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Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
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    1. Christopher Smith
      about 8 hours ago

      I wrote them a direct question about not having received my game. Within a day they explained that I had forgotten to full out my backerkit and arranged for me to pay the shipping and now my game is on the way. They took care of my mistake very quickly. Well done!

    2. Missing avatar

      Phil Schmidt
      about 23 hours ago

      Hello. I haven’t received my game or any shipment information. Should I be concerned?

    3. Korona Games 2-time creator 1 day ago

      @JEff: Unfortunately, you are but the game is on the way to you. We send tracking number to you.
      @Quentin: You are right, that's a pity, but we don't have yet a French translator to do it. Anyone for this job?!

    4. Jeff Waltzer
      2 days ago

      Am I one of the unlucky ten?

    5. Quentin 2 days ago

      Hey Korona, before leaving this project can you answer about this point :
      mid-February, you said "- All the translations are uploaded to our website, but unfortunately, we do not have a French translation of the add-ons yet. ".
      Any news about the add-on translations ?

      Thanks for your work.

    6. Nate Bogner 4 days ago

      Sent a message. Got five copies of the game. Return message so we can work this out. Thanks.

    7. Korona Games 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @Dave "crash": We are on the solution to compensate you for this accident.
      @Antonio: Eventually, you've reached us. We are discussing your issue in private.

    8. Antonio M. Rosario 5 days ago

      How am I to PM you guys? Also, just FYI, I *did* fill out the form you're saying I didn't fill out.

    9. Antonio M. Rosario 5 days ago

      I've heard nothing about receiving my copy and I find that disconcerting. Is there ANY news about when I will receive my copy?

    10. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      6 days ago

      Still nothing, spoke to the mail office and no clue as to what is going on. Sad I was really excited about this one

    11. Korona Games 2-time creator on April 10

      @Vincent: Your game is on the way. Write us in pm.
      @Dra9ons: There are no crater markers in the game.

    12. Vincent Briglia
      on April 10

      Hi Korona Games, nearly 3 weeks since you mentioned Happyshops would send my copy of hexpanse, do you have any updates on your side ?

    13. Dra9ons on April 9

      We tried twice the game and check to enhance the difficulty and give more opportuinities.
      Checking the SG, it appears that I miss Crater Markers in my box. Anyone else?
      And what are the rules for the craters markers?

    14. Korona Games 2-time creator on March 29

      @Tim Ware: That's absolutely right, time passed without sending, but it seems now was shipped.
      @Antonio M. Rosario: You have forgotten to confirm your order in pledge manager, that's simple reason you haven't received yet. Write us in pm!
      @Leonard: Have you checked your expansion inside the gamebox? It should be there.

    15. Leonard Simpson on March 28

      @Korona I sent an email this morning to your concerning a missing expansion. Turns out I'm a meat head and forgot I ordered it. I was too excited to play Hexpanse lol.

    16. Antonio M. Rosario on March 28

      I'd like to know when I should expect to receive my copy. I'm in Brooklyn, NY, USA. I hear it's shipping but have gotten no update about when I should be on the lookout.

    17. Tim Ware
      on March 28

      You responded to a comment of mine on the last update on March 8th saying "Yes, Tim. Wingo has promised us to send this week. Then will take some more time to get to New Zealand." That was three weeks ago. Now he's still saying he's sending them tomorrow, Please keep on his case and ensure this happens this week.

    18. Korona Games 2-time creator on March 27

      @Tim Ware: We are working on this update, the only reason was not launched yet, that our graphic designer is very busy. But we are going to release this week, hopefully very soon.
      About replacements: Wingo has just promised us to ship it for us today. Then we are packing and forward to all who needs. It's about three weeks yet.

    19. Tim Ware
      on March 26

      @Tom Matty/Korona: Totally agree! It took me nearly an hour/hour and a half to work out what was what because it was all included together in the box. Any idea when replacements parts will be going out, Korona?

    20. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on March 24

      Still holding out hope the game comes. Still no sign of it sad panda

    21. Korona Games 2-time creator on March 22

      @Tom Matty: You are right, we are preparing a list with pictures and send it in update this week.
      @Vincent Briglia: You closed your order after European shipement realased and this the reason you haven't received yet, but we arrange it with Happyshops now.

    22. Vincent Briglia
      on March 21


      I live in Denmark (Europe) and still haven't received my game. I did pay for shipping quite late in the process, but would like an update :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Tom Matty
      on March 19

      @Korona Games - It would be nice to provide some list, images, or other easy way to ensure Admiral backers got all the KS and ad- ons. I really don't have time to sort through the box and all the cards and bits and pieces trying to compare it all to the pictures and comments on the KS page.

      I really appreciate companies that present KS stuff clearly and package those items separately. That way I can know right away if anything is missing and not 6 months down the road when we finally go to play the expansion and, ooops....that KS piece didn't ship.

    24. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on March 15

      I wish my game came tracking # says delivered but nothing seen at my place or any of the neighbors, I hope everyone else has better luck than I, I'm just not going to be able to play it.

    25. Leonard Simpson on March 14

      I've had a chance to play several games and this is a hit at our game group. The Admiral level is by far the most fun for us. Hidden objectives are great :).

      I hope to see some more expansions in the coming year or so!

    26. Korona Games 2-time creator on March 12

      @Robert Hill: You might notice since then, all exclusives - including addons - are packed inside the boxes.

    27. Robert Hill on March 12

      Got mine awhile ago at an old work address. (I changed offices)

      Just opened the packing box. Quick, and potnetially dumb question. Are the exclusives in the box itself?

    28. Korona Games 2-time creator on March 12

      Great news for delivering games everywhere!
      @Ryan Senft: Warlords start the game in the reserve, and costs one action to put them on board.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ryan Senft on March 11

      So we played the game and a big question I had was do you start with the warlord on the planet or do you deploy later.

    30. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on March 10

      Pm sent

    31. Leonard Simpson on March 9

      One arrived in Central Oregon! So excited to take it to game night tomorrow night. Everything looked great. All punch cards were cut through and my one expansion was in the box as ordered :).

    32. T-1000 on March 9

      received mine here in Quebec today.Very well packaged and just waiting to get that baby on the table.Thanks @koronagames for the secure shippping.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ronald Olexsak
      on March 9

      USA New Mexico - received the Admiral's Edition yesterday Mar 8, 2018. Never got a shipping email but the game was well packed and arrived in great shape.

    34. Korona Games 2-time creator on March 9

      @Dave "crash": We need your backer's name and send you tracking number if you write in private.
      @Shane: There is a complete list of content here, at campaign page. You can send the picture of tokens in private.

    35. Shane Plagmann on March 9

      Just wondering 'cause it looks like I have 3 minor faction mini tokens without a matching Minor faction mat.

    36. Shane Plagmann on March 9

      I just got the game today. Is there a list of what is supposed to be in the admiral box with the $30 double add-on?

    37. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on March 8

      Hey there still waiting here in Canada what's up.

    38. Korona Games 2-time creator on March 8

      @Selwyn Ward: You should have received it more than a month. We look after your issue.
      @Damon Singer: Your order status is shipped. FedEx SmartPost Tracking number:
      @Shane Plagmann: It's 29,6x29,6x6,5 cm, same as Captain.

    39. Shane Plagmann on March 8

      How big is the admiral edition box?

    40. David McGuire on March 8

      Just received my game today in Texas. no notice of shipping. came thru the post office. all looks great. the add-ons are packed inside the admiral's edition.

    41. Damon Singer
      on March 8

      So apparently (almost) everyone in North America has gotten their games?
      I haven't even received a notice of such a thing, let alone received the game.
      Are there many others (North America) in my situation?

    42. Selwyn Ward
      on March 8

      The recent update details problems with American shipments. Has anyone in the UK received their game yet? An update in January said games for Europe were being sent. I've heard nothing since though...

    43. Tim Moore
      on March 7

      Just got my copy today (Tampa, FL). Looks great! Can’t wait to get it to the table!

    44. Missing avatar

      Ryan Senft on March 7

      Just got mine it looks like fun test it out this weekend.

    45. Chris Perz
      on March 6

      I Received my copy yesterday. I still haven't had a chance to go through everything, but so far, so good :)

    46. John Cross
      on March 5

      First impressions. Outer carton came in good shape. No rips, tears, dents, dings, etc. Good start. Open the carton and inside is plenty of paper wrap providing ample protection for the game box inside. The game box itself is in good shape. Excellent!
      Open the game box. Rules are on top, board is next. The structures are in with the minor faction cards and I notice some creasing in the face of the top card (Harambe, I think). Not a big deal, but noticeable. Several punch cards with all the game tokens on it. It looks like I got everything. Very minor issues with some graphics not quite lining up on the back sides. This is hardly worth mentioning as I plan to spend my time looking at the fronts, which did not have any issues that I noticed. All my tokens punched out very easily with no tearing. Player aid cards, dice, token rings all in the bottom. So far, so good.
      Open the card packs. Again, everything seems to be there with matching tokens where applicable. Good.
      Then I take a closer look at the player boards. Front sides are fine. The reverse sides with the photo shopped faces... I've never been a real big fan of that kind of customization with any game. And this just proves my point. Don't get me wrong. I think it's actually kind of a cool idea, I've just never seen it implemented in a way that works for me. Again, not a big deal as I still have the other side to play on.
      So here is the best part for me. Once everything was opened, punched, separated and bagged, everything fit back into the box with the insert! I have all the factions separated with everything needed to play in a bag. All the merc and minor faction tokens are in another bag. I just needed to put the player aid cards on top of the map boards. Fits like a charm. I say, "Well done Korona!"
      Now I just need some time to sit down and get a game in.

    47. Chris Perz
      on March 5

      My copy was supposed to be delivered tomorrow. My USPS Informed Delivery says it's out for delivery TODAY :D

    48. Dan 'Grimmund' Long
      on March 5

      Got mine Friday, Green Bay, WI. It shows up in my UPS Informed Delivery listing now, but I don't think it did before FedEx handed it off to USPS. Haven't opened the box yet, but the shipping carton is in good shape.

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