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Shakespeare, only better.
Shakespeare, only better.
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Location, Location, Location!

Hey Kickstarter Supporters!  

We are deep into our pre-production work for The Sonnet Project and we need your advice.  

As we promised during our fundraising campaign, each installment of The Sonnet Project will be filmed at a different location throughout the five boroughs of New York City.  But that means we have to come up with 154 unique sites.  Whoa!  

  • Do you have a favorite NYC location from a TV show or movie?
  • Did you grow up in an outer borough and know of a secret, iconic location known only to locals?
  • Do you know of a gorgeous little park, public garden, ice cream shop or watering hole?

We may not get to EVERY location, but yours won't even be a possibility if we don't know about it.  So leave a comment and help us out.  Thanks!

Until our next exchange,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Deborah Steigerwald on

      Astoria Park as the sun is setting over the city.... the best :-)

    2. Ross Williams 4-time creator on

      Larry! That's amazing. What borough is it officially in? We are definitely short on Staten Island and the Bronx.

      Thanks for all the great suggestions, everybody! Keep 'em coming.

    3. Leah A. Van Driest on

      The Cloisters, for sure!

    4. Missing avatar

      Lawrence King on

      It's a little hard to get to, but North Brother Island, the home of the Typhoid Mary hospital is amazing. You need a friend (or a cousin) with a boat and who is not afraid to skirt the law. The boat I have has been sorely neglected for a couple of years, so I don't know how seaworthy it is. You could do an amazing film of "Island" there, but that would require official permission.

      Larry King

    5. Missing avatar

      Eileen Patterson on

      The Jerry Seinfeld diner would be a great location backdrop! (Is that too silly?). What about the Cathedral of St. John the Devine. There are awesome architectural and artistic backdrop elements there!

    6. Missing avatar

      matt roberson on

      off the top, i'd suggest the Morris Jumel Mansion on 161st and St. Nich IN DA HEIGHTS! also the Cloisters would be interesting, as would Socrates Park in Astoria.

    7. Missing avatar

      deborah cole on

      My favorite restaurant in NYC is the Hourglass on 46th.…
      Recommended by infamous Vince Gatton the first time I came to New York.
      And also I agree with Sivan - the Alice statue in Central Park.

    8. George Del Barrio on - within and without the space, one finds epic + undiscovered beauty. Just let me know when you'd like to swing by!

    9. Sivan Grunfeld on

      Not necessarily unique, but the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park is my favorite place in the city