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This project will produce four sets of orc warriors for dungeon crawling, role playing, and 28mm wargaming.
This project will produce four sets of orc warriors for dungeon crawling, role playing, and 28mm wargaming.
36 backers pledged $2,061 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Project will not be going forward

   The first thing I want to do is apologize for not being able to get the archers, necromancer, and chieftain sulpted.  I should have cancelled the project a lot sooner but I was holding out hope I could get this finished.  At this point I have not heard from the last sculptor I contacted for this in about 4 weeks now.  While it was looking promising I am going to officially call off this project.  The archers will not get made so anyone waiting for them I will need to have you pick another set to replace them (there are about 4 people in this situation).

   First things first.  Anyone who has outstanding orders should contact me as soon as they can and make sure I have your correct address.  It has been a year and I am going to assume that the shipping information I have may be incorrect.  I will ship all outstanding orders in the next week to a week and a half.

   As everyone will be shorted 2 miniatures at this point I will refund everyone who pledged at the $45.00 level and higher $5.00.  The easiest and fastest way to get the refund to you will be to send it through paypal.  Please contact me and let me know your paypal address and I will get the refund out as soon as I get the email.


   I am currently in talks with a sculptor so I should know in the next week or two if the chieftain and necromancer / shaman will be getting done.   The way I see it now are there are three way things can go forward.

  • The first is that this works out and the chieftain and necromancer / shaman get done just fine and are stylistically consistent with what Ian has already done.  This is the best case scenario and if it works out the archers will follow.
  • The second possibility is that it doesn't work out with the sculptor.  If this happens I will have to find an equitable way to make up for the loss of the two free miniatures.  This will either be a monetary refund or a voucher type thing.
  • The last issue would be if the miniatures get completed but don't really fit with the ones Ian did.  If this becomes an issue it will be handled on an individual basis like the second situation.

Thanks for your patience!

Update on the Chieftain, Shaman, and Archers


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Chieftain and Necromancer

I just heard back from Ian that he expects to have the Chieftain and Necromancer finished by the end of this month.  Once I get them in hand I will send them out immediately to be cast up and then mailed out to you guys.

Chieftain and Necromancer Update


   I hope everyone is having a great new year.  I am still waiting to hear back from Ian on a firm date the Chieftain and Necromancer will be finished.  As soon as I hear from him I will let you guys know.