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Join us for TsunamiCon 2018 October 5th, 6th and 7th at the Wichita Scottish Rite Center in downtown Wichita!
Join us for TsunamiCon 2018 October 5th, 6th and 7th at the Wichita Scottish Rite Center in downtown Wichita!
55 backers pledged $3,832 to help bring this project to life.

Captain's Log - 29 May 2018

Posted by Erik Carl (Creator)

Accordin' to m' charts, we be but a week out from the isle o' our benefactors. The breakers 'ave remained calm, an' the sea stretches out to th' horizon with nary a cloud to be seen. No storms to upset our voyage, but little wind to give us strength. More than a few o' the mates 'ave been prayin' for a zephyr to push us on through on schedule.

Yet belowdecks, the preparations continue apace. We be organizin' exotic gifts, writin' missives to would-be patrons an' guests o' honour, and inventoryin' games an' victuals for the celebration ahead. An' we be countin' the days to the next port o' call.

Yoho, me hearties!

As we head into the final week of the campaign, our Kickstarter total sits about 20% shy of our basic funding goal. While I'm confident that the campaign will be a success, the more we bring in the bigger the con. In addition to spreading the word, here's a few additional steps you can take to help us reach that end:  

Additional Badges Add-On ($30): Most of us don't game in a vacuum; we have family and friends who love to play, as well. This is a great time to pick up an additional ticket or two to the con. If you're current pledge already includes at least one badge, you can now add additional badges for $30 apiece. Just add the amount to your pledge and bring your friends and family along!  

Streams of Silver ($50): If you pick up a Silver VIG ticket, you can also add a second Silver VIG for only $50. This is a great way to share the real convention experience with a friend or fellow gamer!

Give Me The Shirt Add-On ($20): Last year's convention tee with the new octopus logo sold out so fast that we had numerous complaints from folks who didn't get them ordered early. You can add additional shirts for friends or family (or extras for yourself!) to your pledge for $20 each. It's a great way to celebrate the con and let folks in on the secret before next year's event rolls around. 

It Comes In Pints! Add-On ($20): One of my favorite additions to our official TsunamiCon swag menagerie is the gorgeous pint glass emblazoned with our logo and convention deets. Don't pass up this opportunity to add a touch of class to your TsunamiCon experience! Just add $20 to your existing pledge for every pint glass you want to take home.

 We have a week left to make goal! Let's do it!


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