K Sport Headphones With In-Ear Personal Trainer

by K Headphones

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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin Potts on

      I followed the survey and completed it and asked for 1 extra pair of headphones which meant I had to go to PayPal. It redirected me from the survey to PayPal fine but didn’t redirect me after I completed payment? I have confirmation email of payment but I don’t know if this means my survey is completed? Could you please advise?

    2. José Higino on

      Already replied =)

    3. Nuno Miguel Silva on

      I have no received the survey yet

    4. Roy Samson on

      When I filled out my survey, I added another pair of headphones. I paid via PayPal for the extra pair but when I was rerouted back the page said “Transaction not completed: Pending” I checked my PayPal account and the transaction was indeed completed. How do I know if the survey was received with the credit for the added product?

    5. Anthony Hanley on

      Hi, didn't receive an email with the servey, can you send again please.

    6. Missing avatar

      HENRY CANE on

      Hi I haven't received any survey

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Venus on

      I'm also having problems with adding funds via paypal. They are not showing up when I go to my survey. When paypal redirect me back as with Roy I got a message saying "Transaction not completed: Pending". Can you advise on what we should do?

    8. Kevin Grigsby

      I did not receive a survey either.

    9. Missing avatar

      wan li hau on

      hi i did not receive any email as well

    10. Michael Wunady on

      did not receive any "survey"

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Venus on

      Ah, I've checked back to my survey now and it is showing the additional funds. It seems it takes some time for the process to complete and register the additional funds. Just returning to my survey page later showed them though (ie it didn't matter that I wasn't getting there from the paypal redirect). Hopefully this info might be useful to others.

    12. William Moorehouse on

      I didn't receive a survey e-mail

    13. Carlos on

      Same here. Checked my junk mail, spam mail, everywhere. Only email I got is notifying that you sent out the survey email.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kapil Veluri on


      I haven't received the survey. Could you please resend the email.


    15. Missing avatar

      Jan-Markus on

      I received the email but the survery was weird. There was no field for shipping so I entered my shipping details to the other comments.

    16. Kaitlyn Opdahl

      Filled out the survey, but as @Jan-Markus said, there was no place to fill in shipping information. Kickstarter's surveys usually ask for that info, is that where you'll be getting it from?

    17. Richie Brown on

      Hi, I've not received my survey either. Has anybody had a response about this yet?

    18. Missing avatar

      Yoong Yang Jun on

      Hi, I did not receive any email regarding survey. Can you please resend? Thank you!

    19. Carlos on

      Thank you for sending it out. Strange that I did not receive the email when stated but I did this time. Filled out and done.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kenny Mak on

      I never received any survey from your company. Please resend it to me. Thanks!

    21. Cholnara Niwatwong on

      hi, I have no received any survey. Could you resend the email please.

    22. Cassi Schmigotzki on

      I don't recall if I ever received the survey.

    23. Cassi Schmigotzki on

      I found my survey.

      Look for emails from BACKERCLUB. They send reminders every couple of days saying they haven't received it. Check your SPAM box.