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    1. Missing avatar


      Hi, I pledged for the admiral edition. So is the Mars board additional to the board in the standard game, in other words I will get 2 boards. I had assumed this was the case.

      to pledge Admiral and not get at least the base game would be dissapointing

    2. John Cross

      @ PlanBee - Not only is the Mars board a separate board from the standard edition, the Mars board sounds like it has two sides that can be played on like the standard board. Right now we only have the shots of one side, the other is still a big mystery! With the Admiral pledge, you are doubling the amount of maps you get to choose from.

    3. Sz.Istvan Collaborator on

      @PlanBee: the Mars board is additional of course. :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      KS on

      I have a question/concern.

      Will the Admirial's Edition items be available to purchase in the future at a con, your web site, bgg or something? Just curious mostly so Retail buyers and such still have the option to enjoy the Admirals version.

    5. Korona Games 4-time creator on

      @KS: all the KS exclusive stretch goals and the numbered Admiral Box won't be available in retail versions nor from the website. The items of the box is not exclusive yet, but the future is depending on the success of the current campaign...