35. Ice Queen on

      I don't mind if I can 1 home in a safe zone, but having to have my home in a rvr zone, kinda makes me wondering if I'm going to like that part of the game at all, since housing is something I enjoy.

    36. Jason (OldSkoo) on

      @Bradley: I guess my crafter will make a lot of money making furniture then lol

    37. City State Entertainment Creator on

      [MJ] Michael Wyant - Exactly!

    38. Bradley Daniel Cavanagh on

      @Jason - it has been suggested that your belongings in the house go up in flames too, possible money sink

      @Michael Wyant - housing space in the safe zone is going to be super limited from my understanding

    39. City State Entertainment Creator on

      [MJ] Another thing to keep in mind is that this is going to be a big world. The smart realms will go out and build forts, towers, keeps, etc. And the purpose of those will be to help keep the settlers and their homes safe. Again, think big spaces, very limited insta-travel, etc.

    40. Glavar (Alb, Guin) on

      @Michael - That is exactly what I had in mind as well.

    41. Joe Maiers on

      @Jason ... Good look sir. I'd hope they go ton a central bank or treasurer? *I'd hope*

    42. Striefer on

      Whoa, I can picture a fortress guarding the entrance to a super mine. Wow that would be quite the hot spot.

    43. Seth Corduan (JaironKalach) on

      @Michael Wyant - I can imagine building "long-houses" of sorts to house the troops.

    44. Jason (OldSkoo) on

      @Joe: That would be my preference too. I guess the next question I'd have if your house is burned down do the contents go to a holding spot or do they go up in flames too?

    45. Michael Wyant on

      I'm going to have a main home in the safe zone, and I imagine a frontier home / battle encampment where the daily forces are, this is going to be great!

    46. Geus on

      @Amy and no detail on guard for your house or city how it will work beside. you can hire them

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