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A flat gamepad can't compete. This controller is designed to provide performance and speed. You can even use it with your gaming mouse.
A flat gamepad can't compete. This controller is designed to provide performance and speed. You can even use it with your gaming mouse.
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    1. Zorik K on

      Cool. Thank You.

    2. Mirriky on

      As Jarrah said, It's hard to find games compatible with an external controller, since it's like designing a console game to use a third party component that only a very few people will have.
      I think the reason they put the better stuff higher up was to generate more funding.
      No way of know if that was the case (although understandable), nor any way to tell if it worked.

    3. Jarrah on

      I bought a kit for my mobile that had dpads and buttons for a few dollars from Hong Kong, so I could play a few games easier without needing the onscreen joysticks. It connected by bluetooth. The problem was that mobile games don't have support for external controllers, so it was pretty much useless.

    4. Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

      @Cam Thanks man, knew I wasn't crazy.

      @Paul One thing I think would be an awesome idea to think on for mobile gaming though would be to develop a kit for handhelds like the Vita. The eye level kit would then be truly useful. The tablet kit I think though would be you bigger seller of the mobile kits as they are right now.

    5. Mirriky on

      Edit: This is in support of @Brenson's comments below.

    6. Mirriky on

      @Paul, I recognise your decision to order the stretch goals as you did, and I don't know how strong the gaming peripheral market is in the mobile market. However, I can see a much larger interest in the magnetic connector from the PC and console base and higher sales numbers as a result, that can then be put towards funding the development of the mobile kits. Where I would expect a bigger struggle to make sales selling mobile kit first, then trying to fund the magnetic connector after.
      Again, I don't have much experience in these areas, and it is your choice in the end, this is just my opinion as a customer.
      I still fully back this project and hope to see the magnetic connector by the time No Man's Sky rolls around for PC. I feel this device will really help complete the experience.

    7. Paul Weatherstone Creator on

      It pains me to say it but you might be right.............but 60$ for a tiny device that you can only use for your smartphone when will they catch on

      VR Is the future thoght

    8. Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

      @Paul I am glad that you are considering that, I mean the mobile kit is cool and all, but I don't really see many of the people backing this as the mobile gaming crowd. More so the ones like myself that are gearing up for full VR games like Star Citizen.

    9. Paul Weatherstone Creator on

      @Brenson Atomsk i am listening. Antlers and then Mag Bridge in that order make sense, the clear Bridge is way to make the Grifta look a little lighter, and it doesn't cost much, unlike the four neodym magnets that the Mag Bridge module needs. All the modules will be made it's just that we have a July deadline and that is our number one priority.

    10. Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

      I think I speak for everyone when I say that a clear bridge is not what is needed in this device. The magnetic bridge stretch goal needs to be removed from there and be made a standard feature of this control. With how little it will actually cost to change that one part of the design before tooling and manufacturing, and how greatly it will improve the versatility of the controller it should be a no brainer.

    11. Pookie Kazela

      No pun intended? :P