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Become a backer and you’ll see it first! For a pledge of only $25, you get both MUCK films, and your name in the actual movie credits.
Become a backer and you’ll see it first! For a pledge of only $25, you get both MUCK films, and your name in the actual movie credits.
832 backers pledged $266,325 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Evan on

      Total bullshit, scammed a ton of people out of money.

    2. Simon Crouch on grab?

    3. Missing avatar

      JJMJester on

      So I honestly forgot about this Kickstarter all together after getting my copy of the 1st movie and disliking it alot. I forgot all about this kickstarter being to get a second film going.....and nothing has happened. Last time I support a film on kickstarter.

    4. Mike Pikowski on

      Hm ... IMDB says it´s in Post Production right now ... Interesting that Lee Anna Vamps hasn´t heard anything from them since the ending of the Campaign ... (Asked her a few weeks ago)

    5. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Washington state residents can file a claim with the Attorney General. Worked on my other kickstarter.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Lui on

      Anyone still not get their rewards yet? I'm giving him 30 days and then I'm filing a small claims case against him.

    7. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Yeah Ive sent messages through FB and here. Im sure he has seen them but still ignores them.

    8. Missing avatar

      Evan on

      Looks like I've gotten taken too. Really disappointed in all this, and in Steve and the whole crew. Sent multiple emails, tried communicating through FB's all crap.

      What a bunch of jerks.

    9. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Still waiting on my blu-ray contacted the creator but no response!

    10. Jeremiah on

      There needs to be some full frontals if the movie's plot is going to be so bad! Give us some bush to see! Bring back that 80s bush, even if it is a merkin!!!

    11. Aaron Garcia on

      I gave a review of this whole Muck Kickstarter experience on my horror podcast. For me, this was a bad project that quite honestly didn't deliver on what was promised. Unless you spent high amounts of money for the upper tier amounts, the rewards were not worth it.....even if you were lucky enough to get those benefits.

    12. Kris Leeke on

      Thought you guys might enjoy this project.

      A quick game of deduction and deception. Can you find a spy before the night is through?

    13. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      Havent received mine as of yet. Anyone else get theirs?

    14. Missing avatar

      MPREZYA on

      Just got my Kane Hodder Fan Pack masks and Muck Blu-ray finally. While the extended wait sucked I can happily say it was well worth it and I hope they learn from this for the next time that a little communication can go a log way. Sorry for the mashed potato quality my son apparently doesn't know how to use his phones camera when it's not hot girls.

    15. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      I asked them for some type of compensation for issues. They said no room in budget.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sean Arnold on

      I contacted Steve and asked if backers can expect extra good because of this whole snafu. I expect them to stay radio silent as per usual. I'm expect the shot glass to show up broken, the blu-ray scratched and to never be thanked on Twitter. The Muck crew must have gotten straight A's in business ethics.

    17. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      Damn auto correct.

      Got my blu-ray today. Whoopie! (Just kidding). They took all the excitement out of it I don't even care to open it. Oh well.

    18. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      Gomy blu-ray today. Whoopie! (Just kidding). They took all the excitement out of it I don't even care to open it. Oh well.

    19. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      I contacted kickstarter and they don't give a damn...

    20. Bryan on

      It was basically False advertisement and at this Point I just want my money back.

    21. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      That's one of the reasons I backed it as well..

    22. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      I pledged mainly cause we were promised to be the first to get now we are the last to get and we paid more for it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      So has anyone seen where we are supposed to be "Immortalized" on GETTHEMUCKOUT.COM ?

      Such BS..

    24. Joy Nicholson on

      Well Wolsh and company you have effectively made me NEVER want to fund any project again. My money was debited from my account in DEC and it is almost APRIL still no movie but people been streaming this thing for a few weeks now-this is BS and i am going to look into how to get my money refunded smdh.

    25. Missing avatar

      Yankton Robins

      I'd like a refund. Stupid autocorrect

    26. Missing avatar

      Yankton Robins

      I'don't like a refund. I will also be reporting this project. Deliberately misleading backers and then hanging them out to dry is very poor form. Will not support those involved in any future projects and will spread the word of their actions.

    27. Missing avatar

      Clayton Berry on

      So this is the part of the message I got on March 13th:

      - there were Piracy concerns among others in regards to our distribution deal that dictate we have to wait until the day of the release to send them and not before.

      So then I get an email on March 25th saying this:

      We know you are all anxiously awaiting your DVD/Blu-Ray arrival and we are very excited to announce that we have received confirmation from Anchor Bay that they have been shipped to our office!

      So this is bullshit. Steve never had the dvds/blurays and never sent them out when he said he was going to. Now I get a message that they were shipped from Anchor Bay which means he still doesn't have them. He'll probably get the shipment April 3rd or April 10th or April 20th or some bullcrap. Then he's got to sort through all those, which all this could have been done between December 12th and March 17th, but no, its going to take even longer. Meanwhile, the movie is right in stores, whereas, I guess I could buy it again but why should I? I supported a friggin kickstarter and I think this damn should have been at my doorstep the day it was released.

    28. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      So since we get the prequel as well I'm assuming we won't get that one for at least a month or so after its for sell?

    29. Missing avatar

      Blake on

      Wow! You guys drop the ball and still don't add extra incentives to make up for it. The movie would have been available for $12 at Best Buy for a month! News flash there is no "Get Muck First" tier.

    30. Missing avatar

      Blake on

      Wow, this is terrible service to fans who helped pay for one of your movies. This team really mucked things up and seem to have an "Oh well, you'll get it when you get it attitude."

    31. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      I agree with you Aaron..

    32. Aaron Garcia on

      There should be bonus incentives on their part because due to this delay or changing of plans. I backed this because the movie premise looked great, but the promise of getting the movie before the mass release was good selling point for me. I promoted this kickstarter all over social media and even on my podcast numerous times. I'm not going to bash them or hate on them because of this. I just hope that they learn from this mistake and in the future have promises that can be fulfilled.

    33. Bryan on

      Still have not received mine either, the worst part is there silence. They got our money and that is the end of it I guess they will ship our movies whenever they feel like it. They will certainly not be receiving any of my money again.

    34. Missing avatar

      Clayton Berry on

      lol Sean.... what I think is funny is boobs look better in real life in my face than in 1080p or 4k but hey, my tv and bluray player does replays, does slow-mo, and is alot crisp and clear than my memory haha.

    35. Missing avatar

      Sean Arnold on

      @Cherr I saw the torrent since they still haven't sent out the DVDs it was goo, but like you said TNA shots that didn't need to be there ::cough cough:: opening credits ::cough cough::. I feel like they just wanted to see boobs in 4K.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Melton on

      My buddy has had his copy for 4 days... And he didn't pledge a penny. Makes me a tad frustrated.

    37. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      Watched muck this weekend. Would like to see in blu ray whenever I get it. Was really dark and quite a lot of TNA shots that did not need to be in to help movie.

    38. Joy Nicholson on

      has anyone gotten the dvd or bluray yet? this is beyond ridiculous now like really.

    39. Missing avatar

      tom traggis on

      Got my shotglass & sticker, still waiting for everything else, sucks I dont have twitter cuz the main reason I donated was to get a shout from Jordan Carver and figured maby she could jus post on my facebook, but, sadly, no.

    40. Missing avatar

      Clayton Berry on

      I know, Cherr, its just killing me seeing the movie on the shelves at my local Wal-mart but I can't buy it because I am supposed to be seeing one coming in the mail someday...someday

    41. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      According to online info I found muck released on DVD March 17. If that's correct why haven't they said a damn thing....

    42. Missing avatar

      Sean Arnold on

      My concern is that they lied about their timeline and have not finished sending out perks. Fine you can't release the DVD early fine the least you could have done is given your backers a digital code to rent it so we could at least watch it before the DVDs arrive. Instead you ask us to buy or rent it, Why would we give you more money?

      People complaining about not getting their digital copy of the film; the digital copy isn't for Muck its for the prequel we funded and that won't be out until most likely next year.

      What I am going to complain about is the fact that the movie is out they still haven't sent out all the thank you tweets on Twitter or sent me my shot glass. I know for a fact that the tweets aren't done because I still haven't gotten mine, and that would be the easiest thing to take care of. It's not like Rooster Teeth's "Lazer Team" where you have millions of backers you have 800+. You set one person aside after funding was completed you have them create a spreadsheet putting the Twitter handles given during email survey and a couple of days before the premiere you hunker down and send the tweets. I would just like a thank you for getting 20+ friends to donate to their project.

    43. Bryan on

      They probably didn't want to lose out on sales in the theater. So they lied and told us we would get the DVD first, then streamed a week prior to get those that had to see it first and hit them up for that fee along with there initial kick starter, and then ship out the DVDs after the movie is released hoping to catch a few more sales before we finally get the product we paid to receive first. and on top of that they remained silent until the day of the movie to keep bad press to a minimum.

    44. Missing avatar

      Cherr Pita on

      Has anyone heard anything about their dvd being sent out?

    45. Joshua Speer on

      So we have to pay 9.99 to watch the movie, even after we backed to see it first? I'm confused...

    46. Missing avatar

      Derek Meier on

      At the minimum we at least should have been able to stream it for free!

    47. Joy Nicholson on

      We contributed to see this thing BEFORE it was released in theaters-if piracy was a concern why stream at all-so its a WEEK after its been streaming online for $9.99 but i flat out REFUSE to pay to see something i paid almost triplicate to see MONTHS ago #ridiculous

    48. Richard Hartwig

      Disappointing to say the least that backers would receive prior to release. Sadly I've experineced this before, Demon Legacy, months later & still waiting.

    49. Missing avatar

      Clayton Berry on

      wow. Piracy concerns? The movie was pirated and released on torrent sites on March 6th, the same day it was released on Amazon and Vudu streaming. I'm guessing that someone streaming the movie was able to rip it or copy it through there DVR or something while they streamed it to their tv.

      If they wanted to avoid piracy concerns, they never should have released the movie streaming until the dvd and bluray were released.

    50. Joseph Schmalke

      The backer reward I chose was get Muck first...not after you guys release it. It clearly stated we (the backers) would get it first. On top of that you could have done the decent thing and sent everyone a code to download it free streaming with the link you sent out last night. Shame on you guys.

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