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Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
882 backers pledged $53,688 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Korona Games Creator on March 19

      These questions haven't decided yet. We are going to ask all of our backers about they would like. We are not able to promise an other gift, but we can give you ideas or some more rules can turn up.

    2. Michael "erzengel" Probst
      on March 18

      Could we have at least the "crater" rules? It seems simple to add some craters (home-made) to the game...

    3. Michael "erzengel" Probst
      on March 18

      A lot of germans are still on the original KS, for example me too..., and I ordered only the additional "german" rulebook at the german campaign (in addition). I think a few others did the same because the game itself, and all in-game tiles and cards are language independend. And I WANT the golden Admirals Edition...! :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Farkas Kolos on March 17

      At least maybe add the craters and solo mode as a special gratis for the expansion? :)

    5. Timo on March 17

      @Sebastian Du konntest eine deutsche Übersetzung bei der Spieleschmiede kaufen, aber die Kampagne ist ja nun leider zu Ende.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Borchert
      on March 17

      Does the successful German campaign bring us also a German edition we can order?

    7. Jesse M Renaud on March 16

      Holding out hope for solo/co-op mode here too.

    8. Ken Cunningham on March 16

      So no solo/co-op mode? :(

    9. Korona Games Creator on March 15

      @Micheal: Of course, nothing has happend to alter our schedule for shipping. We are working hard in the background, and keep the right pace.

    10. Sargoth on March 14

      Also, are we still on schedule for September?

    11. John Cross
      on March 14

      Getting excited for this one again! Cheers for another great campaign.

    12. Korona Games Creator on March 13

      All right, men! A new update is going to launch soon...

    13. John Cross
      on March 13

      Yes please! An official update would be nice since that was a major milestone that was achieved.

    14. yeahtzin on March 12

      @Korona d
      Do you plan to share an official update about the german campaign and the PM? Thank you

    15. Korona Games Creator on March 10

      Thank you, guys. You got 5 more stretch goals that is a very good news eventually.

    16. Soul Sucker on March 10

      Well, we didn't get the craters. Oh well. This game still looks like it's going to be awesome. I still think it's cool that Korona Games was able to launch this on another crowdfunding platform allowing us to reach more stretch goals. Great job Korona Games!

    17. Sargoth on March 9

      Just shy of 17k, so no craters. Still a good run. Looking forward to it.

    18. Julie LaRoux on March 9

      Well butts. Maybe if/when you guys make an expansion we'll get them ^_^

    19. Korona Games Creator on March 9

      Unfortunately, it is a very little chance left to reach craters. :-(

    20. Julie LaRoux on March 8

      God I hope we get craters! *fingers crossed*

    21. Soul Sucker on March 8

      It's a little slow on the German Campaign. Not sure if we're going to reach the crater stretch goal. But you never know. There's still 30 hours left.

    22. yeahtzin on March 7

      They reached the 16k pledge.

    23. yeahtzin on March 7

      The germans are unstoppable. We'll get the elite troops.

    24. Sargoth on March 6

      €500 to elites, will most likely get those. If the other place does a big push like Kickstarter does, might even get craters.

    25. Soul Sucker on March 6

      We're getting really close to unlocking the Elite troops on the German campaign.

    26. Julie LaRoux on March 4

      @Michael: Thank you! I hope we get them ^_^

    27. Sargoth on March 4

      Elite troops and crater markers.

    28. Julie LaRoux on March 4

      What are the final remaining goals?

    29. Sargoth on March 3

      5 days to go. 6k euros to go to get all goals unlocked.

    30. Korona Games Creator on February 28

      Yeah, it was getting pretty slow but eventually we got it! Thanks for the germans.

    31. Timo on February 27

      Done. Custom dice are ours. \o/

    32. Sargoth on February 26

      Looks like we'll be getting the custom dice tomorrow.

    33. Soul Sucker on February 24

      Hey Guys, We only need 455 more Euros on the German campaign to reach the unique dice stretch goal.

    34. Sargoth on February 23

      12k with two weeks left to go. Here's hoping we can hit that 20k mark to get all the planned stretch goals.

    35. Timo on February 20

      @Farkas You can increase your pledge as soon as the pledge manager starts.

    36. Missing avatar

      Farkas Kolos on February 20

      Is there any possibility to increase my pledge for the expansions or do it via the German campaign?

    37. Sargoth on February 19

      Seems Spieleschmiede runs a lot like Kickstarter. Dash out of the gates, slow and steady in the middle, then sprint to the finish.

    38. Sargoth on February 19

      Seems Spieleschmiede

    39. Soul Sucker on February 19

      Only about 1400€ left until the unique dice stretch goal is reached in the German campaign.

    40. Korona Games Creator on February 19

      @Michael: That's sure. Pledge manager won't start in a month.

    41. Sargoth on February 18

      I'd bet the pledge manager won't happen until after the German campaign has ended.

    42. Ernesto
      on February 18

      So, just to be clear... nobody got a pledge manager link, right?

    43. Soul Sucker on February 16

      @ John Cross: Currently the German campaign needs a little under 2000 EUR to reach the next stretch goal, which is the unique dice.

    44. Korona Games Creator on February 16

      @John: The amount of collected money is just above 11k euro. The next stretch goal is the unique dice at 13k. And it will still run 21 days more...

    45. John Cross
      on February 16

      It sounds like the German campaign is going really well. It would be nice to have semi-regular updates on here to let us know what is going on. I don't even know when the German campaign is even ending! I cannot check it out because my work blocks the site and I always forget to check when I am home...

    46. Korona Games Creator on February 15

      @Timo: They will get it, of course.

    47. Timo on February 14

      @Korona: You're welcome :)

      It would be great if the german backers not only had the possibility to back the german rulebook via Spieleschmiede but also the translated player's guide. Spieleschmiede stated they are negotiating with you - I would be very happy if you could make it possible!

    48. Korona Games Creator on February 14

      Thanks for informing the community, guys! The german campaing is running well, so some other SG will be unlocked, surely.

    49. Timo on February 13

      Looks very promising. Already 105 additional backers and 24 days to go.

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