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Final recording sessions for legendary rockabilly artist, Janis Martin.  Her dying wish was to see these recordings released.
Final recording sessions for legendary rockabilly artist, Janis Martin. Her dying wish was to see these recordings released.
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Elvis Painting

This whole project has inspired me to paint again.

Here is an Elvis Portrait  by yours truly available to those who give @ the $500 level.

A Janis and Elvis Portrait is available to those who give @ the $1000 level.

The Elvis and Janis record is one of my favorites. Read the story behind the record.

Janis And Elvis

By / Kees, Jun 24, 2007
Originally released in South Africa in 1957 is the sought after “Janis And Elvis” E.P. that was deleted shortly after its initial release. It is available again in a limited edition (300 copies) modern format. Will this edition become a much sought after Elvis release too?


The Dutch “Elvis Corner” shop celebrated its second anniversary with the reissue of the sought after “Janis And Elvis” E.P. This 2007 edition comes as a 3 inch CD with a matching jewel case. A very attractive package.


"Janis And Elvis" was originally released as a 33 1/3 RPM 10-inch EP (RCA 31077) by RCA South Africa. Janis Martin was an artist RCA promoted for two years (1956-58) as "The Female Elvis Presley". She charted just one single in that period, "Will You, Willyum" peaking at #35.

She was promoted as the “Female Elvis” (although she had more of Patsy Cline) and RCA South Africa decided to really promote her releasing this double feature which featured alternating Elvis / Janis cuts, four on each side. The Elvis cuts were "Baby Let's Play House", "You're A Heartbreaker", "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone", and "Milkcow Blues Boogie". Janis' contributions were "Ooby-Dooby", "Let's Elope Baby", "One More Year To Go", and "Barefoot Baby". All songs that capture the boy – girl issues from the mid fifties very well, fun to hear these lyrics compared to the explicit lyrics of today's music.

The 1995 bootleg edition of this release featured the additional “My Boy Elvis” which is featured on this release too. 

According to history it was withdrawn the day after its original release on Colonel Tom Parker's instructions: "My boy don't share no record with a woman". Janis disappeared pretty quickly too. By the time she was 16 (she was signed to the label aged 15) she was married and pregnant … that ended a career real quickly in those days.


With this release the Dutch Elvis Corner reissued a nice peace of Elvis history. The 300 copies will probably not rise to the collector’s level of the original release (going for over 2000 to 2500 UK Pounds), but with 300 copies available it is a nice collectable to track down.

Almost forgot, congratulations on your second anniversary, curious to see what you come up with for the third anniversary.


Elvis Presley: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 
Janis Martin: Ooby - Dooby 
Elvis Presley: Milk Cow Blues Boogie 
Janis Martin: Let's Elope Baby 
Elvis Presley: Baby Let's Play House 
Janis Martin One More Year To Go 
Elvis Presley: You're A Heartbreaker
Janis Martin: Barefoot Baby 2.12

Bonus Track: 
Janis Martin: My Boy Elvis
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