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Simplicity and affordable cost make Yepzon a global every-day life saver. Number one child protector coming to town. Premiere here.

Simplicity and affordable cost make Yepzon a global every-day life saver. Number one child protector coming to town. Premiere here. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on July 27, 2014.

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Yepzon Ltd.

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About this project

Hello Everyone!

It is time to say Thank You at this point! We didn't hit the goal but made a great success still. We achieved precious feedback for further development and over 10.000GBP of backings encourage us to make Yepzons ready.

We also learned a great deal of marketing with different nationalities. For example next time we take care we are doing project in USD. Also we prepare media relations and social media early before project start. These and many other things learned we know we'll soon bring You something totally new on the field of Yepzon.

So far, Thanks again! As our backer You will be the first to know when we are back!

Otto, Nick & Olli

Yepzon Kickstarter Team

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Tracking a child all the time is senseless. However, imagine a phone call from daycare: "We can't find him....". If you then, by a push of a button, could solve little one's location, would you do so? 

So would two million parents every year.

Your participation makes this little super hero become reality.

You are most welcome to learn more also from

Children are great explorers. Every day is a new adventure colored with interesting things and exciting places. Every great explorer must have peace to find those things and places. IF and WHEN you need to find those places too, there is Yepzon. Yepzon provides a simple way to ease life and increase the safety of your loved ones. Quick and easy way that is accessible to all. It takes only a touch of a button and you’ll be aware of your children’s whereabouts anywhere in the world.

Small but mighty family member

Yepzon is a safety device that is designed to keep children safe. Yepzon is small but powerful. Yepzon uses three different technologies to inform you as to where your children are. Since it has no buttons, it cannot be turned off. That’s one of the reasons that it is so safe. 

The Scandinavian design makes Yepzon a great accessory that goes well with any outfit. Just mix and match – and be safe. If you feel that your Yepzon is more of a shy one, just put it in their little pocket to join all of the interesting adventures of your little one. Yepzons don’t need to be washed, but they are waterproof.

Far or near Yepzon will tell the location:

One app to ensure all the precious

Yepzon technology ensures that the most precious things in your life won’t ever be lost. 
Yepzon’s range is limitless. When you want to know the position of valuable things, Yepzon knows exactly where they are. In a jiffy, Yepzon turns your mobile phone into a location device that can locate as many devices 
– and loved ones – as you want. The Yepzon developing team tirelessly works to always keep Yepzon ahead of its time. Pioneering specialists of different fields of technology, engineering, and R&D enable Yepzon to soon be found in every child’s pocket.

Yepzon apps will be available for: iOS, Android and WP

 Up to three months of battery life

Most of the time Yepzon is asleep but whenever you need it you’ll wake it up when you move it. You can also switch the power off in Yepzon App, for example due to a flight, or if you don’t use it for a longer time. Depending on how much you let your Yepzon sleep and which settings do you apply, the battery can last for months. However, it is up to you, and Yepzon will inform you when it needs to be charged.

Award milestones for backers 

Together we will make this awesome new family member. The more backers the sooner we can bring this new safety within reach of every family! To make You as the first Yepzon owner very special we provide additional special benefits only for our Kickstarter community: 

  • When we achieve over 100 backers we'll send every backer a special thank you video from our developing team 
  • When we achieve over 1000 backers we can provide six extra months non-cost usage for every Yepzon ordered in Kickstarter 
  • If we achieve over 10 000 backers we are able to arrange a Yepzon backer summit in some European or US Metropol. All the backers are invited!  

And of course the baseline: if 58.000£ is backed we can make this product reality. Thank You!!


Yepzon was born in Finland, when we became aware of the number of children annually reported missing – more than a million per year in the Western world alone – and thought to ourselves, “too many kids go missing, we have to do something about this now!” Within a couple of days we managed to form a group of dedicated people from the clothing industry, telecom business and mobile technology to find a solution to tackle this issue. Above all our team consists of mothers and fathers.

Technology development process

 Prior Art Study

After our initial draft of what such a product must be able to do, we undertook an extensive market study. There are literally hundreds of products that can be used for personal tracking. One would even assume, there already had to be a solution to the problem. 

To date, not a single device has become a true worldwide success. So, the outlined initial problem still remains a threat to our children. From what we have learned from our research we must providesimplicity and real user-friendliness. That is why Yepzon is a member of the family.

Piloting the Idea

During the development phase, we conducted an initial survey and did indeed receive a lot of valuable hints and observations. Here is a typical user demand, encouraging us on our way:

"Anyone have experience with a kid's GPS tracking device? My wife is bringing our 5 year old to NYC with her next week and we're thinking of getting some kind of GPS bracelet or some other type of tracking device in the event he gets separated from her. Ideally should be attachable to his wrist/ankle or his shoes so he doesn't need to carry it in his pocket. Looked on Amazon but haven't found anything that fits the bill. Ideal experience is we can locate him with an iPhone app or worst case scenario police can (kind of like lojack)."

Before starting the R&D, we tested the technology with real families and the result was clear. There is a huge need for ways to protect and insure our most precious ones.

 The first prototype manufactured at 13th of June 2014, and it worked!

Preliminary Specifications

First we clearly defined what is required from the concept, to have a device and service that would meet the needs and be as simple to use as possible. Here is the outcome:

  • small and shockproof
  • smartphone application for major platforms: iOS, Android, WP
  • no sign up

What do we require on the hardware side in order to make the device, that will do the job?

  • GSM modem and corresponding antennas
  • GPS+Glonass modem and corresponding antennas
  • NFC chip and coil
  • Bluetooth Low Energy modem and corresponding antenna
  • rechargeable battery and charging connector
  • embedded SIM card

A peek to the version history of the HW specifications document elaborates the schedule a little bit:

R&D "avalanche"

After establishing what Yepzon must stand for, the developing part has taken off amazingly fast. Our team of Moms and Dads have been working day and night throughout the past five months. To finalise the project, our innovative and goal-orientated people have been working on integrated software solutions, cloud-based service and programming as well as fine-tuning the hardware. As a result of this, we now have a Yepzon that is almost ready for mass production.


Here is the electronics block diagram created in the pre-study phase, giving the basis for all latter HW development:

Yepzon’s hardware engineering team has extensive experience from the mobile industry, thanks to the strong heritage of the mobile phone industry in Finland.

Current project status

We are now very proud to be able to reveal the current status of the Yepzon project to the world.

From the initial idea nine months ago and the first scribbles and sketches just under half a year ago, this is what we have achieved:

  • industrial design is frozen
  • injection molds are ready for fine tuning
  • the first factory-made hardware prototypes are working
  • cloud software is up and running
  • embedded software is functional
  • mobile app for Android is 95% ready, iOS and WP started

To get an understanding for the product concept from end to end and see the status of the Yepzon Project in real life usage, see the Yepzon App user interface demonstration video below.

 project video thumbnail
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Risks and challenges

Most of the developing risks are behind at the moment. The production phase is crucial with certifying the product and funding. If the Kickstarter campaign works for us we are able to place the first mass production order to the manufacturer.

Testing and certification of the Yepzon is something we have been prepared very carefully. We have ordered only the best of the components and made sure there are only globally permitted and certified items inside the Yepzon device. We have also made all the software so that everything is tested and very well considered before the launch. No third party content is used in software.

Certification process includes the risk of delay for the production and fulfillment plan. In case of a serious defect found in the design, an extra prototype round might be needed to rectify the problem. In case Yepzon, using pre-certified modules (GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, GPS/Glonass) decreases this risk essentially.

Pilot testing, certification, production testing design and production ramp-up require also a lot of money. Since we are a tech startup without a significant cash flow, external funding is crucial in every step. Lack of funding could cause a severe problems and endanger the future of the company.

Luckily we are not alone. We have a strong group of owners carrying the risk and also bringing us a lot of competence in productization and marketing. And now the Kickstarter backup strengthens our resources to take the following step into mass production.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Yepzon is for any location need. Main technology is GPS and Glonass satellite location. Mobile phone network locating and Bluetooth are supportive technologies to get the best possible location under all circumstances from anywhere. -Otto/ Yepzon

    Last updated:
  • In its original purpose: locating someone only when missing -Yepzon gives up to three months of battery life. However, user's way of using Yepzons and preferences set to application effect on use of power. -Otto/ Yepzon

    Last updated:
  • The more Yepzons there are, the less of a cost. For our very first customers, the Kickstarter Backers we offer the first year of use for free in 79£ and 99£ priced Yepzons. And following years are maximum 19.90£ per year, hopefully less or even free!

    Last updated:
  • We love this question. And we feel exactly the same about privacy. It is our key value. In case someone would or could brake into our system they would find nothing. We do not collect any personal information of anyone. Only info is in parent's phone the picture of a child. It is not in our cloud nor anywhere else to be stolen. And: if one is still concerned about privacy even the picture is not necessary.

    Only thing a cracker would ever find from our servers is unidentified automatically generated codes matching each other in space without relation to any user data such as phone number, address, names etc.

    That is why Yepzon never asks anyone to create usernames, passwords or anything like that!

    Otto/ Yepzon

    Last updated:
  • A very good question -and a use case our team has been thinking a lot! Sure thing a hostile take over won't be possible. Only once you can pair the device with the host mobile by touching it. After that you permit other devices to take control over Yepzon (in addition to yours of course) by host mobile device.
    Only after deleting all the mobile devices from controlling one particular Yepzon it will return to touch'n pair mode.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. All the platforms can also be paired with BT. With iOS it is must since no NFC available.

    Last updated:

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