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Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jan about 10 hours ago

      Thank you!!!

    2. Korona Games Creator about 12 hours ago

      Very, very sorry guys! We had some personal problem (a very close friend died this month), plus we didn't get notices from your comment from kickstarter as it used to to do. Thus we haven't realized your comments and we thought there were not any. I know it's funny or weird, but that happend. We apologise to you, all of you are absolutely right. It was our fault not to communicate.

      We must explicitly state not to become monks, and doing the job are entrusted by you. I can promise you a fresh update this week which will contain real material since I wouldn't like to bespeak before. And we are working hard on Hexpanse project day-by-day. I know you don't see too much from that right now but the result will compensate you fully. We won't cause disappointment at the end, but you know the ordinary expectation from the unforseenable circumstances. It hears like tons of bullshit until you are on the other side, Believe us, we feel this every single day.

      Thanks a lot for your patience, and sorry for our follies! We are here and not going away.

    3. John Cross
      1 day ago

      Hi. My name is John and I'm a Facebook user... While I'm not quite sure I understand all the animosity toward Facebook here, I do think this should be the central place for updates and information. It bugs me that Korona (and many other designers) think that once the campaign is over they don't need to do more than the minimum updates on KS. Nothing is worse than a silent creator. It kills the energy and everything loses steam when the creator doesn't engage with their community. It's been over a month since Korona's last comment here and even longer since their last update. I know they do post on Facebook, but that is not here and that is not where I go on a regular basis for information.

    4. Missing avatar

      Don Solo 2 days ago

      +1 to the 'I don't use Facebook' crowd

    5. John W. Luther
      2 days ago

      I, too, resent being asked to follow facebook for updates and progress reports. I did not support this project through facebook. This is the appropriate place to inform backers about progress and problems. Period.

    6. LInsoDeTeh 3 days ago

      Indeed. THIS is the campaign page. Please post updates here. I'll not use Facebook, but you have our money, so please update us over here.

    7. Kolos 4 days ago

      Mother of God...

    8. Missing avatar

      Jan 4 days ago

      Why is everyone expecting me to use such scum as Facebook or WhatsUpp?

    9. poncin jonathan
      4 days ago

      I don't use Facebook. And I won't.

    10. Kolos 5 days ago

      Keep an eye on the Facebook page, lads! They are working hard to deliver it in time for us. :)

    11. poncin jonathan
      5 days ago

      Any news ?!?

    12. Joshua Pestana
      7 days ago

      Needing to update mailing address. Survey out yet? If so link plz

    13. Symond Caldo on May 16

      PNP Updates Korona. ITD had already been through.

    14. Timo on May 15

      Knock, knock? Any updates you can share with us?

    15. John Cross
      on May 10

      Hello Korona Games folks! Any news or updates you want to send our way? How's the prototype coming along?

    16. Korona Games Creator on April 21

      @Fredrik: In the latest update (16th April) we wrote the following:
      "In a few weeks, we are going to get the prototype in hand - we will show it to you, of course! - then we are able to launch the pledge manager issue.
      We are as much excited as you to touch the final result of our enormous effort which brings Hexpanse into life. If everything was all right, we would prepare the Print and Play version and send it to you."
      That means you won't get the P'n'P until we get the prototype from the printing company, which takes some weeks more, unfortunately. I know it's a little bit later that we promised, but we had to upgrade many elements and develop new content thanks to our successfull campaigns, both KS and Spieleschmiede.
      It lasted a little bit more than we expected before. The main goal is to ship the final version in time (September) which is still probably. We are working on it hardly!

    17. Fredrik Baberg on April 21

      What's the status on the pledge manager? On April 3rd "it comes to an end very soon.".
      I started with a Print&Play, but have come to the conclusion that I wouldn't mind a physical copy.
      Also, when can we expect the Print&Play?

    18. John Cross
      on April 18

      Post 400! Woohoo!
      Looking forward to this great looking game.

    19. Missing avatar

      David Humphrey on April 14

      Has anything more been planned since the spiele campaign, such as the defender and the craters?

    20. Korona Games Creator on April 13

      @David: Check the last update:
      We've reached the Librarian and some other excellent things.

    21. Missing avatar

      David Humphrey on April 13

      I'm intrigued to know, are there plans to include some of the other elements such as the librarian and craters? Or should I just wait and see???

    22. Korona Games Creator on April 11

      @David Humphrey: Thanks. We had been tested the solo mode more times, but it's not very easy to get a prefect solution. To be honest it would need more time and we have to go on with other stuff now.
      @Symond Caldo: Apologise for this, we are not ready with everything due to several reasons. We are developing game components right now, and should not have put any element into the game which is not completly tested. It would take a month more probably.

    23. Symond Caldo on April 10

      So where are the pnp files? It says March.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Humphrey on April 10

      Exciting news about new game elements in the pipeline! The defender looks great, Korona!

      Has there been any play testing for the solo mode?

    25. Korona Games Creator on April 10

      @Leonard Simpson: It's pretty easy. Just enter your address!
      @Patrik Csapi: You can send the name in your private answer for our letters.

    26. Missing avatar

      Patrik Csapi on April 10

      Where can i send the name to the early bird admiral edition?

    27. Leonard Simpson on April 10

      Howdy. I don't believe I have received an email about the early bird admiral. Is there a way to check?

    28. Korona Games Creator on April 8

      @Helga Lucey: We have 139 early bird backers. Almost 60 did not answer the first time. When you send a message through kickstarter you can send to all backers of a reward or write them one-by-one. We are sorry for dsiturbing you secondly with the same issue, but we have to spare our time for develoing a game instead of mailing for hours. Necessarily would be more professional with single letters, but hopefully you will understand our point of view.

    29. Helga Lucey
      on April 7


      I backed this project with early bird admiral edition. I received my second message from you asking what was my chosen name to be added to the board. I replied the first time and would appreciate if you could acknowledge that you received the message and that my name will be on my board.
      I should not have to post here to find out, you should have replied to my message. Very unprofessional.. :o(

    30. Korona Games Creator on April 3

      We are still negotiating with pledge manager companies, but it comes to an end very soon. Micheal's idea is right, we are goint to count those late pledges in stretch goals, and you will get some extra stuff if you manage to reach a new one. The only problem that 30 backers haven't paid their pledges thus we left approx. $1500.

    31. Kolos on April 3

      Agree, I also planning to update with add-ons.

    32. Michael "erzengel" Probst
      on April 3

      And maybe, it seems I'm one of the 126 "sleepers" with a print-and-play,
      we could raise with some pledge manager increasing money the last stretchgoal?

    33. Michael "erzengel" Probst
      on April 3

      Is there any news about the pledge manager release and timeframe?
      (At least you'll get some more money by increasing my pledge from a "lurking" pledge to an all-in...)

    34. Missing avatar

      David Humphrey on March 30

      Oooh exciting!

    35. Korona Games Creator on March 30

      @David Humphrey: It's only calm at the surface, inside the abyss there is something afoot...
      Follow us on facebook, you can pick up informations:

    36. Missing avatar

      David Humphrey on March 30

      It's all gone quiet...

    37. Korona Games Creator on March 19

      These questions haven't decided yet. We are going to ask all of our backers about they would like. We are not able to promise an other gift, but we can give you ideas or some more rules can turn up.

    38. Michael "erzengel" Probst
      on March 18

      Could we have at least the "crater" rules? It seems simple to add some craters (home-made) to the game...

    39. Michael "erzengel" Probst
      on March 18

      A lot of germans are still on the original KS, for example me too..., and I ordered only the additional "german" rulebook at the german campaign (in addition). I think a few others did the same because the game itself, and all in-game tiles and cards are language independend. And I WANT the golden Admirals Edition...! :-)

    40. Kolos on March 17

      At least maybe add the craters and solo mode as a special gratis for the expansion? :)

    41. Timo on March 17

      @Sebastian Du konntest eine deutsche Übersetzung bei der Spieleschmiede kaufen, aber die Kampagne ist ja nun leider zu Ende.

    42. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Borchert
      on March 17

      Does the successful German campaign bring us also a German edition we can order?

    43. Jesse M Renaud on March 16

      Holding out hope for solo/co-op mode here too.

    44. Ken Cunningham on March 16

      So no solo/co-op mode? :(

    45. Korona Games Creator on March 15

      @Micheal: Of course, nothing has happend to alter our schedule for shipping. We are working hard in the background, and keep the right pace.

    46. Sargoth on March 14

      Also, are we still on schedule for September?

    47. John Cross
      on March 14

      Getting excited for this one again! Cheers for another great campaign.

    48. Korona Games Creator on March 13

      All right, men! A new update is going to launch soon...

    49. John Cross
      on March 13

      Yes please! An official update would be nice since that was a major milestone that was achieved.

    50. yeahtzin on March 12

      @Korona d
      Do you plan to share an official update about the german campaign and the PM? Thank you

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