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Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
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    1. yeahtzin 1 day ago

      Ready for the next update ;)

    2. Korona Games Creator 2 days ago

      Great news guys! We are doing the final testing of pledge manager at this moment. We will be ready to launch this week!!
      I know it's a pretty delay according to June but we want to deliver perfect stuff. And it will be so...

    3. Missing avatar

      Mario Sánchez on July 14

      thats horrible!!!, i want it now, jejeje :D

      great job korona

    4. Missing avatar

      Mario Sánchez on July 14

      thats horrible!!!, i want it now, jejeje :D

      great job korona

    5. Korona Games Creator on July 13

      @Mario Sánchez: as the work goes on it would be possible shipped in October.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mario Sánchez on July 13

      i saw the video.
      the ame looks awesome, cant wait to play it

      when you think the shipment will be complete?

    7. Korona Games Creator on July 12

      Good news! We opened the prototype and shooted a video, which will be released very soon! Good stuff, it really worths 3 and half minutes from you life.

    8. Korona Games Creator on July 9

      Hi volks! Due to some unpleasent and unforeseenable circumstance, we are still not ready with pledge manager. First, we wanted to cooperate a well-known company, but it was a very slow process, thus we decided to build an own, reasonable system. We are working on it for weeks, and it seems to come to an end quite soon, but the situation was pretty similar ten days ago...
      Don't worry we are going to arrange this job and you will be able to upgrade your pledge as you want!

    9. Korona Games Creator on July 2

      @Fredrik, you are right, it has not succeed yet. Man plans, God decides. We are still preparing, and I will declare the date when it's sure. Hopefully very-very soon...

    10. Fredrik Baberg on July 2

      Hi, any progress on the pledge manager? Last information I saw was that it would be launched during the month (June).

    11. Korona Games Creator on June 28

      @David Beyer: Yes, any warlord could be damaged even in the mothership. On the other hand you can use the abilities of a warlord or be healed when already placed on board,

    12. David Beyer
      on June 28

      @Korona, had a new question as I looked through some of the card abilities:

      Can powers which "Deal 1 damage to a warlord" regardless of position deal damage to a warlord still in the reserve ship, or only warlords that have been placed? (Specific example would be C05 - R.C. Headhunter) I could see both sides of this as it would feel odd to damage a warlord hanging out up in space, but on the other hand if not it would make abilities like C05 useless in that situation. Thank you for the help . . .

    13. David Beyer
      on June 22

      @Korona, Thank you for the answers. You are correct about the Astralmech card. I discovered where I saw the incorrect iconography. On the very last page of the rulebook at the bottom, there is a picture of the Astralmech card where it only shows 3 bursts, but the actual card does indeed have 4. Thank you again

    14. Korona Games Creator on June 22

      @David Beyer: thanks for your inquiry, it's nice to see how interesting could be Hexpanse for you.
      1. No, you can increase the income by one level per action.
      2. Yes, right. You can check at point 5.4. referring to warlord unit that it will be destroyed when reaches skull icon and gets another damages.
      3. Definately.
      4. Minor units always go to the recovery ship when is damaged.
      5. Heinlein's Squad works like a standard mercenary unit, you can purchase from the market. You will get 3 tokens with it, instead one. Otherwise, they behave as any other mercenary, put on the board and remove from the game when they are destroyed.
      6. In this case, when you heal your warlord including all the same icon, the warlord don't need to be adjacent, so it can be anywhere on the board, but not in the reserve. When the warlord is in the reserve, it can be attacked but not to be healed.
      7. Astralmech destroys 4 units in the enemy's reserve or attack 3 territories on board. I controlled in the PnP file, and the icongraphy seems to be correct. Where did you find there is only 3 units to eleminate in the reserve?

    15. David Beyer
      on June 21

      @Korona, read through the rules last night and had a few questions:

      1.) Can you increase your income level by more than 1 step in a single action? Ex: Could I increase from 1 to 3 by paying appropriate amount in 1 action? If so, would it be: A) 5 hxlm (2 to go to level 2 + 3 to go to level 3, OR B) Just 3 hxlm to go to level 3?

      2.) Warlord's are destroyed when their health reaches ZERO, correct? (The rulebook currently states they are destroyed when it reaches 1)

      3.) Taking a warlord action counts as 1 of your 2 actions for the turn, correct? Ex.: I cannot take 2 actions from top of the list AND take a warlord action in same turn (without some type of combo chaining that is).

      4.) Do all MINOR units (minor and "minor faction" units) go to the recovery ship when destroyed? There are several places where I feel like the rules sometimes state that they do, and other places where it says they are removed from game like mercenaries.

      5.) Can you explain more C23 "Heinlein's Squad" ? Where do you gain the 3 mercenary units from? Do you have to own them from the market already? Do you get up 3 from the market? Are they generic units, or do they have a card ability somehow (see market question)? If they are specific units, I understand they don't get their placement ability, but could I use any recurring actions on them later?

      6.) For M06 "Cymurai", does your warlord need to be adjacent in order to heal, or can it be anywhere on the board (or in your reserve for that matter)?

      7.) For KS02 "Astralmech", the text and example both explain attacking FOUR units from reserve, but the iconography on the card seems to only show THREE bursts. Which one is the correct amount?

      Thank you

    16. Korona Games Creator on June 20

      1. All units must be on board which carrying out an action. There is one kind of exception, only passive ability: normal unit and warlord can be attacked on the mothership (reserve). But even a warlord could not do any action from the mothership. Mercenaries and minor units cannot be attacked in reserve.
      2. You are able to change any units are on board, own or enemy. It makes much fun when you exchange two enemy units and cause trouble both at same time.

    17. John Cross
      on June 19

      Two questions about the "exchange" action:
      1. Do both units have to be on the board? For example, could I exchange one unit on the board with another unit in my reserve?
      2. Do you have to change places with your own units? Can I exchange places with an enemy unit?
      2a. As a follow up question to 2., can I have two enemy units exchange places?

    18. DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage.
      on June 16

      Never mind just scrolled down.

    19. DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage.
      on June 16

      Any word on when the pm is coming?

    20. John Cross
      on June 15

      Thanks for the reply. It does help if I pay attention when I read over the rules. The warlord bit was clearly in there!

    21. Korona Games Creator on June 15

      @John: We have already changed Westwood description to this: Attack a territory anywhere on the board. It's clear and simple, without unnecessary and ambiguous words.
      I did a mistake with the warlord (thanks to my tiredness), they are out of the game when their health went to zero. This is one method to win the game: eliminate the enemies' warlords.

    22. John Cross
      on June 15

      Correction in my previous statement. Minor units DO move to the Recovery Ship, then back to their mats for an action.
      What happens to warlords when they drop to 0 health? Do they get placed on the Recovery Ship as well? Or are they eliminated from the game entirely?

    23. John Cross
      on June 15

      @Korona Games- Thanks for further clarifying those. It sounds like Westwood should have his ability re-worded, since according to the rules only regular and elite units can be moved to the Recovery Ship. Minor units get placed back on their own mats and warlords, if only 1 health left, would be removed from the game. The way Westwood is written, it sounds like his ability would supersede the rules.

    24. Korona Games Creator on June 14

      @Ryan Senft: As I wrote 6 days ago it depends on the partner, we are preparing the setup. I can't promise a fix date, but will be started in this month.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ryan Senft on June 13

      When might the pledge manger open up

    26. Korona Games Creator on June 13

      @John Cross: it seems you are quite an expert in the game. ;-) You explained it perfectly.
      1. The rule says you can choose or pick 3 cards. It depends on you which way you prefer: randomly or intenionally.
      3. Always pass to the right, like in the first round.
      Everything else is the same as you interpreted.

      Westwood (C21): can attack any territory, and send unit to the Recovery Ship, except the warlord, as it has normally more than one lifepoint. If that was their last one, they would have been sent to the Recovery Ship, also. Is that clear now?
      Master of Puppets (C22) is reusable, as the ability's icon depicts it. We missed the word from the explanation by chance, and going to supplement.

      Thanks a lot for your remarks!

    27. John Cross
      on June 12

      Uh oh. I have a couple more questions.
      Mercenary unit Westwood (C21) reads: "Attack a territory, any unit is sent to the Recovery Ship from the board." Does any unit include the faction commanders, minor units and/or mercenaries?
      Should Master of Puppets (C22) ability be listed as "Reuseable"?

    28. John Cross
      on June 12

      Could you clarify a little better the section on rules page 6 (PDF page 4), section 5.1, Expert Game Mode. I'm having trouble trying to figure out what is happening with the minor units. Let's assume a 3 player game :
      1. Each player chooses three cards, so 9 cards total are chosen. Are these cards chosen randomly?
      2. Each player then passes one card of their choice to the player on their right.
      3. Each player then chooses another card and passes that one to their (left or right?)
      4. Players reveal their 3 cards.
      5. Each player then chooses 1 card from the player on their right to discard.
      6. Each player is left with 2 minor faction cards.
      That is how I read it. That entire section seems unclear to me.

    29. John Cross
      on June 9

      Thanks for clarifying and updating. Also, thanks for being so forthcoming about delays and such. Communication is key when things happen. Looking forward to the next steps!

    30. Korona Games Creator on June 9

      @Jone: Of course, you can ad anything what you need at the pm.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jone Idsal on June 9

      Will it be possible to ad more to the servey?
      Example .
      I have pledged for 8 Admiral versions, two of them with expansion pack.
      May i ad two extra expansions when doing servey?

    32. Chris "Soul Sucker"
      on June 8

      @Korona Games: Thank you for the reply. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it yet.

    33. Korona Games Creator on June 8

      @Chris "Soul Sucker": We planned to start last week but we have to wait Pledge Manager as they are extremly busy this time, and honestly I can't allege any fix date since that. In this month will be started that's pretty sure.

    34. Korona Games Creator on June 8

      @John Cross: First of all, I made a mistake.
      Question 3: You can attack unoccupied territories by card or minor faction's abilities, also. Please forgot my previous answer. It doesn't worth to much attacking empty territories, but sometimes you should do it because you are bond to the pattern of the ability.
      AND as a consequence of your questions we have extended the rulebook with some clearing definition referring to question 1 and 2. Thank you very much to help us a lot!

      I just guess that October realase is more possible now than September. It depends on Wingo and the shipment, and hopefully going well, but I would like to promise only what is almost sure. We are informing you continously.

    35. Chris "Soul Sucker"
      on June 8

      So, when is the pledge manager going to be up? I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it.

    36. John Cross
      on June 8

      @Korona Games- Thank you for the answers. That helps clear those questions up. One more question. In your last update you mentioned that the game will be delayed by a month. Does that push us back to an October release? No big deal, just trying to get a timeline.
      Thanks. Really looking forward to this one.

    37. Korona Games Creator on June 3

      1. The difference is technically, both means an assault, but when a single unit is attacked it will be destroyed, when a warlord or a structure is attacked it won't be for the first time.
      2. Not, those minor units stay on board after placing and attacking adjacent territories. The opposite unit was destroyed and sent to the recovery ship.
      3. You can conquer any unoccupied territory, but when your card or minor faction requires to attack you must execute against an occupied territory.
      4. Yes, definately.

      We hope it might be cleared those issues.

    38. John Cross
      on June 2

      OK. I have a couple of questions which may have been answered somewhere in the past.
      1. Is there a difference between attacking a territory and destroying a territory?
      2. For units that must attack a territory upon being placed (Lee's Platoon for example), do those units then get removed to the recovery ship? So I would place the unit, attack, then move the unit to the recovery ship.
      3. Can I attack an unoccupied territory?
      4. When an action or unit card tells you to "take back" units from the recovery ship (M.A.S.H.) that means to place those units into your reserve?

    39. Korona Games Creator on June 1

      @John Cross: Thanks a lot, friend of us! We are back and don't leave anymore. ;-)
      You can just send us private any comments for the rules, we are going to look after.
      And everybody can give us any remark, it's really important to get different points of view.

    40. John Cross
      on May 31

      @Korona Games- Been looking through the rules again and getting excited for Hexspanse. Really looking forward to being able to bust this out on a game night.
      I will have a few more suggestions for wording and typos but overall the rules look really good. I can see much improvement from the alpha version!
      Keep up the great work and very sorry for your recent loss.

    41. Korona Games Creator on May 30

      @Jaisyl: Altough we really trusted in a start this week, it seems to be delayed due to our partner business. We are on this issue, and will inform you as soon as being sure.

    42. Missing avatar

      on May 28

      @John Thanks for the info �

    43. John Cross
      on May 28

      @Jaisyl- according to the most recent update the pledge manager should be out sometime next week.

    44. Missing avatar

      on May 28

      Been a while since I checked on this project, has a pledge manager been set yet or not?

    45. Missing avatar

      Jan on May 25

      Thank you!!!

    46. Korona Games Creator on May 25

      Very, very sorry guys! We had some personal problem (a very close friend died this month), plus we didn't get notices from your comment from kickstarter as it used to to do. Thus we haven't realized your comments and we thought there were not any. I know it's funny or weird, but that happend. We apologise to you, all of you are absolutely right. It was our fault not to communicate.

      We must explicitly state not to become monks, and doing the job are entrusted by you. I can promise you a fresh update this week which will contain real material since I wouldn't like to bespeak before. And we are working hard on Hexpanse project day-by-day. I know you don't see too much from that right now but the result will compensate you fully. We won't cause disappointment at the end, but you know the ordinary expectation from the unforseenable circumstances. It hears like tons of bullshit until you are on the other side, Believe us, we feel this every single day.

      Thanks a lot for your patience, and sorry for our follies! We are here and not going away.

    47. John Cross
      on May 24

      Hi. My name is John and I'm a Facebook user... While I'm not quite sure I understand all the animosity toward Facebook here, I do think this should be the central place for updates and information. It bugs me that Korona (and many other designers) think that once the campaign is over they don't need to do more than the minimum updates on KS. Nothing is worse than a silent creator. It kills the energy and everything loses steam when the creator doesn't engage with their community. It's been over a month since Korona's last comment here and even longer since their last update. I know they do post on Facebook, but that is not here and that is not where I go on a regular basis for information.

    48. Missing avatar

      Don Solo on May 24

      +1 to the 'I don't use Facebook' crowd

    49. John W. Luther
      on May 23

      I, too, resent being asked to follow facebook for updates and progress reports. I did not support this project through facebook. This is the appropriate place to inform backers about progress and problems. Period.

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