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Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Tranchina
      2 days ago

      Thank you for the response. :)

    2. Korona Games Creator 4 days ago

      @Christian: It must be a misunderstood, because all of our Admiral backers were able to pick up their copy. I really can't imagine how could that happen, as you are Admiral backers, and apoligise for this.
      @Chris Tranchina: Wingo has corrected all boxes and games are waiting for departures by ships.

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian Schicke
      4 days ago

      Would have been good to be able to pick up the game in Essen. Were still a lot of boxes there, but they said it's not possible :-(

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Tranchina
      4 days ago

      Just wondering if the problem at WinGo has been addressed already.

    5. Korona Games Creator 7 days ago

      @Grimmund: We have just realesed a fresh update in a week. Report from Essen and about shipping:

    6. Dan 'Grimmund' Long
      7 days ago

      Any new news?

    7. Korona Games Creator on November 2

      @Jereck: a new update is coming from Essen experencies soon.
      @Shane Plagmann: since it has happend another problem at Wingo, airshipping is delaying a little and would depart next week.

    8. Jean Dorthe
      on November 2

      Is there a more precise information concerning the delivery deadline of the games for the backers?

    9. Jereck on November 1

      Any thoughts on how it went in Essen ?

    10. Shane Plagmann on November 1

      Any idea on time frame for games coming to America?

    11. Yorick Decoster
      on October 31

      Great to get my hands on the game at Essen...great strategy of trying to sell the expansion pack as well...I couldn't resist when I had it in my hands...still have to open the game, hoping for clean punch boards!

    12. Korona Games Creator on October 28

      @LInsoDeTeH: Unfortunately we have only complete games here in Essen. You might get later a replacement.

    13. LInsoDeTeh
      on October 28

      Do you have some extra punchboards at the fair? It's only a few blue mercenary tokens, which are damaged, so it's not a big deal, but if you had a replacement board, that'd be awesome. I'll be at the fair again today.

    14. Korona Games Creator on October 27

      @LInsoDeTeH: We haven't noticed this problem instead of punching out several sheets already. Hopefully, it's a special case, not ordinary.

    15. LInsoDeTeh
      on October 27

      Got my copy at the fair today. Nice to finally have it in my hands. :-)
      Unfortunately, one of the punchboards were pretty badly cut, so I could not punch out 4-5 tokens without damaging them. Anyone else got that problem? Or is it just my copy?

    16. Korona Games Creator on October 19

      @Ernesto: They wouldn't waste their money as airlifting from China to Essen charges us a fortune. It costs about ten times more than seashipping. :-(

    17. Ernesto
      on October 19

      Silly question: what would happen if someone who already paid for shipping decided to get their copy at Essen instead? Would they basically just waste the money they paid for shipping?

    18. Missing avatar

      David Humphrey on October 19

      Thank you Korona.

      Good luck!

    19. Korona Games Creator on October 19

      @David Humphrey: We asked on this remark by their last update No. 30: "We would like to highlight that though there were bad mannered assumptions, non-backers can only purchase Hexpanse without the Kickstarter exclusive content."

    20. Missing avatar

      David Humphrey on October 19

      The question asked by @John Cross that wasn't answered and I would like to know is whether the Essen games are retail versions? I have no problem with delays or promo cards, but "KS exclusive" does mean a lot to me...if it's not exclusive then it's a broken promise.

      I'm proud to have been a part of this project and it's development and growth. I have mixed feelings about the project as a whole.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Nijhuis
      on October 18

      What I don't understand is the whining about the promo card. A lot of companys have promos you only get on events, fairs or special occasion.
      The backers get special KS promo cards. People on Essen fair an Essen fair promo and so on.

      "The next time a fair is, where I can't attend I write and ask every company I own (or backed) a game if they send me the promo card for free. Because I already purchase the game and have the right to get that special card" sarcasm off

    22. Lynni1977
      on October 18

      I am glad that in the end all has come to an good end.
      Thank you Korona, maybe this last update should have been one of the first updates, so many bad vibes maybe had been could avoided.

      Also I don't think that the promo was the big problem, more the promo AND the games for Essen.
      Of course, a new company needs every way to promote itself and nothing is better than the fair in Essen.
      BUT: And that's where I am not with you Jereck, we ARE kind of premium customers. Why?
      Without the money spent here, without our faith in this game here, you and me were not even able to write such comments, because the game would simply not exist.
      The company has a risk of course, but we do also, because some people did not spent money for only 1 copy of the game but maybe more.
      Why should my money and risk be less than the companies?
      Many companies only exist because of a successful project and funding here.
      Without it they would have never been able to get a place where to develop the game, the money to bring more people into the project etc.
      Only because we did not bring the whole sum by one person into the project does not mean we are normal customers. The heart of the game, the community of the game and the word spread is here, we are the community. Not people in Essen. (Besides backers who come to Essen, of course). Without the KS funding, we wouldn't even talk about Essen.
      Maybe I am wrong, but after backing more than 60 games I think my writing is not that far away from reality. (Sure CMON or Soda Pop are special cases, I don't think they really need us)
      So again, thank you Korona for your power and will to make it possible, but also Korona has to thank us for making this project possible. If they could have made it without our money, I am sure they would have.
      Every project has a learning curve and I guess Korona got theirs too.
      Again, thx to all and I am positive for a great delivery (somewhen in the future ;-) )
      Let's try to wait and make the best out of it.

    23. Jereck on October 18

      Many well established companies have "hijacked" the Kickstarter concept, by using it to avoid taking any risks (yes, CMON, I'm thinking about you).
      These companies have led some people to believe that backers are "premium customers", entitled to a special treatment.

      On the other hand, some other companies (Archona games, Grimlord games and Korona games, to name a few) are true to the Kickstarter spirit, using their campaign to build their project from the ground up. Projects that could never have been possible without the help of the backers, no matter what risks these companies were willing to make (because or their lack of experience, their non-existant reputation, ...).

      For these creators, their survival is tightly bound to their ability to expand their customer base beyond the original backers. And a large-scale fair like Essen is the best way to achieve that goal.

      I am completely supportive of their decision to sell the game over there, even before we, backers (and not premium customers) receive our copy.

      Concerning the promo card, I don't even want it if I can't make it to Essen, because I feel it is as much a part of the "Essen experience" as it is of Hexpanse's.

      So, @Korona Games, don't listen to the critics, go to Essen, sell as much games as you can, and make us proud to be a part of your success !

    24. Missing avatar

      Dave Milne
      on October 18

      I must apologize when I wrote the first thing bout the promo was sort of flustered and thought hey no harm in asking. I am looking forward to the game and am happy that you are able to get the game out and I know it's just limited numbers there and glad that some can get the games.
      Must say a big thank you for addressing the promocard debacle I know I'm going pay the 3 just so I can get it on the same card stock.
      Have a blast and sorry again.

    25. Missing avatar

      Charles Salvo on October 18

      I don't understand the anger over the promo card. It's a limited promo card that's how it works. Go to Essen or whatever the show maybe get cool stuff now one else can. Gloat about how you have cool they can't get. It try to buy it off board game geeks.

    26. Korona Games Creator on October 18

      @Jan & John: Thanks a lot for your empathy, we are going to deserve it, hopefully.
      A new update is coming very soon about promocard and more!

    27. Missing avatar

      on October 18

      I took some time for my comment and would wish some other people would do the same.

      Yes I was a bit sad about this promo stuff and that other people get the game earlier


      the important point is that this game is in production and that WE made it possible.

      I think of Kickstarter projects like children of neighbours.
      I do what I can do to give them a good childhood but it's the parents who have to take care!!!

      I'm proud to know there will be ONE game at Essen which I helped to produce!

      So parents Korona Games my best wishes!!!

      You'l make your way!!!

    28. John Cross
      on October 18

      Good morning all. I would like to say that my previous comment was too harsh, especially about not backing future projects from Korona Games. It was my misunderstanding that lead me to comment as I did. The good folks at Korona Games have been very transparent throughout this entire process by keeping us up to date with comments here and official updates.
      I know most people are upset by the promo card thing, but this happens all the time. Give them some time and I know something will be worked out.
      I think the big news was lost in the hoopla: the games are getting on the boat soon! Hopefully this means a final delivery date before the end of the year. The important factor is that they should get out of China before their New Year time off.

    29. Francesco "Rasmas"
      on October 18

      Sorry but again your words are not fair for the most esigent backers.

      You can giving presents or promote yourself as you want, but why the next time you'll start a projects, I'll should pledge? I can buy the KS Exclusive Version (i.e. Admiral for Expanse) in a future fair before all the original backers... as is.

      If you instead just sell retail versions and *BEFORE* the complaints, to fair repair the not kind situation, you promise the promo to all... I think no one could accuse you of nothing.

      Sorry, but this was a bad move at all.

    30. Petr Baumgartner on October 17

      Thank you Korona for your reply. I believe in you. And I wish Good luck for both sides�

    31. Jereck on October 17

      Like @Timo said.

    32. Korona Games Creator on October 17

      Guys, the only thing we've asked for a little patience to solve this promocard issue the best way. We have just noticed most of you giving it, but some others not. We must understand them, also.
      Korona Games is strongly convinced that giving a present for people is not a slap in the face for others, and would like to find a solution which makes you feel not to lose something.
      Regarding to shipping you might understand that bad things always happen, and even we have done great efforts since long months, many negative contigency turned up, thus games were not ready by expected time. As we follows other kickstarter projects it happens very often. I know that many of you can't arrange attending Essen, but this is a special occasion, that really matters for every company. And if we weren't there you would not get your copy sooner.

      In the meantime we are working on an acceptable solution on promocard which could satisfy most of you. We run negotiations on different threads, and will inform you as it will be all clarified. We can promise that none of you will lost the chance to get this card. ;-)

    33. John Cross
      on October 17

      Is the version that is being sold to Essen attendees the same version that we KS folks will be getting or is it the retail version? I can understand this move from a business point of view and I am glad that you will be able to open up your market even more. That benefits us all in the long run. BUT, it sure feels like a slap in the face.
      "Thank you all for waiting in line patiently from the very beginning. Can you move over and let these folks through who just got here? Oh, and they get a special prize for just showing up!"
      I really do hope that Essen goes well for you and you sell all your games and I am very much looking forward to receiving and playing Hexspanse, but please know that I will most likely not back any future projects.

    34. Uferschnepfe
      on October 17

      I'm usually a nice and understanding person but the Essen exclusive promo is a slap in the face for all backers who can not attend (like myself). Non backers get the game before us and even get a promo as reward. We can then buy the cards for a lot of money on eBay. Thanks Korona Games!

    35. Missing avatar

      Dave Milne
      on October 17

      I am so looking forward to the game and glad that there is a strong passionate group for this game. Fingers crossed for the promo card.

      I am sure that they will do right by us backers; but I also think we won't get any real confirmation till next week when the con is done. Have fun to all going.

    36. Timo on October 17

      Folks, calm down. We do not buy products. We kickstart them. For me it makes no difference receiving the game 4 weeks later. I will receive and enjoy it anyway. Only thing I have to mention is the lack of information here on KS.

    37. Lynni1977
      on October 17

      I bet we are not taking about a few weeks delay of delivery but a few month. But thank goodness there were 300 games for non-backers in Essen.

      If our games we be shipped via boat we can wait several month till they arrive and the customs are cleared.

    38. Missing avatar

      NICOLAS on October 17

      @Korona Games. Thank you for the informations. Like a lot of people here, i was disapointed to see that we gave money for this game, we waited for months and when we see the first photo of this game : we discover that other people will have it first (with a promo card we wont have). Now you gave us informations we can anderstand what appened and why you did like this, but maybe next time you should communicate differently like : «Dear bakers, your games are ready and will be shiped soon. So we are now looking for new ways to sell Hexpanse and we will be at Essen with copys, but dont wory, you'll have yours in few days with the promo card».

      Sorry for bad english.

    39. Petr Baumgartner on October 17

      Shipping - Backer 0 : 1 John Doe at Essen.
      Promo card - KS Backer 0 : 2 John Doe at Essen

      No backer = No Hexpanse = No Essen = No Promo card

      It´s time to do something for people, which trust in you from beginnig of project (If Essen card not possible make another - only for all backers.

    40. Korona Games Creator on October 17

      @Lynni1977: We are very sorry for not fulfilling games now, but as I written it was not possible yet. And I will inform you immediately when we got exact dates for it. I won't promise something now, which is not sure. I know we have all responsibility for shipping, but we must comply with reality and circumstances, which means we can't tell anything before we got ready sign from printing company.

    41. Missing avatar

      Karsten Krone
      on October 17

      I will be there at Essen on thursday.

    42. Lynni1977
      on October 17

      But in the end I don't care about the promo as much as I care about the game.
      So maybe we can get a real update about shipping. I did not see any time lines in the last update...

    43. Lynni1977
      on October 17

      I have read your point, but do you know how it would sound if you were a new company on the stock exchange and you have to tell your shareholders: sorry we can not give you a dividend this time. We know the game only exists because of you, but we first serve our non-shareholders.
      Sounds good? I don't think so.
      Then make your "promo" accessible for all via print and play so all can get this and don't reward only those who did not contribute something to your success!
      If only backers get this I don't have a problem, I have a problem if strangers get a promo and sell it via eBay for amazing money to those who beared the risk over the last years financing your project.

    44. Korona Games Creator on October 17

      Guys, we understand your disappointment as we have the same feeling that you couldn't get the game by now. But you may consider the possibilities we have to face. Three hundreds games were completed by yesterday, that is amount we can move to Essen for an extra expensive charge. But we must be three with complete games, if we would like to present to public as we should find distributors partners.
      Rest of the games will be ready this week and then is going to shipped by sea. We are not able to make it faster, as it takes time. We can't afford to send you by air, and it's not a rightly expected wish by anyone. We have always report straight on process and problems to you, we have never keep information back. And always did the best we can. Getting your copies before Essen was an impossible mission, sadly. Please don't expect it from us!
      The only thing we may arrange somehow to send backers the promocard, but it's also not as easy as seems. WinGo is full with work, and they haven't taken on printing at all, so we are doing separetly this card printing. But backer's copies are in China, and we don't have enough time to print and send to WinGo before your games will be shipped. We are still thinking for an acceptable solution, that everyone who needs promocard can get it. Give us a little time, please.

    45. Francesco "Rasmas"
      on October 17

      Really unfair that "common" peoples will get the *Admiral* KS esclusive version *before* the backers. Really really unfair. Bad move folks, bad move. Not professional and I'll not pledge again your future projects.

    46. Missing avatar

      hans sysmans on October 17

      i will be at Essen on thursday!

    47. Jean Dorthe
      on October 17

      For all the backers which do not go to Essen. When will the game will be delivered ?

      And yes, all the backers should receive the "essen" promotional card.
      Without them, the game would not exist and there would not be "essen" promotional card for Hepanse!!!

    48. Lynni1977
      on October 17

      Yes, please provide a shipping update to your existing customers instead of updates for those who did not back the game.
      Also the promo announcement was not only bad timing but also an unknowable slap in the backers faces.
      I hope you pack those promos into every backers box.
      We did not support the game to create goodies for non backing people and we ourselves get games maybe later than Essen.
      Fair is something else.

    49. yeahtzin on October 17

      Az egész Korona csapat Essenben lesz, vagy át lehet venni Budapesten is parhuzamosan?

    50. Timo on October 17

      Although it's only 300km for me I'm not going to go to Essen. Please provide an update regarding shipping.

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