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Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
Lead your own faction through galactical battles in this easy to learn, hard to master abstract strategy game!
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    1. John Cross
      about 3 hours ago

      Aaannd it looks like the pilot just came aboard to steer the ship during the last bit to the port docks. Didn't quite make the 14:00 ETA but hey, close enough!
      @Kolos- Any other insights about the game? Good to hear it is fun. Anything else?

    2. John Cross
      about 7 hours ago

      EVER LOGIC update for those interested in USA. ETA to port is 1400 EST today. She is off the NJ coast steaming along at a pace of 6.1 knots due to heavy marine traffic in the area. So close now!

    3. Kolos 1 day ago

      I am among those fortunate ones who already got their beauties, but the game is easy to learn and really fun! Thank you, Korona!

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Tranchina
      2 days ago

      Perfect. Thank you both for the information.

    5. Scott D
      2 days ago

      @ Korona. Yeah, I'd say something is amiss at Lets Play Games. I've got a few games coming from them from KS where they are fulfilling and so far, nothing has been delivered and no contact from them regarding the shipment of said games.

    6. Korona Games Creator 3 days ago

      Thanks, John. You are our nicest backer! :-)

      And a BREAKING NEWS: we are on DICE TOWER:…
      This is unboxing video, hopefully will be followed with a complete review.

    7. John Cross
      3 days ago

      Last update from the EVER LOGIC was from 16 January. Showed that it was through the Panama Canal and heading for NYC. ETA is still 22 January. Hope that helps.

    8. John Cross
      3 days ago

      @Korona Games: Thanks for the quick response! It may not seem like much, but it is greatly appreciated. Patiently and eagerly waiting.

    9. Korona Games Creator 3 days ago

      US shipping is the same as John Cross mentioned Update #34. Ship name is EVER LOGIC, voyage: 0920E, estimated arrival in New York on 22nd January. Only 3 days more! We are sorry but all we can do to write it down again.

      Australian shipping: I wrote some letters to LPG this week how they are going shipping, but no response. It's pretty annoying as they've got Hexpanse shipment just before Christmas.

      European shipping: Happyshops is responsible for this job, they already have the games, we had negotiated the difference between different boxes, and hopefully they will start shipping early next week.

      I guess this is not enough for a new update, but keep you informed as any information turns up!

    10. John Cross
      3 days ago

      Update 34 put the ship in US port on 22 January, so a few more days. Then through customs. Then to distributor. If the ship is on time and everything goes smoothly, I'm guessing a delivery of mid to late February.
      @Korona Games: Can we get an update on the shipping to U.S.? Or at least a ship name so we can track its progress?

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Tranchina
      4 days ago

      Can we get an update on latest status of US Shipping please?

    12. Tim Moore
      4 days ago

      So, the last update did not mention the US shipping, but I assume delays. I have not yet received my game (or any promo card) in the US as of today, and have not received any shipping notification.

    13. Missing avatar

      John & Yvonne Stone 5 days ago

      Nothing here in NZ, and is there a promo card or something coming as well? Sorry, I haven't been following the comments much.

    14. Scott D
      5 days ago

      I think Lets Play Games is running behind schedule. So far not an inkling of one Australian backer receiving their game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ray Hildebrand
      7 days ago

      Thx for the update. I’m just looking forward to a kick ass game. I will wait. Anticipating is some of the fun! Game on!

    16. Missing avatar

      Frici on January 12

      A nem is olyan régen kapott emailben a következő állt:
      "Aki nem tud részt venni az eseményen, azoknak lesz később is lehetőségük átvenni a játékot. A tervek szerint január 20-n, 14 órától is tartunk egy kisebb bemutatót a Reflexshop budai boltjában, de később is lesz átvételi lehetőség a Reflexnél."

      Ugyan ez hangzott el tegnap este is élőben :-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Gergely Mátrai on January 12

      I was not able to join the yesterday event in Budapest. When and where should I have possibility to pick up the game?
      Thanks and regards

    18. Shane Plagmann on January 8

      Still no promo card in the mail...

    19. Missing avatar

      Mario Sánchez on January 8

      Thanks korona

    20. Korona Games Creator on January 8

      @Mario Sánchez and others:
      The European games has just arrived to Budapest, and is under custom process.
      We are going to tranport to Germany, then Happyshop, who is the fulfilment center will ship it to your house. Hopefully, it could pass off by the end of January or early February. It's not a very long time yet. Australian shipping could be starting even this week.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mario Sánchez on January 8

      Hi all, happy new year, and so on, :D.
      Are there some news of the game? I'm waiting like a child waits santa, jeeje

    22. Scott D
      on January 5

      Sweet. Thanks Korona Games. Looking forward to playing this one. Its been a long journey to be sure, but super glad it finally almost here:)

    23. Korona Games Creator on January 5

      @Scott: Me, definitely. :-) LPG is responsible for fulfillment, they're starting next week.

    24. Scott D
      on January 5

      Who is handling Australian fulfilment? Anyone know?

    25. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on January 4

      Thank you.

    26. Korona Games Creator on January 3

      @Dave Milne: We are waiting for sticked in cards until next week, then going to send again for those won't have been received. Private message is required from non-posted people!
      We just sent out a fresh update last week: games are on board, moreover ships have arrived to Australia and Europe, and takes some more time to the US.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on January 2

      I gave it extra time but still no card. Any update on when the game is ready. Not upset just asking. Thanks and hope you had a good new years

    28. Korona Games Creator on December 28

      @Shane Plagmann: Yes, that's how it is going. And it should be in the US already.

    29. Shane Plagmann on December 28

      So are all the backers (over $3) getting the Promo card by mail instead of with the game? also when is it supposed to arrive in the US?

    30. Korona Games Creator on December 24

      @Aron Gabellini: The ship is arriving next week in the harbour, then cargo will be packed to truck, will select at fulfillment, and deliver to your home. It takes a few more weeks.
      @Sargoth: There are more guys, who have already received their cards in the US and Canada. I can't guess what is going on with your copy, but hopefully you'll get it this year instead of Christmas rush.

    31. Sargoth
      on December 23

      For those in the US, how long was it between making payment and receiving your promo? It's been almost 3 weeks for me, and I haven't received it yet.

    32. Aron Gabellini
      on December 22

      Any news for shipment in Italy?

    33. Korona Games Creator on December 20

      Dear Nicolas, it's pretty normal as you haven't transfered your contribution for shipping through paypal.

    34. Missing avatar

      NICOLAS on December 19

      I did'nt get the promo card and i'm living in france... is that normal ?

    35. Missing avatar

      Tom Matty
      on December 16

      Got my promo card. Now awaiting the game.

    36. Korona Games Creator on December 16

      @Dave Milne & John Luther: Promocards are on their way, it was posted together with others who live in Europe, thus they got them earlier. Hopefully, you will receive it next week.

    37. John W. Luther
      on December 15

      Still waiting for SOMETHING in the U.S.

    38. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on December 14

      Still waiting for the card here in Canada

    39. Quentin on December 9

      Same for me. Promo card arrived this week in France with less than 1 week of travelling.
      Now, need the game to play with it.

    40. Mårten Lagerstedt on December 7

      The promocard is here. Now lets wait for the game. I for one will wait with joy :D

    41. Missing avatar

      Frici on December 5

      My promokard has arrived today :-)

    42. Korona Games Creator on December 5

      @Lon Dart: Yes, you can still adjust your address by Pledge Manager.
      Thanks for the empathy, guys. And believe or not, we are much more frustrated for delay than anyone of you. :-(

    43. Lon Dart Bench Ecv on December 3

      I just moved recently. Is there any way to confirm and possibly change the shipping address at this point??

    44. Missing avatar

      on December 1

      Thank you for your honesty.

      I truly expected something like this.
      This isn't the first and won't be the last Kickstarter I backed where the founders are too optimistic with the dates.

      So keep up your heads and move on.

    45. Lynni1977
      on December 1

      Great news :-(
      What? Soon is Christmas and who could have foreseen that other companies want to ship their games?

      This is really getting funny by now.
      But the good thing is that some of the other games I backed are on this ship so I am not excited about this one anymore.

      Sorry for being frustrated, but I have learned that if I just excuse, everything is all right again and all are pleased. So excuse me.

    46. Korona Games Creator on November 29

      @Lynni: Yes, we have some news for you, of course. We are collecting into a fresh update this week.

    47. Lynni1977
      on November 29

      Any news? Delivery updates? Anything?

    48. Missing avatar

      Christian Schicke
      on November 19

      Thanks for the answer.
      I asked a woman in a yellow t-shirt and she shook her head. After reconfirming that it will be sent to the backers, she said yes.
      So nevermind, as long as it arrives ;-)

    49. Missing avatar

      Chris Tranchina
      on November 15

      Thank you for the response. :)

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